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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 491, Crusade on the Continents

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Combat might not be effective in improving the strength of other Mutant Beasts, but for creatures like Golden Ant, Thorns, Titan, and Flathead, battle was the fastest way to grow.


Bathing in blood, fighting on the edge of life and death. They were the only way to awaken the dormant potential in their bodies.


They were born for battle; they were true warriors. Such Mutant Beasts were not suitable for captivity, let alone for Yu Zi Yu to shelter them. They belonged to the vast battlefield, and what Yu Zi Yu could do for them was to relieve them of their worries out of the battlefield.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu calmly stated, “The day you left, although I was cultivating, my consciousness has been paying attention to everything happening around me. And now, you have proven your words with actions.”


At this point, Yu Zi Yu also affirmed, “You do indeed belong on the battlefield.”


“Master…” Calling out, Golden Ant clenched his fists tightly. At this moment, if one were to look closely at Golden Ant, they would surely notice that his golden scales were stained with a subtle sheen of dark red.


It was the residue of blood, a mark especially left when the blood in his body boiled and turned into mist every time he used Strength Boost.


However, this terrifying dark red sheen did not degrade Golden Ant’s aloof demeanor. Instead, it added a touch of chilling coldness to it. Especially now, when Golden Ant was exuding a terrifying aura.


Even Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but glance at Golden Ant a few times.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s rough estimate, his true combat strength should have reached the Fourth Order of Tier-2, also designated as the Apex Order. Furthermore, it might be even stronger than the average Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendents.


It was all because Golden Ant’s body had gradually adapted to his Unique Ability – Strength Boost. Now, he could withstand even more terrifying loads. He had even touched the threshold of the 4th Stage.


4th Stage, it might sound simple, but it held an indescribable terror. After all, Golden Ant’s strength far exceeded that of his peers. And thanks to continuous multiplication, he could now amplify his original terrifying strength by four times.


Golden Ant now possessed such terrifying power that let alone his peers, even Tier-3 Mutant Beasts, who were good at defense, had to think twice when facing him.


If they got punched by him, they would lose more than just a piece of flesh.


This was the true terror of Golden Ant.


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu looked at Golden Ant with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes.


[This little fella has really grown up.] Yu Zi Yu earnestly declared, “In the future, I will not restrict your freedom…”


Speaking of this, Yu Zi Yu glanced at the other Mutant Beasts whose eyes were also burning with passion and continued, “And even you guys… if you want to leave Misty Mountains, fight and bathe in blood, I will not stop you.”


However, at this point, Yu Zi Yu’s tone turned colder as he added, “But, as a consequence, even if you die fighting, I will not lift a finger.”


“Eh…” The Mutant Beasts were slightly taken aback by this revelation, and glanced at each other.


Moments later, as if understanding something, Golden Ant suddenly stepped out from the group and affirmed, “Master, please believe us, we will definitely not bring disgrace to Misty Mountains’ name.”


His declaration seemed to have struck a cord as voices echoed one after another, with Titan and Flathead being the most excited, “Master, please believe us, we will definitely not bring disgrace to Misty Mountains’ name.”


“Mhmm.” Yu Zi Yu nodded his acknowledgment, a bit satisfied with their attitude. He believed that this was for the best. If fighting could help them grow, then he could tolerate some inevitable sacrifices.


Be that as it may, he hoped that these sacrifices were limited to a small number.


At this moment, as if thinking of something, Golden Ant suddenly shouted loudly, “Master, please allow me to cross the continent and expand the territory of Misty Mountains.”


“Little Fifth!?” Muttering, Yu Zi Yu cast a complex gaze at Golden Ant. He naturally understood why Golden Ant made this choice: It would be really hard to engage in real battles on this continent.


Yu Zi Yu was so strong that the entire continent already revered him. Given such an entity backing him, the other Mutant Beasts would rather flee, let alone making a move on Golden Ant.


Outside, when Humans and Mutant Beasts would come to know that he was the Fifth Great Beast of Misty Mountains, they would ultimately choose to retreat. 


At least on the surface, very few Humans and Mutants Beasts would dare to offend Misty Mountains. However, it was different on another continent.


Although Yu Zi Yu was terrifying, his reputation had not yet reached the point of intimidating the entire world.


If Golden Ant crossed the ocean and waged battles on other continents, he would definitely have to walk over mountains of corpses and seas of blood. That would be the real test for him.


Except, this would be a dangerous choice.


Yu Zi Yu sighed in his heart, but he didn’t stop Golden Ant. [Little Fifth is extremely stubborn by nature. Since he is proposing this, he has already made up his mind.]


If Yu Zi Yu stopped him, Golden Ant would definitely stay on this continent out of respect for him. However, the already ignited fire of battle in his eyes would inevitably grow weak.


*Haaa…* Heaving a sigh, Yu Zi Yu declared with a nod, “I’ve already granted you freedom, you can do whatever you like.”


“Thank you, Master.” Gritting his teeth, the usually arrogant Golden Ant knelt down and lowered his proud head to the ground.


This was his choice, and it was not only for his sake but also for Yu Zi Yu’s sake.


Bravery and belligerence was in his nature. His path was destined to be a bloody one. Not to mention making enemies from around the world, even a couple of mountains would not be enough to bury those who would die under his fists.


His killing would definitely provoke public outrage. If he stayed on this continent, the entire Misty Mountain would bear the infamy because of him, which was something Golden Ant definitely didn’t want to see.


For this reason, leaving was Golden Ant’s inevitable choice.


However, it wasn’t a bad choice either.


The world had seven continents, and there was no end to those that bore the title – kings.


There were too many places in this vast world to conquer.


And he, Golden Ant, bearing the title ‘Fifth Great Beast of Misty Mountains,’ would walk through one unfamiliar continent after another. While he couldn’t guarantee anything, he dared to promise that even if he fought down to his last bit of strength, to the last drop of blood, he would not disgrace the name of Misty Mountains.



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