Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 49, Qing Er’s Transformation


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Almost there, almost there.”


Raising the angle of view higher, Yu Zi Yu looked toward the mist-covered ‘Hundred Thousand Mountains’ with deep anticipation. 


It was impossible for him to reach the Tier-3 Transcendent Realm in a short time.


After all, he was a tree, a supernatural being, walking an extremely tortuous path that required constant accumulation in all aspects.


In contrast, it was different for other Mutant Beasts.


At the end of the day, the possibility of an intellectually challenged wild beast undergoing insane evolution after encountering multiple fortuitous opportunities, ultimately gaining enough energy to forcefully break through to become a Tier-3 Transcendent, could not be ruled out.


Once such Tier-3 Transcendent was born, the conflict between Humans and Mutant Beasts would completely erupted.


That was when the true Era of Transcendents would have thoroughly descended.


Of course, such mutant beasts, even if they broke through to become a Tier-3 Transcendent, would be lacking in their foundation. Thus, they might leave behind fatal weakness or have short lifespans. Either way, they would have inevitably sacrificed something to barely fill the lacking energy they should have accumulated over time to evolve.


Such Mutant Beasts posed no threat to Yu Zi Yu, but to the Humans, they posed a tremendous danger.


That was why Yu Zi Yu was really looking forward to it. He eagerly anticipated the emergence of such a Catastrophe Class Mutant Beast. Because its existence would attract the attention of all the Humans in that short duration.


As the popular adage goes, ‘the bird in the lead always gets shot.’


If given a choice, Yu Zi Yu would rather not become the first Tier-3 Transcendent. After all, he believed that in the face of the entire Human race, even a Catastrophe Class Tier-3 Transcendent would fall and become their research subject.


As for how the Humans would notice the birth of a Tier-3 Transcendent, it was not that difficult to guess.


Yu Zi Yu’s Spiritual Energy fluctuations were detected by Humans when he was breaking through to become a Tier-1 Transcendent.


As for powerful fluctuations of millions of Spiritual Energy, as long as one was not a fool, they should be able to detect it. Therefore, the breakthrough of a Transcendent was truly dangerous, not only one would be facing divine punishment, but would also have to deal with the Humans.


Bitterly smiling, Yu Zi Yu also thought about his imminent breakthrough to Tier-2.


If he could not find a way to avoid the Humans’ Spiritual Energy detectors, it was highly likely that shortly after his breakthrough, a nuclear missile would fall down on his location.


Of course, ordinary Mutant Beasts did not need to worry about this. If they could not defeat the Humans, they could just run away.


As for him…


“Hehe…” Awkwardly laughing, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the depths of the earth.


After a moment, what came into his view was a huge net woven by his roots, stretching for kilometers, penetrating into rock crevices, and delving deep into the earth.


And this was Yu Zi Yu’s greatest trump card.


If push came to shove, he could instantly overturn several kilometers of land.


Even if he found himself in dire straits, Yu Zi Yu could use the main root that had plunged hundreds of meters deep into the earth as a medium to trigger the underground Spirit River, thus triggering an earthquake that would engulf countless mountains and even cities.


Of course, the consequences of doing so was that Yu Zi Yu would have also ended in a precarious state.


[My trump card, and a very terrifying one at that.] Yu Zi Yu estimated that its power was almost comparable to the full-powered strike of a Tier-2 Transcendent.


However, this was also Yu Zi Yu’s greatest constraint.


His roots were the very foundation of his sustenance.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu felt completely frustrated.


If he was a Mutant Beast, even if he was just an ordinary one, he would definitely be living more comfortably than he was right now.


Unlike now, where he constantly had to consider the danger of being discovered by the Humans.


“Ahem…” Clearing his throat, Yu Zi felt a little helpless. But before he could say anything, he was suddenly interrupted by a sudden voice from nearby.


“Master, do you like snow?” Looking toward the source of the voice, it was a long-haired girl standing quietly on the vast snowy ground.


She was dressed in red, her ethereal form resembling a ghost, and her beautiful eyes were gazing at the snow. At first glance, the red-clad figure, with her enchanting allure, was exuding an indescribable charm.


She was He Qing Er. She was at Tier-0 Level 9, just one step away from becoming a Tier-1 Transcendent.


Compared to before, her figure had become more solid, but within that solidity was a trace of ethereality, as if she could switch between corporeal and incorporeal form at will. Of course, the most important thing was that He Qing Er looked quite captivating right now.


Not only her figure, but also her temperament.


[‘From the north comes a ravishing maiden, 


Whose beauty stands alone. 


One look at her, cities fall, 


On the second glance, empires collapse.’ What a nice poem by Li Yannian.]


At the sight of her, Yu Zi Yu could not help but recall an excerpt of a poem.


“I don’t particularly like snow.” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu gazed at the distant girl, hesitated for a moment, before adding, “As a plant, I dislike the winter the most.”


“I guess, that’s also right.” He Qing Er slightly nodded her understanding. Then, a mischievous smile bloomed on her face before she lifted her red dress, and taking small steps, slowly approached Yu Zi Yu’s main body.


As usual, she gently stroked Yu Zi Yu’s rough trunk. There was an indescribably complex expression on her face.


Respect, admiration, longing, and…


Yu Zi Yu did not need to see more to tell what it was. It made him a little helpless.


It was not just him who had been growing over the past few months.


Even He Qing Er had been growing.


It was just that her growth was truly rapid, not only in terms of strength, but personality wise as well.


However, there was nothing he could do about it.


In the public, she was not called He Qing Er, but was referred to as He Ling Er, one of the most famous geniuses in various Spiritual Energy Research Institutes. She had become a Tier-0 Level 8 Superhuman at a tender age, making her one of the top experts among the Humans.


Some called her Flame Princess, while others called her Flame Queen.


Behind every title was the weight of being a genius.


As for her true self, she was just a Soul. In order to conceal her identity, she could only wear the mask of Ling Er.


[Once you wear a mask for too long, you can’t take it off… as a result, He Qing Er’s true personality had also been influenced, to the point she now possessed a strand of Human emotion.]


In other words, her thoughts had become more complex, and she now had her own opinions. Furthemore, these Human feelings appearing in a soul was inexplicably strange.


[Perhaps she regards me as her only pillar of support. As a result, her feelings toward me have become increasingly complicated, so complicated that even I can tell that it is odd.]




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