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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 485, Pioneer

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As night fell upon Crescent Moon City, the flames of war that had been ravaging throughout the city had finally extinguished.


Up against Yu Zi Yu, not to mention them, even China dared not be too presumptuous. Thus, the entire city chose to submit in the dead silence.


However, to say they submitted was not entirely accurate. It was more like each Superhuman had laid down their weapons for now.


Meanwhile, Qing Gang, who was well aware of the inherent nature of Humans, also cleverly picked some individuals from the lower strata of the city, who were worthy of nurturing.


“Throw them in prison. If anyone escapes, you know what will happen to you,” Qing Gang ordered a man named Li Lang in a cold and stern voice.


“I know, I know,” Li Lang hurriedly nodded, assuring, “Rest assured, Sir, with me here, not a single one of them will escape.”


“That better be.” Qing Gang nodded in satisfaction.


This man called Li Lang had a bit of a sly appearance. Although he was only a Tier-1 Superhuman, in the face of Rat Tide, not to mention defend, he fled for his life at a moment’s notice, albeit he failed to flee.


Be that as it may, a person like this had his uses for the time being. At least a Human like him, who was only interested in saving his own neck, cherished his life dearly.


Of course, over the coming days, Qing Gang would raise his own team of trusted Humans, and truly take over the city.


This was also the task entrusted to Qing Gang by Yu Zi Yu. In other words, he was now the new Mayor of Crescent Moon City.


At this moment, as if remembering something, Qing Gang suddenly looked towards a nearby skyscraper, the most magnificent building in Crescent Moon City, reaching a height of 100 meters.


However, what was somewhat surprising now was the vine-like outgrowth entwining this tall building.


At a glance, the entire skyscraper seemed to be imbued with vitality.


At this moment, only Qing Gang, as a ‘Child of the Earth,’ could understand that a rootlet had spread beneath this tall building.


This rootlet belonged to none other than Yu Zi Yu.


Yu Zi Yu’s roots were spread throughout every corner of Misty Mountains.


And now, with the expansion of the mist, his rootlets also continued to spread, and this rootlet was the first to reach here.



*Ha…* Exhaling deeply, Qing Gang started walking along a street, slowly approaching the skyscraper entwined with vines.


Within the vicinity of Yu Zi Yu, everything was bound to flourish and emit a strong vitality. And now, although just a section of rootlet had reached here, the rich vitality emanating from it had caused the surrounding vegetation to flourish.


These vines were just a type of plant that had thrived under the influence of Yu Zi Yu’s rich vitality.


Many more plants in the vicinity of the skyscraper had also flourished, adorning the surroundings with a thriving greenery.


At a glance, Qing Gang felt as if he had returned to the forest. At this moment, as he slowly approached the skyscraper, the perfect integration of city and nature caught his sight.


At this moment, every pillar had vines entwining around them, and even the interior of the skyscraper had gained a newfound vitality.


“Master…” calling out, Qing Gan bowed down reverently.


“Come up.” Suddenly, a voice rang in his ears, eliciting a joyous smile on Qing Gang’s lips.


The next moment…


*Tap, tap tap…* Accompanied by crisp footsteps, Qing Gang arrived at the top floor of the skyscraper.


*Creak…* Before he even knocked, the wooden door of what seemed like an office slowly opened.


However, the moment the door opened, the silhouette of a young man caught Qing Gang’s attention.


The young man appeared to be around 14-15 years old, and had shoulder-length black hair. He happened to be standing quietly in front of windows extending from floor to ceiling, overlooking the entire city, giving off an inexplicable feeling.


It seemed to be a mixture of loneliness and nostalgia.


“Master…” Hearing the call from behind, Yu Zi Yu, who had taken the form of a young man woven from countless rootlets extending from underneath the skyscraper, had a smile appear on his lips.


“How is everything going?”


“The entire city has been suppressed. Any Human who resists has either been reduced to dust or thrown into the Celestial Prison,” Qing Gang reported.


At this point, Qing Gang assured in a loud and confident voice, “Master, please rest assured. Those thrown into the Celestial Prison won’t be able to escape. The entire city is guarded by tens of thousands of members of the Rat Clan entrenched in the sewers, and there are even thousands of Storm Wolves outside Crescent Moon City. It could be said that the entire Crescent Moon City is like an impregnable fortress.”


After listening quietly to Qing Gang’s report, Yu Zi Yu nodded in satisfaction.


He had trust in Qing Gang’s capabilities. Of course, Qing Gang had downplayed it a bit.


The entire Crescent Moon City was covered in a veil of mist, which was Yu Zi Yu’s eyes. As long as Yu Zi Yu wished, he could easily perceive everything happening in the city.


And this was the most terrifying aspect Yu Zi Yu had gained after he had advanced to Tier-4. His psychic power, nearly reaching the level of materialization, could effortlessly envelop the entire city. With the mist acting as medium, Yu Zi Yu’s psychic force could extend several times further.


However, doing this would result in a lot of information flooding into Yu Zi Yu’s mind at once, to the point that it could make him feel a little exhausted.


“Crescent Moon City is in your hands. I trust you,” Yu Zi Yu responded. Then, he raised his eyes and looked down at the city, continuing, “Do everything you can to gather Scientists and Spiritual Energy Researchers in the city as soon as possible. I need to establish several research institutes.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu lifted a finger. Moments later, several drops of rich Life Essence floated up from Yu Zi Yu’s fingers.


“Give these to them for research. Let them see if they can mass-produce it, even if the effects are weak.”


“Uh…” Qing Gang was slightly taken aback, but he respectfully took the drops of Life Essence and stored them away without a moment of delay.


Right at that very moment, Yu Zi Yu’s voice echoed in the office again, “Oh, and don’t forget to collect Humans’ research on this era, and even on Spiritual Energy. I want to take a look.”


“Understood, Master.” Qing Gang nodded his acknowledgement, his eyes flickering with a hint of brilliance.


[Master indeed possesses great wisdom. He is supplementing his own needs using various achievements of Humanity, a trait  that can hardly be expected from other Mutant Beasts. And now, not only is Master doing this, but he is also planning to cultivate Humans. And all of this… If I’m not mistaken, Master should be preparing for Tier-5 already…]


[Tier-5 is a completely unknown realm. While Humans have managed to theoretically analyze the terrifying nature Tier-4 to natural disasters, nothing is known about Tier-5. Master’s actions are akin to a Pioneer’s, step by step, paving the way for future cultivation. After all, when no one knows the way ahead, someone must pave the path. And Master is such an existence. While most Humans and Mutant Beasts are still striving to reach Tier-3, Master is already peering into that unknown realm.]



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