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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 488, The Plan of Taking Root in Space

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Translator:  Ashish

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Meanwhile, deep within Misty Mountains…


*Rooaar…* A Dragon’s roar reverberated as a dreadful pressure, belonging solely to the apex predator in the food chain, swept across the mountains.


Looking up, countless Mutant Beasts were taken aback at the sight of a Dragon, surrounded by purple electric arcs, hovering in the depths of the clouds.


A living and breathing Dragon.


It was young, but its Dragon Horns, its pair of wings that spanned over ten meters, and its tails, swaying time to time, releasing purple arcs, told the tales of its majesty loud and clear.


And this was the most mysterious Great Beast of Misty Mountains. It was also known as the ‘Purple Dragon,’ the Lightning Dragon,’ because whenever it traveled, it was accompanied by clouds and mist, with purple electric lights trailing behind.


At this moment…


*Rooaar…* A Dragon’s roar echoed across the sky as Little Tenth turned into a purple streak of lightning, plunging downward.


*Boom…* A deafening crash followed as the ground quaked for kilometers, kicking up a cloud of dust.


Looking towards the crash, one would also find a crater several tens of meters deep, which was quite surprising.


After all, Little Tenth had just reached Tier-1, and yet, just a dive was so strong that countless Mutant Beasts broke into a cold sweat.


However, right at that very moment, a neigh, resembling that of a warhorse, echoed through the sky as a strange beast in black coat, with a single horn on its head, rushed out from the cloud of dust.


It was galloping in the air, sending ripples through the air with each step.


It kept accelerating, galloping faster and faster, until it transformed into a black streak.


If one paid close attention to it, they would notice a faint electric glow entwining around its horn.


“Pierce it…” growling, the Dream Beast launched the most terrifying charge towards Little Tenth. Its speed was akin to a shooting star, causing even some Tier-2 Mutant Beasts to narrow their eyes.


The Dream Beast was the newest member to Misty Mountains with mysterious origins. Although it has just broken through to Tier-2, it was unfathomable to gauge its depth. 


Now, as it executed a full-force charge, raising such a fearsome storm that even the onlookers in the distance were almost knocked off their feet, it became evident how terrifying this creature was.


However, such a terrifying creature was actually exerting its full strength against Little Tenth, who was just a Tier-1 Transcendent but a legendary existence — a Lightning Dragon.




Swallowing their saliva in nervousness, countless Mutant Beasts seemed to understand why Little Tenth, who had only become a Tier-1 Transcendent, was recognized as the ‘Tenth Great Beast’ by the Divine Tree even before birth.


Meanwhile, at the sight of the rapidly approaching black streak, followed by an enormous storm, Little Tenth took a long, deep breath before grinning.


The next moment…


*Roar…* It gave out a roar as a dark purplish glow emerged from its throat, growing intenser by the moment.


“Hehe, you dare to come?” Even while in a state of roaring, Little Tenth still, via his psychic power, smirked playfully.


“Why wouldn’t I dare?” With a light laughter, the Dream Beast also raised its head and neighed.


And just in the next moment, with a deafening roar, a water bucket thick bolt of lightning, seemingly liquified, tore through the air, heading straight towards the Dream Beast.


However, with another thunderous clap, in the shocked gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, the thick purple lightning bolt momentarily came to a halt.


At a closer inspection, it was revealed to be splitting apart, and the thing tearing it apart was a horn emitting a blackish glow.


Then, an even louder and more majestic roar from the Dragon shook the sky, while the purple lightning beam tore through everything in its path, seemingly infused with an otherworldly power.


*Boom…* Followed by a thunderous boom, the purple lightning beam ripped a kilometer-long trench in the forest.


“I’m no match for you in terms of explosive power.” Amidst a voice filled with helplessness, a flicker flashed in the air.


Immediately after, a strange beast, resembling a warhorse but with a single horn, emerged out of thin air.


The Dream Beast was capable of stepping into the illusion and reality.


In the moment when Little Tenth’s Dragon Breath engulfed it, it opened a rift in space and entered a mysterious space, which even Yu Zi Yu couldn’t fully comprehend, in order to evade the terrifying power of the Dragon Breath.


“Hmph, I’m a Lightning Dragon…” Declaring in a proud voice, Little Tenth walked his way from a distance, sweating profusely.


He had no choice but to walk, rather even walking was somewhat difficult for Little Tenth, let alone flying. Challenging someone a Tier above was no joke.


Even though he was a member of a race that only existed in myths and legends, he still had to be on his toes when up against a Tier-2 Mutant Beast.


Legendary races demonstrated their overwhelming strength not in their youth, but in their adulthood.


When they grow into adolescents, or even adults, they will demonstrate their fearsome strength that could overpower their peers.


At this moment, he was still weak; it was difficult for him to truly unleash the power of the legendary Dragons.


Not to mention the fact that the Dream Beast itself was not an ordinary Tier-2 Transcendent.


If it were an ordinary Tier-2 Transcendent, with Little Tenth’s strength, perhaps his terrifying Dragon Breath could completely engulf it.


But the Dream Beast was different. It could travel between illusion and reality, which made it difficult to counter.


If it weren’t for its weakness in close combat, its potential would definitely raise a few points in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


And just at that moment, a voice suddenly rang in the air, “Come back.”


“Yes, Master,” responding in unison, both the Dream Beast and Little Tenth hurried towards the depths of Misty Mountains.



Shortly after, beneath a majestic Willow Tree that was obscuring the sky and covering the moon, the Dream Beast and Little Tenth bowed respectfully.


Not far from them, countless roots slowly interwoven into a figure of a young man.


“Not bad.” Satisfied, Yu Zi Yu calmly praised.


Despite no one coming out as a winner, Yu Zi Yu still managed to see a glimpse of the strength of both the Dream Beast and Little Tenth.


There was no denying the sheer power of the Dream Beast with mysterious origins and Little Tenth who possessed a powerful bloodline, enough to consider them invincible amongst their peers of the same Tier.


Furthermore, they would only become even more terrifying as they advanced further.


In fact, it could be said that thanks to his bloodline, Little Tenth becoming a Tier-4 Transcendent was set in stone.


It was just that he would require a long time for him to reach Tier-4. Speaking of length of time, it was not really that long.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimate, it was probably just a few decades. A few decades may not seem long, especially for Mutant Beasts with lifespans of several hundred years.


However, it had only been less than five years since the advent of the Era of Transcendence.


“Uh…” At the thought of this, all kinds of emotions surged in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, and he couldn’t help but mourn for Little Tenth for three seconds.


Little Tenth is truly born in the wrong era. In another era, he would have enough time to grow, but in this crazy era, it was simply not possible.


At least, given the speed at which most Mutant Beasts are evolving nowadays, there really won’t be much time for Little Tenth to evolve.


As for the Dream Beast, given his mysterious origins and remarkable talent, along with his ability to travel between the illusion and reality, he is more than able to ensure his survival, despite his lacking offensive abilities.


[He is worth cultivating.] With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze couldn’t help but flicker, looking at the Dream Beast.


Leaving aside other factors, just the mysterious space the Dream Beast was connected to made Yu Zi Yu a little curious.


If possible, Yu Zi Yu really wanted to go in and explore.


After all, it was time for him to consider how to take root in space.


Although the earth was good, for Yu Zi Yu, it was ultimately a constraint.


Compared to this, space was a very good choice.


At least, space was everywhere.



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