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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 471, Devouring

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Just then, as if having thought of something, the nearby Ling Er suddenly asked, doubtfully, “Master, do you intend to wait until it completely evolves into a life form like you?”


“Yes.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu flashed a smile and straightforwardly affirmed, “This fellow possesses a terrifying Innate Talent, definitely one of the most terrifying Innate Talents. However, such Innate Talent is undoubtedly wasted in its hands.”


“Uh…” Momentarily startled, Ling Er shot a glance at the Black Willow Tree not far away, already in the process of evolving into Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, and agreed with it.


Purely in terms of Innate Talent, this Sea Beast King was indeed terrifying. However, the problem was that it seemed to be cloning others. In the process of completing its self-evolution, it would discard its original form.


In other words, all its original abilities would disappear.


In light of this, whether its Innate Talent was good or bad, it was really hard to say.


With these thoughts in mind, Ling Er added, “Master, this guy’s Innate Talent is to copy the abilities of others, and in doing so, it also abandons its original abilities. Are you sure you want such an Innate Talent?”


At this point, Ling Er became a bit agitated and continued, “Master, you’ve gone through a lot to reach your current level. If you abandon what you originally had, wouldn’t it be…”


Before Ling Er could finish speaking, a playful voice interrupted her, “Ling Er, you’ve misunderstood.”


“Misunderstood?” Ling Er was taken aback, a little bewildered.


At this moment, seeing Ling Er’s puzzled expression, Yu Zi Yu took the initiative to explain, “No matter how strong the Innate Talent is, it still needs to be developed. And during development, which way the Innate Talent evolves into, no one can say for certain. This Innate Talent, when manifested in the Sea Beast King, leads to all-round self-evolution, but it may not necessarily yield the same results for me.”


At this point, Yu Zi Yu also glanced at the Sea Beasts hanging in the sky, and stated with a smile, “Among Humans, there is a saying, take the cream and discard the dross…”


With that said, Yu Zi Yu raised his feet.


*Tap, tap tap…*


With heavy footsteps, Yu Zi Yu’s youthful figure slowly made his way to the Towering Willow Tree and chose to meditate under it.


“Today, you all will be the nourishment for my advancement to Tier-4.” As Yu Zi Yu’s calm and indifferent voice echoed, the ground started quaking.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by terrifying roars, tree roots, as thick as water buckets, resembling Black Pythons, shot out of the ground, one after another, heading straight toward the Tier-3 Sea Beasts.


*Squilish, squilish, squilish…* Accompanied by crisp tearing sounds, cries of despair filled the forest.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* Their painful wails continued, but they were already on a path of no return, with not even a single chance to struggle. Because, at the same time these roots pierced their bodies, a terrifying suction emerged from the roots.


*Boom Boom Boom…* The roots continuously contracted and expanded, devouring their blood and energy in a steady stream. Visible to the naked eye, one could see streams of blood-red essence, mixed with Spiritual Energy flowing along the roots, surging into Yu Zi Yu’s towering body.


For a moment, even Yu Zi Yu’s towering glistening body was dyed with a layer of blood-red color.


A Tier-3 Sea Beasts was a very powerful life form. And now, there were three of them, all for Yu Zi Yu to devour.


Each one was a Deep-Sea Behemoth, with flesh and blood so rich that it far exceeded people’s imagination.


In light of this, one could understand how terrifying Yu Zi Yu’s devouring was.


At this moment, looking up at the sky, one could even see turbulent winds stirring the clouds in the mist-filled sky, accompanied by terrifying howling of winds.


“How far has his cultivation reached?” Witnessing the terrifying cultivation signs in the vicinity, a Small Elephant, as if cast from white jade, appeared quietly beside Ling Er, gasping in shock.


“Take a guess.” Ling Er mischievously laughed, choosing not to give a straight answer.


Just then, as if she remembered something, Ling Er’s face suddenly darkened. She instantly glared at the Small Elephant, cursing, “You Stupid Elephant! Do you know you almost killed me just now!? Why the hell did you use a move that freezes space? If Master hadn’t appeared in time, I would’ve lost an arm or leg if not dead!”


Listening to Ling Er’s complaints, the White Elephant seemed to realize his mistake and silently lowered his head.


However, just at that moment, a grumble suddenly echoed in the air, “Didn’t I promise the Divine Tree to protect you for three years to make up for it?”


“Three years!?” Sporting a pout, Ling Er rebuked in a dissatisfied voice, “You think three years are enough? Hmph, Hell no, you almost cost me half of my life. If you think you can redeem yourself with just three years, that’s not gonna work.”


Saying this, Ling Er gestured with five fingers, “Five years, at least five years.”


“Uh…” Stunned for a moment, the jade-like Small Elephant also began to calculate in his mind.


[I guess, she is indeed right. But why do I feel as if something’s off.] With a slight suspicion in his mind, he tried to defend himself, “Five years is too long, how about four years?”


“Fine then. I’ll settle for four years.” Ling Er mischievously chuckled, feeling a bit satisfied. Actually, she didn’t really mind how many years it was, she found it quite amusing to play with this Elephant like this.


Despite the White Elephant’s terrifying strength, he lacked experience. He was the extremely innocent type. In other words, he was silly and cute, which made him extremely adorable.


Also, Ling Er had her reasons in wanting to have him stay by her side. The White Elephant could freely control his size, which was very convenient. In addition, his combat power was exceptional.


If the White Elephant could stay by her side, he would provide some assurance for her future plans.


As for how many years the White Elephant would stay by her side, Ling Er didn’t really care. Not to mention three years, even if the White Elephant stayed by her side for three months, Ling Er had a way to make sure he couldn’t leave her.


In other words, an exceptionally good partner had been tricked just like that.


Feeling pleased, Ling Er’s gaze shifted to the nearby young man sitting under a Divine Tree, his expression as serious as an old monk in meditation.


Faintly, a hint of spiritual aura rose around him.


At this moment, if one were to look closely, they would certainly notice new saplings growing in the vicinity of the young man, accompanied by an increasingly rich vitality.


And at this moment, a crisp system notification rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ear.


<Ding, you have killed a Tier-3 Transcendent Sea Beast, Evolution Points +140,000.>


Upon receiving the notification, the Sea Beast suddenly convulsed in its death throes.


Immediately after, to the astonishment of the nearby Ling Er and the White Elephant, this massive Sea Beast completely dissolved into blood water, continuously surging into Yu Zi Yu’s roots, dying the entire root system of Yu Zi Yu red.


Faintly, one could hear a desperate wail echoing in the air.


It completely devoured, leaving not even the bones.


And this is the terror of the current devouring ability of Yu Zi Yu’s roots. They could now thoroughly absorb and replenish what Yu Zi Yu required to a large extent.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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