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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 476, One Hundred and Eight Generals! Layout!

| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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Snatching away the last chance of survival from that colossal creature, which was the size of a continent, with his Natal Flying Blade brought a faint smile to Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


The reason why he didn’t retrieve his Natal Flying Blade immediately wasn’t just about avoiding bloodshed today; more importantly, Yu Zi Yu needed to refine the Natal Flying Blade with the help of this deep-sea overlord.


If this deep-sea overlord didn’t resist and allowed the Natal Flying Blade to devour his body and essence, this Natal Flying Blade would undoubtedly undergo remarkable growth.


At that time, Yu Zi Yu would get his hands on a true Divine Weapon, and might even have the opportunity to acquire a Psychic Weapon.


The so-called Psychic Weapons naturally had a psychic connection with its Master. According to myths and legends, it possessed a Weapon Spirit.


The Blood-Sacrifice Demonic Weapons of China were only the most basic form of Psychic Weapons. 


No, they couldn’t even be considered as Psychic Weapons, they just contained Lingering Souls.


According to the information Yu Zi Yu had mysteriously gained from having reached a Higher Tier, a true Psychic Weapon, even if it had just been raised, possessed unimaginable power.  And those Psychic Weapons that had grown to their peak carried even more fearsome power that normal people dared not even imagine.


However, the mysterious Golden Monkey had once said, ‘Our Monkey Clan has a fearsome Psychic Weapon—the Sky-Reaching Staff. With this staff, we can calm the seas and overturn the heavens… There’s nothing it can’t do.’


“If I can devour the deep-sea overlord’s everything, the divine weapon is within reach,” Yu Zi Yu muttered to himself as a surge of anticipation welled up inside him.


In his eyes, the deep-sea overlord had already given up resistance. With what little lifespan left and the Flying Blade penetrating into his body, he couldn’t stay much longer in this world.


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu had done him a favor by not ending his life instantly with his Natal Flying Blade and instead allowing him to live for a few more days.


And the deep-sea overlord understood this.


As such, he willingly gave up resistance and silently endured the devouring of the Natal Flying Blade.



Meanwhile, with his perspective at the very top, Yu Zi Yu gazed around at the surroundings. There were already numerous figures around this primitive forest, not just Humans, but also numerous Mutant Beasts.


Compared to the fear shown by Humans, Mutant Beasts showed more reverence.


This was the biggest difference between Humans and Mutant Beasts.


Humans, with their complex thoughts, were the most intricate.


In the world of Mutant Beasts, strength was respected. Submitting to the strong was the instinct of most Mutant Beasts.


Of course, this strong being must be far superior to them, so much so that they could never surpass it in their lifetime.


*Haaa…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu addressed everyone, a rare feat on his part, “I am the Lord of the Mist…”


Yu Zi Yu’s calm and indifferent voice echoed in the minds of everyone, causing everyone to jump in fright.


Then, from an unknown location, a voice suddenly resounded, “Greetings, Lord of the Mist…”


As soon as the words fell, one voice after another reverberated from around the forest. “Greetings, Lord of the Mist…”


In an instant, around the primitive forest, countless Humans bowed their bodies, and Mutant Beasts respectfully lowered their heads. 


“Mhmm…” Yu Zu Yi slightly nodded his acknowledgement. As for whether their respect was genuine or feigned, he really didn’t care. Since they had given him face, he saw no reason to nitpick their intentions.


Right at that moment, Yu Zi Yu seemed to be struck with an idea as his Tree Body trembled slightly.


The next moment…


Amidst the shocked gazes of countless Humans and Mutant Beasts, verdant green glow surged from the giant tree that was so tall that its canopy was in the clouds.


Immediately after…


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…* Green specks of light fell like raindrops, endless, seemingly no end in sight.


In an instant, the area for kilometers around Yu Zi Yu was shrouded in a rain of green specks. However, before the numerous Mutant Beasts and Humans could react in fear, these specks merged into their bodies.


*Roooaar…* With a sudden roar, a Mutant Wildebeest, amidst the stunned gazes of countless Humans and Mutant Beasts, advanced from Tier-1 to Tier-2.


At that moment, countless Humans and Mutant Beasts finally found their bodies in indescribable comfort, as if they had been baptized, much to their astonishment. Even the injuries on their bodies seemed to have been slightly healed.


“I failed to appear in time during the catastrophe of the continent. All I can do is apologize here…” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu controlled the Rain of Vitality, spreading it towards the distant horizon.


Yu Zi Yu wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this to win over the hearts of the people. More importantly, while the Rain of Vitality was as easy as waving his hand for him, for these Humans and Mutant Beasts bathing in the Rain of Vitality, it was nothing short of a blessing.


As such, if these beings, having bathed in the Rain of Vitality, became true powerhouses in the future, and made a move against Misty Mountains, they would first weigh it a little.


After all, true powerhouses valued their mental states the most.


[When the heart is clear, the intention is clear. Today, I am benevolent to the continent and bestowed blessings upon all living beings. If someone repay kindness with enmity or harbored ill intentions in the future, the road ahead would be precarious. And this is just the beginning.] With a shadow of a smile on his lips, from one of Yu Zi Yu’s branches, one hundred and eight Willow Leaves slowly rose.


Then, amidst the bewildered gazes of countless Humans and Mutant Beasts, one hundred and eight beams of light shot out in all directions.


These one hundred and eight beams of light were shimmering with various colors. Some were as green as they were in the beginning, radiating strong vitality. Some were as red as fire, turning into meteors. Of course, there was also one like a lightning bolt, tearing through the night sky.


Each of the one hundred and eight Willow Leaves had been tempered by Yu Zi Yu with different powers. Not only were they hard as iron but also possessed extraordinary power.


At this moment, looking at the puzzled crowd of Humans and Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu introduced with a smile, “I, the Lord of Mist, intend to expand Misty Mountains. Those interested can pick up a Willow Leaf. With the Willow Leaf as proof, you can become one of the one hundred and eight Generals of Misty Mountains. Of course, if you don’t want to join, it’s fine too. These Willow Leaves have been tempered with my power. If you have a certain degree of wits, you can grasp it. It won’t be difficult for you to reach Apex Order. After enlightenment, you can also use the Willow Leaves to come to Misty Mountains and exchange them for the treasures you desire.”


As his calm voice fell, it caused a stir as if a lightning strike had fallen. Looking closely, the breathing of countless Humans and Mutant Beasts became rapid and heavier.


Just at this moment, with a swoosh, a scar-faced Human wielding a saber suddenly rushed towards a beam of light.


And this was like firing the starting gun.


“That’s mine! I’m a Lightning-Attribute cultivator! Give it to me, give it to me…” Shouting in an excited voice, a Superhuman turned into a bolt of lightning, shooting straight towards the direction where a leaf covered in lightning was flying. 


On the other side, countless Mutant Beasts, upon hearing Yu Zi Yu’s voice, also became excited.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


*Screech, Screech, Screech…*


Roars and growls of beasts, and cries of birds filled the sky, and the ground started quaking, before Humans and Mutant Beasts started rushing out of the primeval forest.


What was even more terrifying was that of all the Humans and Mutants Beasts in the forest, 70-80% of them were all rushing towards the direction where the Willow Leaves were falling.


Those who didn’t rush were mostly just weak, and had no choice but to watch helplessly.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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