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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 470, Black Willow Tree

| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

Translator:  Ashish

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Suddenly, a roar attracted Yu Zi Yu’s attention.


Looking towards the source, Yu Zi Yu discovered that not far away, Sea Beasts happened to be hanging on his Tree Body.


These Sea Beasts were huge, at a height of dozens of meters, they resembled skyscrapers. However, no matter how enormous these Sea Beasts were, compared to Yu Zi Yu’s Towering Tree Body, they appeared unexpectedly tiny.


At present, Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body has exceeded the comprehension of ordinary people.


It resembled a mountain peak, with each branch resembling broad highways so big that not to mention a single car, even four or five cars could pass through side by side.


And this was just one of the many changes Yu Zi Yu would undergo as he stepped into Tier-4.


Every minute, every second, his Tree Body seemed to grow continuously as if injected with steroids. Even though Yu Zi Yu tried to suppress it, his True Body had grown several times larger than before.


*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu heaved a sigh, feeling helpless.


[If this enormous body continues to grow, I might truly become the legendary ‘World Tree’ or ‘Heaven-Connecting Jianmu,’ and would be supporting an entire world.] However, at the thought of countless birds and beasts living on his body, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but feel a pang of concern.


[Isn’t that tad similar to how bacteria and microorganisms live on the Human body? For those beings, the Human body is their habitat, with its own unique ecosystem. If, one day, this happens, my understanding of the world will undergo a radical change…] Yu Zi Yu became lost in his thoughts.


Currently, he was still considering these matters because his level in the hierarchy of life was the same as that of the birds and beasts. If one day he truly completed his transformation, then these birds and beasts would be no different from the bacteria and microorganisms of today to him.


The hierarchy of life determines one’s understanding. And now, his hierarchy of life was gradually changing.


As these thoughts swirled in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, his mood became somewhat complicated. Evolution was indeed a cause for celebration, but his extremely rapid evolution made him somewhat uncomfortable


Without sufficient time for sublimation, he was having a hard time coming to terms with some things.


This was also one of the reasons why he used rootlets to weave a Human Form.


His Tree Form was about to exceed the comprehension of ordinary people, and he could only roam the world by weaving a body with rootlets.


However, at this moment, as if he had thought of something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze also fell on the Sea Beasts hanging from the tree.


There were four Sea Beasts in total. Each one was hideous and ferocious.


One resembled Giant Turtles, while one resembled Deep-Sea Pythons.


Although their forms varied, they all had one thing in common; they were all covered in spikes, and their eyes were red as blood.


“An erroneous evolution, culminating in deformity…” Yu Zi Yu commented in a calm yet indifferent tone, his voice tinged with a hint of unmistakable certainty.


[In true evolution, wisdom should come first. When Spiritual Energy resurged, the first thing awakened was the wisdom of all things. I have never thought that I would see this kind of devolution, when one sacrifices wisdom for power.]


*Haaaa…* Yu Zi Yu sighed as he slightly focused his gaze on the Sea Beasts.


The next moment, a series of information flooded Yu Zi Yu’s sight.


Race: Mutant Giant Turtle (Sea Beast).

Rank: Tier-3 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Spiked Turtle Shell — The already terrifying defense provided by its turtle shell is further enhanced by spikes. And while having fearsome defense, it possesses equally formidable offensive power.

Unique Abilities: Tidal Summon — It can generate towering waves capable of submerging an entire city.

Roar — It roars, unique to Mutant Turtles, are like a chorus of drums and bells, and possess the ability to shake one’s soul…

Spiked Assault—…

Feral Bite—….


After a brief glance, Yu Zi Yu lost interest.


Although this Sea Beast had terrifying strength, it was just that. As a Tier-3 Transcendent, it was rather mediocre.


Not only this Giant Turtle Sea Beast, but the other two Sea Beasts. This was equally true for the Giant Python and Giant Crab..


Perhaps, this was the greatest tragedy of devolution.


Sacrificing wisdom meant relying solely on instinct in battle. Apart from relying on a powerful physique, their methods were not particularly remarkable.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze turned again, now fixed on the most terrifying Sea Beast.


At this moment, this creature, originally resembling a Giant Black Elephant, charred, electrified down to its bones, was slowly changing form.


This wasn’t just a superficial change; there was a deeper transformation occurring.


Faintly, Yu Zi Yu could make out a Black Willow Tree growing within its black spherical mass that was undergoing transformation.


*Crackle, crackle…* Accompanied by one thunderous clap after another, black lightning crackled around it.


“Is it evolving into me?” Yu Zi Yu smiled, a bit piqued.


The next moment, he focused his gaze on it before a series of information flooded his sight, revealing all its secrets.


Race: Sea Beast.

Rank: Tier-3 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Absolute Evolution — It can absorb and copy any kind of external attacks, and convert them into its own abilities. Even if it’s completely blown into pieces in one go, it can still regenerate and evolve. Additionally, through prolonged observation, it can directly learn the abilities of others.

Unique Abilities: Black Lightning — It can draw lightning from the sky, drawing pillars of lightning to unleash devastating strikes.

Willow Whiplash — Its black and thorny willow branches can be utilized as a whip, capable of shattering anything in its path.


After going through its status screen, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. There was no denying that it was really a terrifying creature.


This creature could evolve into any species. Even after it was attacked by Yu Zi Yu, it still managed to absorb and copy it, initiating a whole new evolution.


Although such evolution would abandon previously learned abilities, whatever could harm it would undoubtedly be stronger.


In other words, without anyone to stop it, this monster would continue to grow as it encountered stronger opponents.


Unfortunately, it ran into Yu Zi Yu.


With Yu Zi Yu as the target, an overwhelmingly powerful life form, the Sea Beast King was thrust into a challenging evolution


According to Ling Er, previously, when it evolved into a Black Elephant, it only took a few breaths. However, now, it took over ten minutes to just initiate the evolution into Yu Zi Yu’s tree form.


By the looks of it, the Sea Beast King would need at least a year to two to finish its evolution process.


“Should I stop you now?” With a smile, Yu Zi Yu looked at the creature evolving into him, his gaze shimmering.


He could easily stop it. In fact, Yu Zi Yu could even directly kill it. However, for some reason, Yu Zi Yu found himself somewhat looking forward to its evolution.


If this creature managed to complete its evolution, transformed into a Black Willow Tree, Yu Zi Yu wondered whether it would be possible to devour it, and possibly gain its Innate Talent.


After all, plants could devour each other, and steal each other’s Innate Talent. This Sea Beast King was now actively choosing to transform into a plant. It was basically just thrusting itself into Yu Zi Yu’s jaws.


Ashish: Jianmu is World Tree from Chinese Mythology.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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