Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 48, Era of Transcendents


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At present, he could be ranked among the peak existence among Tier-1 Transcendents. All he needed to do was upgrade one root, and with the help of the Evolution Points, he would have a chance to break through into a Tier-2 Transcendent.


What did a Tier-2 Transcendent mean?


With a Peak Spiritual Energy of several hundred thousand, a Transcendent who could move around had the strength to shatter the mountains and destroy the rivers.


Just like current Yu Zi Yu. Although he only possessed Peak Spiritual Energy of around 70,000 to 80,000, if he chose to unleash his terrifying combat power that was comparable to an ordinary Tier-2 Transcendent, he could completely destroy this 200 to 300 meters long North Canyon in an instant, and even level it to the ground.


According to the information obtained by Qing Er from Humans, Tier-2 Transcendent was already the embodiment of disaster.


It was reported that in these past few months, Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Beasts were no longer a legend. Scary monsters like those were present in the depths of the sea were now common sightings.


As for how terrifying these Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Beasts, or even Sea Monsters were actually…


They were already close to becoming demons of myths. They possessed rudimentary self-awareness, and an ability to sense danger and respond accordingly.


What was even more alarming was that these monsters were not afraid of bullets and other conventional weapons. Their combat power was extremely formidable.


Among the Mutant Beasts the Humans had discovered, there was a mutant octopus with Peak Spiritual Energy of over 80,000 wreaking havoc in the waters near Japan, it managed to sink a cargo ship weighing tens of thousands of tons.


And it was this incident that made the entire Human Race realize the terror of Tier-1 Transcendents.


They were not opponents that could be easily dealt with using conventional weapons. If they were to overrun Earth, they would pose a threat to all of Humanity.


As a result, experts from hundreds of countries came together to initiate the first round of comprehensive research and discussions on this matter.


However, after ten long days of research, much to their relief, they reached an unquestionable conclusion: it was difficult, extremely difficult to become a Tier-1 Transcendent.


It was no less difficult than a Carp transforming into a Dragon.


That was a giant leap in the hierarchy of life, and even the sublimation of the Soul, literally.


After having come to this conclusion, the Humans were finally able to rest at ease.


However, soon after the public had calmed down, an undercurrent started surging underneath this calm and stability.


Because China and the USA across the Pacific Ocean discovered a terrifying fact.


And that was above the Tier-1 Transcendent Realm, there existed the Tier-2 Transcendent Realm.


They had Peak Spiritual Energy in hundreds of thousands. They were the true embodiment of disaster.


If Tier-1 Transcendents could threaten a city, then Tier-2 Transcendents could single-handedly destroy a city. It was not some empty talk. They were living and breathing disaster, a catastrophe.


Unless the Human race brought out the ultimate weapon in their arsenal – the nuclear weapons, it would be a monumental feat to eliminate them.


Of course, the possibility of using armies to overwhelm them could not be ruled out.


So, Tier-2 Transcendent Realm was also known as Disaster Class, and life forms of that level posed a great threat to towns and cities.Still, even among Tier-2 Transcendents, also known as Disaster Class Transcendents, strength may vary due to differences in species and Spiritual Energy.


Weak Disaster Class Transcendents could potentially be suppressed by certain military forces and powerful Disaster Class Transcendents, on the other hand, had the potential to bring a country to the brink of a national crisis.


Take a smaller country like Japan for example, without the support of China, a powerful Disaster Class Transcendent was enough to destroy the entire country.



*Phew…* Letting out a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu’s heart was filled with a trace of fervor.


[Tier-2 Transcendent. Just becoming a Tier-2 Transcendent Realm would be enough to threaten a country like Japan. One could imagine how terrifying that is! Although Tier-2 Transcendents might not be able to threaten large nations like China, the power of Tier-2 Transcendents still could not be ignored by large nations.]


Of course, what preoccupied Yu Zi Yu’s mind right now was the powerful Disaster Class Transcendent.


As for weak Disaster Class Transcendents, given his potential, he was definitely not going to be one of them.


At any rate, with the underground Spirit River for absorption, the blessing of his cheat, and sufficient time, it would be totally unacceptable for him to remain as a weak Disaster Class Transcendent.


At this point, Yu Zi Yu could not help but think of Tier-3 Transcendents above the Tier-2 Transcendents, which would possess Peak Spiritual Energy in the millions.


If the Humans’ inference was correct, the might of Tier-3 Transcendents was already beyond what smaller countries could handle, only large countries could deal with them, and that too by unleashing their full force.


And such entities had a taboo name among the Humans – ‘Catastrophe Class.’


They were both a disaster and a catastrophe.


Unless the Humans had counterparts of the same level, the only way to deal with them was through nuclear weapons. Even so, it was just a means of containing them, nothing more.


According to the Spiritual Energy Research Institute, millions of Spiritual Energy was sufficient to create an invisible barrier that could withstand nuclear weapons to a certain extent. Not to mention, some Mutant Beasts were highly skilled in defense.


If a Mutant Beast with such defensive capabilities really transformed into Catastrophe Class Tier-3 Transcendent, even the largest of countries should be prepared to exhaust all the weapons in their arsenal.


Because that would undoubtedly be the most deadly catastrophe.


And this was true terror of the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, and the advent of the Era of Transcendents.


Strength knows no race, knows no origin.


If lucky, even an ant, that could easily be trampled by Humans, could become an overlord of a region after absorbing enough Spiritual Energy in the world.


What the Humans should be grateful for here was that the advent of the Era of Transcendents had only taken away the electronic communication, but not their weapons. Otherwise, the Humans would have been pushed to the bottom of the food chain.


The Humans, armed with conventional weapons, had a comparative advantage from the beginning, surpassing other species in terms of their starting point.


Of course, it just gave humans a better start, nothing more.


If the Humans did not strive for progress, it was only a matter of time before they were surpassed by those crazily evolving Transcendent creatures.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s speculation, if a terrifying Catastrophe Class Tier-3 Transcendent really emerged, then the status of the Human race would face the greatest peril.


Heaven and Hell are just a hair’s breadth apart.


It was no wonder that in a short span of few months, numerous institutes like Spiritual Energy Research Institute had emerged in every country. Just China alone had no fewer than ten.


It was not just Yu Zi Yu who had thought of this, even Humans had realized this.


They were worried, and in fear.




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