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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 487, Killer Bee

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“A Mutant Spirit Butterfly…” Nine Tails murmured to herself.  


Looking at the Golden Butterfly that resembled a mini sun, she could not help but squint her eyes, simply because she actually sensed a faint threat from her.


*Boom…* As the Spirit Butterfly flapped her wings, countless golden specks of lights scattered from her like sunlight, casting a faint veil over her figure.


And right at that very moment, Nine Tails’ red coat also began to flutter, accompanied by deep red flames emerging from the depths of her eyes.


*Yip…* With a Fox Howl, a surge of Spiritual Energy erupted from Nine Tails.


However, just at this moment, something unexpected happened.


High up in the sky, the blurry figure of the Spirit Butterfly suddenly flapped her wings, generating a fearsome gale, causing Nine Tails’ pupils to shrink.


Because, in that very moment, the Spirit Butterfly actually seemed to merge into space, becoming illusory, much to Nine Tails’ astonishment.


“What’s this?” Astounded, Nine Tails’ face became even more serious.


“This is my ability—Dream, which allows me to blend in with space,” explaining, the Spirit Butterfly hovering in the air flapped her wings again, and thanked in gratitude, “Thank you.”


This immediately brought a frown on Nine Tails’ face, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you thanking me?”


“If you had attacked me in my moment of weakness, I would have been unable to resist,” explaining in a gentle voice, the Spirit Butterfly looked towards a corner of the valley, and offered, smiling, “As a reward, you are free to pick the Spirit Flowers in this valley.”


“Is that so?” Curling her lips slightly, Nine Tails suppressed her Spiritual Pressure and slowly stood up, earnestly introducing herself, “I come from Misty Mountains…”


As soon as she dropped these words, the Spirit Butterfly momentarily froze. Misty Mountains, these words were not something that could be lightly mentioned. It might not be that serious in the Human World, but in the World of Mutant Beasts, these words were completely forbidden.


In the World of Mutant Beasts, strength determined everything. However, the stronger one was, the more they understood the horror of Misty Mountains.


Several days ago, that terrifying pressure from Yu Zi Yu shook half the continent. Even now, the Spirit Butterfly couldn’t help but shudder everytime she recalled it. And if not for the stimulation brought by that terrifying pressure, she would never have made a breakthrough now.


*Haaa…* The Spirit Butterfly heaved a long, deep breath, but before she could respond, a voice rang in her ear, “I am here on behalf of the Lord of the Mist—Divine Tree, specifically to invite you to join Misty Mountains.”


“Uh…” Momentarily startled, the Spirit Butterfly failed to react immediately.


After waiting for a moment and seeing the expectant look in Nine Tails’ eyes, she smiled and stated, “It would be my pleasure.”


Saying so, the Spirit Butterfly flapped her wings, and silently landed on Nine Tails’ head.


“Fantastic.” Satisfied, Nine Tails smiled.

And this was the current deterrent of Misty Mountains.


Apart from the Mutant Beasts that had formed a small group, any Mutant Beast, once heard Misty Mountains’ name, would pause for a moment, and then choose to join after some consideration.


It was in the nature of Mutant Beasts to attach themselves to the strong. And immensely powerful entities like Divine Tree were even more worthy of being followed by a majority of Mutant Beasts.


Up to now, in addition to this Spirit Butterfly that has just become a Tier-3 Transcendent, many other Mutant Beasts with decent strength had chosen to join Misty Mountains.


Among them, there were three that were most noteworthy. One was the continuously mutating bee, who had already stepped into Tier-2, known as the Killer Bee. It was as fast as lightning, moving instantaneously. In terms of explosive speed, it even surpassed the Green Mantis.


And what was even more terrifying was its sting, which was quite deadly. Even Bull Demon cried out in agony when stung by it.


It was worth noting that among the Great Beasts, Bull Demon was particularly famous for his defense and staunch will. However, even with such resilience, after being stung by this Killer Bee, he couldn’t help but cry out in pain.


It stood as a testament of how terrifying the Killer Bee’s offense was.


Apart from the Killer Bee was a Black Cat who had taken on Human Form. She was a natural assassin, able to blend into the shadows. And even more terrifying was that seemed to be able to teleport.


As for the specifics, even Nine Tails was not too clear about. All she knew was that when Bull Demon brought her back, she was so severely injured that she fell into a coma.


And naturally, the third was this Spirit Butterfly.


Leaving aside everything else, just the fact that she had advanced to Tier-3 was enough to explain everything.


In this world, the strong were respected, and a Spirit Butterfly at Tier-3 had already earned the respect of Nine Tails.


“This era is really blessed with more and more terrifying Mutant Beasts.” A smile flashed on Nine Tails’ face.


Nine Tails didn’t mind the Spirit Butterfly landing on her head, she just lifted her feet instead, and slowly started making her way towards the outside of the valley.


Before long, much to the astonishment of the Spirit Butterfly, one powerful Mutant Beast after another entered her sight.


There was the Humanoid Bull Demon carrying a dreadful axe on his back, resembling a demon straight from Hell.


There was also a chubby figure wearing a bamboo hat, shrouded in a veil of mystery.


Of course, the most eye-catching one was still the Giant Elephant in the distance, resembling a small mountain, dragging many goods.


“So, this is the fighting force of Misty Mountains?” The Spirit Butterfly marveled in her mind, shocked.


Mutant Beasts as strong as Bull Demon and Brewmaster could easily rule over an area just by showing their faces, yet now, she found them in groups, much to her surprise.


“Eh…” The Spirit Butterfly was caught speechless, silently mourning for their enemies for a few seconds.


[Encountering them is nothing short of a tragedy. Fortunately, I’ve wisely joined them.]


Another thing that was worth mentioning was that it was not just Nine Tails who had advanced to Tier-3. Even Old Ninth – Brewmaster had silently advanced to Tier-3 in the past few days.


However, he had always maintained a low-key attitude, choosing to advance in some deep recess of a Spirit Stone Mine. As such, apart from Nine Tails who guarded him, no other Mutant Beasts knew about it.


Of course, another person had joined the list now, the Spirit Butterfly.


While she was a Tier-3 Transcendent, she was not adept at combat, but she did excel in other aspects. She could easily perceive how terrifying the chubby figure wearing a bamboo hat not far away was.



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