Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 478, The Era of Crazy Evolution

| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Crunch, crunch…* Crisp sounds of chewing echoed in the depths of the night, which was soon followed by a faint Dragon Prestige. 


The Dragon’s Prestige was extremely faint. For those present in North Canyon, even the weakest among them were at least of the Tier-2 Transcendent, so they could easily ignore such Dragon Prestige.


However, what left them in surprise was that, accompanied by the chewing sound, the Dragon Prestige grew stronger.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the people who had turned around as promised and even those who had already retreated beyond North Canyon, they had no idea that the calf-sized Little Tenth was undergoing its first metamorphosis of life at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Purple scales appeared on its body surface, and became harder and harder by the moment. Its pair of tender horns gradually enlarged, with faint purple electric arcs streaking around them.


Of course, that wasn’t all. The most significant change was in its size.


In just a few breaths, it had grown several times bigger, and as a result, its entire body had become stronger.


*Roooaar…* A loud Dragon Roar, growing louder and louder, echoed through the canyon as a Dragon Prestige that could be labeled as terrifying emerged. Because, at this moment, Little Tenth emitted the aura of a Tier-1 Transcendent, which happened to be the terrifying trait of a race found only in myths and legends.


It was born as a Transcendent, which already put it at a level where it could be called invincible among its peers.



A short while after this…


Amidst the quaking of the ground, various Mutant Beasts of Misty Mountains slowly raised their heads, looking towards the heart of Misty Mountains.


Just because, at this moment, a very familiar aura had emerged.


“Greetings, Divine Tree.”


“Greetings, Master…”



Amidst respectful greetings, the Mutant Clans and powerful Mutant Beasts bowed their heads, one by one. Even Leng Feng and the other Humans, who had been guarding outside North Canyon, kneeled down on one knee, welcoming the absolute Master of Misty Mountains.




Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu also controlled his Tree Body to emerge from the depths of North Canyon.


However, having thought of something, Yu Zi Yu also restrained his desire to return to his true size.


Currently, this Form was just too large, far beyond what North Canyon could accommodate.


[It would be best to return to a size similar to before.]


With this thought in his mind, Yu Zi Yu controlled his Tree Body and began to grow little by little.


Before long, a towering Willow Tree, soaring into the clouds, entered everyone’s sight.


Still as majestic as ever, still as spectacular as ever.


Be that as it may, everyone knew that the Divine Tree’s power had far exceeded this, because not long ago, they had all sensed a majestic wave of fluctuations coming from the horizon.


The source of that fluctuation was the familiar Divine Tree.


With these thoughts swirling in her mind, the coiled Little White flew to the sky, eagerly asking, “Master, have you already…”


Before Little White could finish her words, a young figure appeared on one of the branches of Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, nodding slightly and responding, “Luckily, I broke through.”


“Broke through, you really broke through.” Suddenly ecstatic, like a child, she let out a roar high up in the sky.


In a flash, the news of Yu Zi Yu’s breakthrough swept through every corner of Misty Mountains like a hurricane.


At this moment, seeing Ice Flood Dragon acting like a child, Yu Zi Yu tacitly approved.


This breakthrough was crucial.


At least to a certain extent, it declared his status as the Overlord.


In the short term, no Human or beast would dare to provoke him.


Perhaps there were some, but they would likely end up dead.


Even the Overlord of the deep sea, a creature as huge as a landmass itself, had no choice but to back down in the face of Yu Zi Yu’s Natal Flying Blade. It could be imagined how terrifying Yu Zi Yu was now.



*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath and experiencing this hard-won moment, Yu Zi Yu also became somewhat excited.


Only deep within Misty Mountains could he freely express his emotions like this.


However, just at this moment, as if noticing something, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils suddenly shrank.


The next moment, a strange purple creature suddenly entered Yu Zi Yu’s sight.


The strange creature bore striking resemblance with a Giant Dragon. It had a pair of strong-looking Dragon Wings on its back, purple scales covered its entire body, and a pair of purple horns on its head.


At a glance, it appeared a bit cute, but it also carried a sense of majesty.


“Little Tenth?” With a hint of surprise, Yu Zi Yu also called out.


“Ma…Master…” Seemingly nervous, the strange creature only peeked out half of its body from behind a large rock.


But after a moment, as if having reached a confirmation, it called out again, “Ma… Ma…Master.”


“Mhmm.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu gazed towards Little Tenth, a hint of pampering flickering in his gaze.


This little guy was nurtured by him and was also one of the most valued… descendants, one could say.


With this in mind, a slight smile crept onto Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


[Time really flies; a new generation has been born in this Era of Transcendence already. Little Tenth, Little Scorpion, as well as Lupin, Slytherin, and Auris, among others.]


At this moment, seeing Little Tenth still looking somewhat nervous, Yu Zi Yu reached out with one hand.


The next moment, under Little Tenth’s somewhat astonished gaze, a purple flower blossomed in Yu Zi Yu’s right hand. This was a very mysterious flower, translucent, and with a purple aura swirling around.


Upon closer inspection, the flower was surprisingly woven from countless intricate electric arcs.


Elemental Flower – Lightning Element Flower, a Supreme Treasure nurtured by Yu Zi Yu.


“Do you want it?” With a hint of a smile playing on his lips, Yu Zi Yu beckoned towards Little Tenth.


“Uh…” For a moment, Little Tenth kept gawking at the purple flower held in Yu Zi Yu’s hand, swallowing a mouthful of saliva.


As a Lightning-Attribute creature, this Lightning Element Flower held an indescribable temptation for him.


Right at this moment, with a flick of Yu Zi Yu’s hand, the Lightning Element swished through the air, and floated before Little Tenth.


“This Spirit Flower should accelerate your growth, so make good use of it.” With that said, Yu Zi Yu exhorted, “For legendary species like you, with long lifespans, natural growth can indeed make you a powerhouse who can dominate the world. However, in this ‘Era of Crazy Evolution,’ natural growth is simply too slow. Far too slow… So, little one, use all means to accelerate your growth. Don’t let down the reputation of your Dragon Clan.”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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