Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 484, The Descent of the Divine Tree

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At this moment, the entire Crescent Moon City was enveloped in dense mist, blocking everyone’s sight, making it difficult to even tell east from west. 


Yet, what was even more terrifying were the screams and roars that echoed endlessly, as if the city was shrouded in a moment of despair.


“No…” a scream abruptly stopped as a young man with a long spear slowly fell into a pool of blood.


Beside him, a small Black Rat with a smooth and shiny coat, no larger than a fist, coldly glanced at the lifeless body, then darted off in another direction without a second thought.


It wasn’t just it, many more Mutant Black Rats were continuously charging towards a distant direction. Their claws were so sharp that they could rip anyone’s throat, and speed was so fast that it would leave anyone bewildered.


Swift and lethal, these two words perfectly represented the Mutant Rat Clan.


However, what puzzled people was that not only did these creatures refrain from harming unarmed Humans, but they also avoided entering homes.


In other words, if one hid inside their home and didn’t resist, these Mutant Black Rats would simply ignore them.


Yet, despite this, impulsive and self-proclaimed powerful Superhumans emerged, one by one.


“Kill them! Stop the Rat Tide!” roaring, a burly young man wielding a large cleaver rushed out from the street.


*Boom…* A surge of Spiritual Energy erupted from him, kicking up a hurricane around him. Then, at a speed visible to the naked eyes, he was surrounded by a storm of Spiritual Energy.


He was Storm Blade, a remarkably talented and rare Tier-2 Superhuman in Crescent Moon City.


Now, witnessing the sea of Black Rats drowning the entire city, he decided to charge alone.


He fiercely swung his cleaver as a formidable energy blade descended upon the Rat Tide, cutting through a street.


If this fearsome energy blade really fell upon the Rat Tide, it would end up heavily injuring a lot of Mutant Rats if not killing them.


As such, the powerful Mutant Beasts lurking within the Rat Tide finally made a move.


*Whirr, whirr…* Suddenly, a sharp buzz echoed through the air as the fearsome energy blade fired by Storm Blade with all his strength stalled in mid-air, much to his astonishment.


At a closer look, he found a tiny green figure standing not far away from his energy blade, wielding two large cleavers like claws, and eyes as sharp as a swordsman. This figure was none other than Green Mantis, a member of Misty Mountains’ Assassin Division, and a rare Tier-2 Transcendent as well.


*Whirr, whirr…* Another grating buzz suddenly echoed as a streak of green cut through the air as the Green Mantis swiftly arrived before Storm Blade.


No words or shouts; Green Mantis only let his blades do the talking.


The next moment, a sharp swishing sound echoed as Storm Blade caught sight of a fearsome strike coming at him.


However, in response, Storm Blade just took a long deep breath as he raised his cleaver to defend himself.


Immediately after, a deafening clash reverberated, sending shockwaves through the air.


At the same time, the ground underneath Storm Black’s feet cracked, as if it was unable to bear his weight.


“What a terrifying strike!?” Storm Blade’s heart skipped a beat, but the next moment, he saw another strike unleashed from the side.


The corners of his lips twitched slightly as he tightened his grip on the cleaver.


He was nicknamed Storm Blade because his blade was as swift as a storm. However, he never expected to see a Mutant Beast even faster than himself.


“Nevertheless, if it’s a fight you want, a fight you’ll get,” shouting, Storm Blade wielded his blades with both hands.


The next moment…


*Bang, Bang, Bang…*


Blade strikes that could not be captured by the naked eye covered the entire street, kicking up powerful gales with every strike.


However, this kind of battle was not happening in just this corner of the city. In another corner of the city, a man with a sly appearance was also intercepted by a Tier-2 Mutant Beast.


His opponent, on the other hand, happened to be an enormous Spider, with its eight legs adorned with purple patterns, firmly rooted to the ground.


As the man gazed at the spiderwebs that had turned an entire street into a white sea, the corners of the sly-looking man’s lips couldn’t help but twitch.


“Damn it, I’m in serious trouble…” lamenting in his heart, this Tier-2 Superhuman known as Skinny Monkey, known for his swift movements, found himself at a loss, because the spiderweb had blocked all of his movements.


Meanwhile, unnoticed by anyone, the thick mist obscuring the sky slowly started gathering.


Eventually, the mist interweaved silently in the depths of the clouds, forming a towering Willow Tree.


Although it was made of mist, it was vivid and lifelike.


Mist Projection, it was yet another application of the ability–Mastery of Mist. By molding the mist into his form, it allowed Yu Zi Yu to project his consciousness into it.


And now…


Glancing at the city engulfed in flames, Yu Zi Yu’s expression remained indifferent.


To him, while he could effortlessly suppress the entire city with minimal effort, he remained unsure of how many humans harboring sinister intentions might be lurking within such an occupied city.


Rather than taking control of the city like this, it would be better to lure out all those who opposed the Mutant Beasts and then wipe them out in one fell swoop.


“It’s almost time…” Sensing the dwindling vitality of the entire city, Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.


The next moment…


*Boom!* A surge of Spiritual Energy suddenly erupted as a terrifying pressure suddenly descended from the sky.


*Bang, Bang, Bang…* One after another, countless Humans and even Mutant Beasts were all pressed to the ground.


At that moment, countless were left horrified as they looked up and laid eyes on a towering Willow Tree made of mist, hovering calmly in the air against the backdrop of the starry sky.


“I am the Lord of the Mist…” a whisper rang in the air, yet it reverberated thunderously in their mind, causing countless Humans’ faces to turn pale.


However, in that very instant, Yu Zi Yu’s voice resonated once again in the void, “We’re taking over Crescent Moon City, those who surrender shall not be killed.”


“Those who surrender shall not be killed…” Suddenly, a sneer echoed through the air. Then, to the astonished gaze of Yu Zi Yu, a Tier-2 Superhuman slowly propped up his body, withstanding the immense pressure, his eyes completely bloodshot.


“Mutant Beasts, come one, kill one, come two, kill two…” a low yet resonant voice, as if squeezed through his clenched teeth, carrying a biting-cold chill rang.


His eyes were burning with flames of hatred, even fiercer than the flames.


“Another pitiful soul who loathes Mutant Beasts!” Lamenting in helplessness, Yu Zi Yu could not help but shake his head. [Such individuals cannot be allowed to live. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s just a difference in position.]



Moments later, a mist-formed branch gently swung, as if brushing away dust.


Yet, this gentle sway sent that Superhuman flying into the ground with a thunderous boom, much to the shock of countless onlookers.


In the aftermath, one could see a large crater several tens of meters wide centered around this individual. 




Everyone’s back became drenched in cold sweat, their heart gripped with genuine fear at the sight of a Tier-2 Superhuman crushed like an Ant.




Gulping nervously, many people looked towards the Towering Willow Tree of mist in the sky, a look of extreme fear on their faces.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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