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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 483, Invasion

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Translator:  Ashish

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However, just as Qing Gang’s declared, a cold snort echoed from the city walls.


“You say take over, and you will, but do you think you’re all powerful?” Retoring, the Mayor of Crescent Moon City, Gong Kai Feng, stepped out of the crowd, wearing a gloomy expression on his face.


Crescent Moon City was his blood and sweat.


It was precisely because he reigned over Crescent Moon City that he had access to vast resources, allowing him to advance to Tier 2, and even create a formidable force, the Moon Guardians.


If he allowed Misty Mountains to take over the city, not only would all his efforts go to waste, but his cultivation might also come to a halt. After all, seizing someone’s wealth was akin to killing their parents.


And now, this ‘Human’ from Misty Mountains was attempting to commit the crime of seizing his city.


One could easily imagine how furious he was.


Except, he was extremely shrewd and never wore his emotions in public. Had there been someone with a quick temper, they might have drawn their weapons by now.


Unfortunately, no matter how shrewd he was, it was of little use against Qing Gang, because Qing Gang had climbed all the way from the lowest level of strata to his current level, and as such, deeply understood Humans.

When a city was seized, the civilians were never the ones with the strongest opinions; it was always the privileged elites.


“I’ve said it before, don’t make things difficult for me,” Qing Gang’s faint voice echoed in the air.


The next moment, in the somewhat incredulous gazes of the Humans, the figure that emerged from the thick fog began to scatter and dissipate, reducing into dust and scattering along the wind.


In just a few moments, it had completely disappeared from everyone’s sight.


However, the very next moment, Gong Kai Feng, Crescent Moon City’s Mayor, who was quietly standing atop the city wall, suddenly felt a chill down his back.


Yet before he could react, a terrifying force struck him with a thunderous clap.


At this moment, to the astonishment of the countless guards surrounding Gong Kai Feng, an overwhelming amount of dust started gathering behind the Mayor of Crescent Moon City, gradually reshaping into the previous figure.


And now, the burly figure was standing behind the Mayor of Crescent Moon City, Gong Kai Feng, grabbing him by the neck.


*Boom…* With a fierce push, the entire city wall trembled violently.


Looking up, much to countless Humans’ disbelief, their city’s strongest Superhuman, their Mayor, was actually pressed into the depths of the city wall.


What was even more terrifying was that patterns resembling spider webs began to emerge continuously on the robust city walls.


“Mr. Mayor…”




Exclamations rang out, and loyal guards rushed towards Qing Gang.


However, Qing Gang didn’t even spare a glance at the people rushing towards him, and tightened his fist instead.


*Crack, crack…* With crisp bone-cracking sounds, Qing Gang clenched his fist tighter and tighter.


Then, with a deafening boom, a punch suddenly struck Gong Kai Feng’s back, sending a terrifying shockwave in all directions.


In a moment, everyone who was rushing towards Qing Gang were caught off guard and sent flipping through the air.


However, this was only the beginning, because, right after that punch, a series of deafening thumps reverberated once gain, as one punch after another, full of explosive force struck the Mayor of Crescent Moon City, slamming him into the depths of the city wall, much to the horror of countless Humans.


At a closer look, one could even see a huge gaping hole through his abdomen, clearly being punched through.


“I don’t like violence…” Raising his head slowly and wiping the blood off his hands, Qing Gang displayed a disdainful sneer, like a rogue.


The next moment…


*Snap* With a snap of his fingers, Qing Gang’s cold voice echoed through the city, “Anyone who resists, kill them without mercy.”


Just as the drop of these words, howls and growls filled the air as countless three-meter-tall giant Green Wolves swished out the depths of the mist. Their eyes glowed with a green intensity even greater than before, and their fur danced wildly along the wind.


Then, in the horrified gaze of a Superhuman, a Storm Wolf’s claw tore through the air in front of him, sending a three-meter-long wind blade right at him.


“Is this real? This is not a nightmare, right?”


In disbelief, the Superhuman raised the weapon in his hand to block, but the next moment, with a crisp sound, his saber was cut into two by the wind blade.


“We’re far from the Mutant Beasts you’ve usually encountered,” with a cold laugh, the giant Green Wolf, already drenched in blood, launched another charge.


Meanwhile, at the center of Crescent Moon City…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Amidst the continuous tremors, crack continuously appeared in a huge square at the center of Crescent Moon City


Immediately after, with a loud boom, an enormous sinkhole appeared in the square, with spine-chilling shrill squeaks coming from deep within.


*Squeak, Squeak, Squeak…Squeak, Squeak, Squeak..*


Amidst these extremely sharp squeaks, an endless number of Mutant Black Rats began to rush out from the sinkhole, like black waves, spreading in all directions.


However, what was terrifying was that these Mutant Black Rats had black mist swirling around them, with some even accompanied by lightning streaks and flames burning in the depths of their eyes.


This was the Rat Clan, the clan recognized as unbeatable in group battles in Misty Mountains. They were the true symbol of terror. 


Their individual combat strength wasn’t that great,but their overwhelming numbers made even the strongest of the Trasncendents feel fearful.


However, this was not the end of their horror. Their true terror lay in the fact that the Mutant Rat Clan of Misty Mountains was blessed with terrifying group ability. The more terrifying their King was, the more abilities the ordinary Mutant Rats would possess.


For example, the black fog enveloping most of the Mutant Black Rats at this moment was a manifestation of the Darkness Ability possessed by their King, Shadie. This ability could mitigate some damage, significantly boost strength, and enhance speed.


Now, just as the Rat Clan of Misty Mountains made an entrance, they engulfed almost half of the city.


What was astonishing, however, was that these creatures seemed to receive some kind of command; they refrained from damaging buildings, and most importantly, if left unprovoked, they did not attack.


For instance, right now, an elderly woman holding a little girl standing amidst the sea of rats had their face filled with confusion and disbelief as they tremblingly raised their heads.


This was because, before their eyes, the flowing sea of Black Rats just passed by the two, displaying no intent to harm.



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