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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 486, Queen of Butterflies! Dream Butterfly

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Meanwhile, deep in a certain valley…


“Huh…” Exhaling a long, deep breath, Nine Tails silently appeared out of thin air.


As for other beasts, they were all waiting outside,  simply because, while passing through this valley, Nine Tails’ keen sense of smell detected a faint, elusive scent.


This was Nine Tails. Had it been any other Mutant Beast, it might not necessarily detect it. As a descendent of the Celestial Fox Lineage, Nine Tails was particularly sensitive to certain scents.


“Someone’s breaking through, and that too into Tier-3t…” murmuring in her heart, a grin appeared at the corner of Nine Tails’ mouth.


She had never expected to encounter such an opportunity; to actually come across a Mutant Beast breaking through to Tier-3. After all, everyone was at their weakest just after breaking through.


Individuals like Yu Zi Yu, backed by their extremely deep and robust foundations, were the exceptions. Otherwise, a Mutant Beast’s strength was completely sapped after a breakthrough. They were left with no strength, which was incredibly precarious for them.

In other words, being found out during a breakthrough was an extremely dangerous matter.


In the past, Yu Zi Yu used Spirit Stones to mask his aura in order to prevent his breakthrough being discovered. But now, many more methods have emerged to hide and suppress one’s aura.


Some Mutant Beasts could even seal their aura of breakthroughs with unique abilities, and that was what the Mutant Beast hidden deep within this valley was doing. Be that as it may, that wisp of its aura that had unintentionally leaked was caught by Nine Tails’ aura.



In the desolate expanse of the mountain, a cold crescent moon, resembling a hook, hung in the sky, its light casting a faint glow upon the landscape, while twinkling stars dotted the heavens.


In the depths of the night, the valley below appeared as a forsaken realm, shrouded in a melancholic tranquility. Yet, a closer look lifted the veil of desolation, revealing a hidden splendor. Amidst the cold shadows, vibrant clusters of flowers bloom, adorning the ground with bursts of color, while verdant trees stood tall.


The entire valley was filled with the fragrance of flowers, and not just one kind of flower, but countless kinds of flowers. Furthermore, these flowers were not ordinary flowers, but a wide variety of Spirit Flowers.


Slightly squinting her eyes, Nine Tails had already noticed that this valley was isolated by a barrier of light, firmly locking in the fragrance of the Spirit Flowers.


[No wonder it’s difficult to detect these Spirit Flowers at the entrance. It turns out they’re shielded by a barrier-like ability. But unfortunately…] This kind of barrier could not only lock in the aura, but also acted as an alerting mechanism. Be that as it may, it seemed to be grossly ineffective against Nine Tails. Simply because, Nine Tails, thanks to her Celestial Fox Lineage, had a seldom used but excellent ability—Barrier Breaker.


Barrier Breaker—The extremely sacred bloodline has endowed the claws of Nine Tails with the power to tear apart all barriers.


Nine Tails had never known how to use this ability, but the moment she sensed the barrier of light, she raised her claw and swung it down, guided by her instincts.


The next moment, with a crisp tearing sound, a small rift had been torn apart in the barrier. Through this rift, Nine Tails finally entered this valley that appeared no different than a paradise on earth.


“Hundred Flowers Valley…” murmuring, Nine Tails deeply glanced at this valley, giving the valley a befitting name.


A hundred flowers were blooming together, each vying for attention in a dazzling display of natural splendor. Although there were no Five-Color Spirit Flower or Fox Clan Treasure-grade Spirit Flowers, most of them were still extraordinary.


There were some Spirit Flowers that even tempted Nine Tails slightly.


However, just at this moment, sensing something, Nine Tails’ gaze suddenly shifted towards the depths of the valley.


In the ensuing moment, Nine Tails’ gaze, filled with astonishment, fixed upon a Butterfly gracefully hovering above a huge Spirit Flower that resembled much like Lotus.


This was no ordinary Butterfly. Each of its forewings bore a curved band of golden-green color emitting a radiant glow, while the central part of the hind wings boasted several golden-yellow mottles, resembling stars scattered across the sky.


Along the posterior edge, crescent-shaped golden-yellow patches dotted the wings, while the hind wings tapered into tail-like slender protrusions, culminating in a small section of gold that emitted a golden light, gradually fading into the distance.


At first glance, it resembled a glamorous noblewoman, with a graceful posture, magnificence, and nobility.


“Golden Kaiser-i-Hind…” Nine Tails murmured, gazing at this Mutant Butterfly with renewed interest.


Under the intentional guidance of the Divine Tree, Nine Tails was fond of reading books and was familiar with some of the pictures of certain Mutant Beasts compiled by Humans.


The Golden Kaiser-i-Hind was one of the creatures recorded in those pictures.


However, this particular species of Spirit Butterfly was incredible, because even before the Era of Transcendence, the Golden Kaiser-i-Hind was known as the Queen of Butterflies, ranking first among the world’s eight most precious butterflies, and was also renowned as the Dream Butterfly and a Living Fossil.


Its many titles were a testament of its sheer rarity and preciousness of this Butterfly.


And now, this Butterfly had not only transformed into a Spirit Butterfly but was also making a breakthrough towards Tier-3.


“My luck seems to be unusually good,” speaking to herself, Nine Tails didn’t know whether to rejoice or to wryly smile.


Rejoice, naturally, because she had discovered a Spirit Butterfly making a breakthrough towards Tier-3, but wryly smile because if Nine Tails disturbed her breakthrough, it would undoubtedly forge a deadly feud, which would not end until one of them was dead.


And this conflicted with the purpose of Nine Tails’ visit. After all, under the orders of the Divine Tree, Nine Tails was here this time to subdue more Mutant Beasts.


The more precious they were, the better.


The Golden Kaiser-i-Hind, also known as the Queen of Butterflies and Dream Butterfly, was naturally on the list of creatures Nine Tails intended to subdue.


*Haaaa…* Heaving a deep breath, Nine Tails came to a decision.


Slowly, she withdrew backward until reaching the edge of the barrier of light surrounding the valley, where she then lay down, choosing to silently observe.


And shortly after that…


*Boom…* The Golden Kaiser-i-Hind, hovering above the flower, suddenly flapped its wings, kicking up a fearsome gale that swept through the entire valley.


“No wonder her breakthrough wasn’t too astonishing. She actually broke through by borrowing the Spiritual Energy of the hundred flowers…” Nine Tails murmured to herself, amazed by the methods of the Golden Kaiser-i-Hind.


The hundred flowers, all were Spirit Flowers. The Spiritual Energy they emanated was naturally incomparable to ordinary Spiritual Energy.


When other Mutant Beasts broke through, they needed to plunder the Spiritual Energy of a vast area, which resulted in astonishing phenomena.


But this Spirit Butterfly, by using the Spiritual Energy of the hundred flowers, kept the commotion caused by her breakthrough to a minimum.


This showed her ingenious means!


Visible to the naked eye, strands of prismatic Spiritual Energy started continuously rising from the flowers.


In just a few breaths, a hundred strands of pure Spiritual Energy gathered into a storm, flowing into the Golden Kaiser-i-Hind.


The golden glow around her became even more dazzling, and the golden specks trailing from her tail became even more intense.


Faintly, Nine Tails could no longer discern the figure of the Golden Kaiser-i-Hind. Instead, before her eyes, there was a dazzling ball of light, resembling a miniature sun, flickering deep within the valley.


After an unknown period of time, a sharp cry rang in the valley, filled with joy of breaking through.


Then, to the astonished gaze of Nine Tails, there emerged a Butterfly as large as a basketball, enveloped in a prismatic, dream-like glow..


Every time she flapped her wings, it sent ripples through the air, distorting the air.



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