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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 492, Shattering Light in the Sky

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Since Golden Ant had made up his mind, Yu Zi Yu also chose to remain silent.


Fledgling would eventually have to leave the nest. Now that Golden Ant had grown, Yu Zi Yu naturally wouldn’t stop him.


However, just then, a long howl suddenly echoed across the sky. Countless Mutant Beasts immediately looked towards the sound, and spotted billowing waves of flames surging over at the horizon.


The flames were dark red in color, as if they came from straight from Hell, dyeing the world in a deep crimson hue.


*Howl…* Another gentle howl resounded as a huge Red Fox, covered in deep red flames, emerged from the sea of fire. 


She had a stunningly beautiful coat. Her eyes, as bright as rubies, shone like stars in the night sky.


However, that wasn’t the most eye-catching thing.


The most eye-catching things were the four enormously long tails swaying behind her, wrapped in deep red flames. Upon closer inspection, the countless flames in the sky seemed to be gushing out from her four tails.


The Flame Monarch– Nine Tails, an existence in Misty Mountains that couldn’t be ignored. She was another major figure of Misty Mountains after the Divine Tree and Ling Er.


Now, she has finally returned.


*Howl…* Nine Tails gave out another howl, shaking the sky. At the same time, amidst her howl, a basket-ball sized Butterfly, surrounded by a golden glow, flew out from Nine Tails’ head.


Everytime she flapped her wings, dazzling golden light cascaded down like waves.


At this moment, whether it was an illusion or something else, countless Mutant Beasts seemingly saw an angel.


An angel descending from the sky, illuminating the world.


It was none other than the Spirit Butterfly, who could weave the dreams.


“Welcome to Misty Mountains,” a faint voice echoed in the sky.


Amidst the bewildered gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, a black serpent-like branch, extended towards the Spirit Butterfly illuminating the sky.


“Divine Tree…” muttering, the golden butterfly gently landed on the branch extended by Yu Zi Yu amidst the golden light.


It immediately brought a smile to Yu Zi Yu’s lips. He was satisfied with her subtlety, at least she didn’t make him lose face.


Naturally, since she was strong, Yu Zi Yu would also give the appropriate amount of respect.


The next moment, Spiritual Energy surged with a deafening roar as glowing specks of green rose from the ground. And with golden specks raining down from the sky, against the backdrop of the sea of flames, a picturesque sight was painted.


Such a magnificent scene, not to mention ordinary Mutant Beasts, even major figures like Nine Tails couldn’t help but squint their eyes in marvel.


The welcoming ceremony was grand, and absolutely necessary.


After all, the Spirit Butterfly was a Tier-3 Transcendent. A creature of that level, even considering the entire continent, could be considered a peak powerhouse.


After all, most of the Ten Monstrosities that currently terrified the continent were only Tier-2s.


Of course, strength was just a partial factor in designating them as Monstrosities, the prime factor that played the biggest role was the harm they had caused to Humans.


If the Spirit Butterfly wiped out several Human cities, she too would join the ranks of Ten Monstrosities of the Continent the very next day. In fact, she would even be placed in the top five.



At this moment, Yu Zi Yu took a long, deep breath as his gaze fell upon the Spirit Butterfly.


She was just too beautiful. She was as beautiful as God. Take her current posture for instance, she looked like an angel coming down from the Heavens, radiating dreamlike glow.


Yu Zi Yu slightly narrowed his eyes as everything he wanted to know presented before him.


Race: Mutant Golden Kaiser-i-Hind

Rank: Tier-3

Innate Talent: Sky-Shattering Brilliance – She can emit a dazzling light that possesses unparalleled destructive power, capable of shattering the very sky.  

Unique Abilities: Dreamweaver – Dreams and reality have no difference for her. She could make the impossible possible by depicting reality in dreams, such as her body melting into space.

Butterfly Wings – As the highest-level wing scales, her wings are as sharp as blades of light.

Butterfly Storm – With a flap of her wings, she can stir up raging tempests that could destroy everything in their path.

Annihilation Beam – Gathering the rays of light in the surrounding, she can converge them into a beam that can annihilate everything.


After taking a thorough look, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but secretly praise.


As a Mutant Butterfly of Tier-3, she was indeed remarkable. Just her unique ability – Illusion, which granted her the ability to impossible possible, was enough to make her rule over a territory, not to mention her ability to emit a brilliant light that could shatter the very sky.


If such an existence was let loose on a battlefield, she would bring a catastrophe of immense proportions.


This was what a Tier-3 Transcendent was, also known as Catastrophe by the Humans.


Yet, much to countless Mutant Beasts’ bewilderment, such a powerful creature unexpectedly chose to join Misty Mountains.


The Mutant Beasts knew about her joining because at this moment, all Mutant Beasts heard a dreamy voice echoing in their minds, “I’ve long heard of the Divine Tree’s brilliance, and today, I’ve the honor to lay eyes upon it. I ask the Divine Tree to be merciful and not shut your doors for me.”


The voice was very light, giving a bewildering feeling as if it was coming from far away, but also close at hand. Be that as it may, the implicit meaning in her words were wide apparent to most ordinary Mutant Beasts, let along the Great Beasts.


“En.” Nodding his acknowledgment, the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips curved upwards.


Then, as if he had thought of something, with a single thought, the glowing green specks that had covered most of the sky converged, amidst the somewhat bewildered gazes of the Spirit Butterfly.


In a moment, the green specks turned into a torrent rushing into the Spirit Butterfly, causing a loud explosion, jolting her.


As the green specks slowly assimilated into her body, a unique aura emanated from her, sending the Mutant Beasts into euphoria.


This was the aura of the Divine Tree, and a sign used by Misty Mountains to identify companions.


Now, since the Spirit Butterfly was also exuding this aura, it naturally signified that she had truly joined Misty Mountains.


In light of this, it was not difficult to understand why each Mutant Beast was excited.


After all, any addition of a Tier-3 would significantly boost the standing of Misty Mountains in the world, especially now that Misty Mountains had more than one Tier-3.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to a nearby chubby figure, wearing a straw hat.



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