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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 477, Breaking Out of the Shell: Little Tenth

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Translator:  Ashish

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Looking at the countless Humans and even Mutant Beasts rushing straight towards the Willow Leaves, Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled up slightly, drawing a subtle arc.


“Everyone in the world is greedy, and I just opened Pandora’s Box,” saying so, Yu Zi Yu began to manipulate his Tree Body.


*Boom, boom, boom…* With intense vibrations, Yu Zi Yu’s body, which overshadowed half of the city, gradually shrank, shrinking to a height of only a dozen meters in just a few breaths.


However, at this moment, as if noticing something, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up, as if noticing something.


The next moment, a streak of purple electric arc cutting through the pitch-black night caught his eyes. Following that, a strange beast with a sleek and agile black body, as beautiful as a horse, appeared before Yu Zi Yu.


However, what was a bit surprising was that this horse-like creature had a black horn on its forehead, and this horn happened to have purple electric arcs streaking around it.


At a glance, it appeared divine and mysterious.


“Divine Tree…” Shouting in greeting, this strange creature, that was treading the air, respectfully lowered its head.


However, what caught Yu Zi Yu’s attention was that it had a piece of Willow Leaf tinged with electric arcs in its mouth.


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu was slightly stunned, unable to react for the moment.


However, in a moment, looking at this remarkably unusual creature, Yu Zi Yu smiled and asked straight away, “What do you wish for?”


“I wish to join Misty Mountains,” came the reply as the strange creature slowly handed the piece of Willow Leaf to Yu Zi Yu.


“No need. This now belongs to you,” saying so, Yu Zi Yu cast a long, deep glance at this strange creature.


The strange creature resembled the legendary Unicorn, except, its  entire body was pitch-black as night, and purple electric arcs happened to be streaking around its horn. However, what was even more intriguing was its ears, which were long like those of an elf.


In addition, its back to its buttocks were covered with sleek black hair, extending all the way to its long whip-like tail, the length of which was equivalent to its body. From end to end, it resembled a horse’s mane.


[What an outstandingly handsome Mutant Beast,] Yu Zi Yu silently praised in his heart, focusing his gaze over it.


In an instant, a series of information appeared before him.


Race: Dream Beast

Rank: Tier-2 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Dream Walker – It’s able to easily intrude into the dreams of other creatures, and even able to weave it. If practiced to a certain level, it can even kill in dreams, completely destroying the enemy’s spirit.

Unique Abilities: Purple Lightning Horn – Its pitch-black horn is not only immensely shapr, but it’s also able to summon purple lightning, dealing destructive blows.

Extreme Speed – As a beast born with the ability to traverse dreams, it’s able to ignore all obstacles and freely pass through them.

Dream Weaving – It’s able to weave a creature’s dreams using its Innate Talent, and even pull creatures into dreams.


After thoroughly going through the status screen of this strange creature, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.


“This Mutant Beast does not belong to this world.” Yu Zi Yu made a guess in his heart, but he was a bit sure about it.


Only because this Dream Beast was extremely strange, a strange creature that lurked between dreams and reality. However, what intrigued Yu Zi Yu was that this Dream Beast actually chose to follow him voluntarily.


A smile flashed on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, but he didn’t pry further into it, and directly welcomed him instead, “Since you choose to join Misty Mountains, then you will be one of us from now on.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu waved his branch and stated, “Let’s go.”


“Okay.” Nodding in agreement, the Dream Beast’s pair of intelligent eyes flashed with a hint of joy.


The next moment…


*Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop…* 


Accompanied by rhythmic footsteps, the Dream Beast followed Yu Zi Yu’s tree body, slowly making his way towards Misty Mountains.


At the end of the day, this was not his home.


Only in Misty Mountains could he feel at home.


And now that he was finished placing the pieces, there was no need to stay here anymore.



Meanwhile, deep in Misty Mountains…


*Rooaar…* A Dragon Roar shook the beasts. Looking towards the sound, Little White, Snake Queen, Leng Feng and others noticed that a crack had appeared on the giant purple-black egg.


“Little Tenth is about to come out,” crying in joy, Little White’s figure circled around the spot in excitement.


Little Tenth was the Wyvern, a young Wyvern with very pure bloodline at that. According to Yu Zi Yu, Little Tenth might even be able to trace back to its origin and become a true Giant Dragon.


Naturally, Little White was very much looking forward to it. After all, in ancient legends, Western Dragons and Eastern Dragons were both legendary creatures.


They all stood at the top of the food chain. They were truly the strongest races.


If Little Tenth could really become a Giant Dragon, then Little White could also learn from it and try to break free from the shackles of bloodline.


Just at this moment…


*Roooaar…* Another Dragon Roar resounded, even more majestic and powerful than before.


Faintly, it also carried an indescribable joy. Immediately after, in the expectant gazes of various Mutant Beasts, Leng Feng and other Humans, a purple little claw broke its way out of the purple-black eggshell with a crack.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* Amidst increasingly excited Dragon Roars, the purple little claw exerted force.


*Crack, crack, crack…* Then, amidst crisp cracking sounds of the eggshell, a strange creature, the size of a calf, covered in interwoven purple, had already broken out of the eggshell.


After curiously taking a look around, its round and large yet majestic dragon eyes blinked with intelligence.


“Sister White, Sister Snake… Brother Leng…” Sporting a smile, the creature greeted everyone, one by one.


It had gained sentience long ago. So, although it was incubating in the egg, it had already become acquainted with many companions via its psychic power.


However, just at this moment, as if it remembered something, it suddenly shook its head and growled in a low voice, “All of you turn around right this instant.”


“Huh…” Little White was puzzled for a moment.


“I… I…” As if blushing, Little Tenth’s entire face puffed up. At this moment, its entire body was covered in mucus; it didn’t look cute at all.


“It had just been born, it must be feeling embarrassed.” With a timely reminder, the observant Leng Feng turned away.


On the side, hearing Leng Feng’s explanation, many Mutant Beasts suppressed their laughter and slowly turned away as well.


However, at this moment, Little Tenth nervously glanced at everyone and only let out a sigh of relief when it saw that they had all turned away.


Then, it turned back and looked at the shattered purple-black eggshell with gleaming eyes.


For some reason, it had a strong feeling that it must eat these eggshells.


It seemed very important to it, extremely so.



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