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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 493, Unbreakable Defense of Brewmaster

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“Tier-3, huh!?” Yu Zi Yu murmured to himself, gazing at Old Ninth, Brewmaster, with a hint of satisfaction.


Given his current strength, he could clearly sense the majestic Spiritual Energy within Brewmaster, as vast as sea.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s rough estimation, Brewmaster’s Spiritual Energy had already reached a staggering 1.4 million. The current Brewmaster, even when standing on the ground, had streams of yellowish-brown Energy flowing towards his feet.


This was what made Brewmaster  terrifying. As a creature capable of absorbing various types of Spiritual Energy and had been steadily amassing them over time, he finally underwent a qualitative change after advancing to Tier-3.


Not to mention standing on the ground, even standing on a glacier would result in a continuous influx of Ice-Attribute Spiritual Energy.


Whether it was earth, ice, lava, or even the lightning-filled sky… wherever he was, there would be a continuous and endless influx of Spiritual Energy surging into him.


He was always in a state of cultivation, every second and at every moment.


However, that wasn’t the terrifying part. The truly terrifying aspect was that Brewmaster’s resistance to the four elements had also reached a terrifying level.


It could be said that Brewmaster now was like a fortress wall. Even if he stood still, his defenses were not something ordinary Mutant Beasts could break through, Low-level Mutant Beasts were not even part of the equation.


As for Tier-3 Transcendents Like Nine Tails, her flames would be greatly weakened against Brewmaster.


In close combat, his stone skin and iron bones resulting from Brewmaster’s daily consumption of various minerals were enough to make one’s scalp tingle.


“Now, your defense should be unbreakable, right?” A faint voice suddenly echoed in Brewmaster’s mind.


In response, Brewmaster too lowered the straw hat and grinned. “I can’t say for other things, but my defense is indeed formidable.”


At this point, Brewmaster thumped his chest and confidently proclaimed, “As long as the Divine Tree does not act, the number of people who can harm can be counted on one hand.”


“Indeed.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu agreed.


When it came to defense, Brewmaster was even a level or two higher than Turtle-type Mutant Beasts of the same tier. Combined with his resistance to various elements, his terror was truly beyond words.


Although his Spiritual Energy was currently only a little over a million, it would be quite challenging to inflict any kind of injury on him even for Transcendents with Spiritual Energy reaching 4-5 million. The only beings that could pose a certain threat to Brewmaster were Anomalies like Ling Er and Aurora.


One could burn Soul with fire, while the other had formidable psychic power.


If Aurora could break through again and harness her terrifying mental power, she could go toe to toe with Brewmaster.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted again.


The next moment, a Five-Colored Spirit Flower, radiating all the worldly beauty, came into view.


“Are you about to break through?”


“Soon.” Aurora grinned, her voice carrying a hint of pride.


Unlike Mutant Beasts, and even Humans, the breakthrough of Mutant Plants was extraordinarily difficult. It was only because of Yu Zi Yu’s protection that Aurora could focus on cultivating without distractions. Otherwise, the harassment from Mutant Beasts and Humans alone would have been overwhelming.


“That’s great.” This immediately brought a smile on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, leaving him satisfied.


Aurora was a great help to him. If she could have another breakthrough, it would be even better for him.


However, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu also asked proactively, “How goes the offering?”


Yu Zi Yu’s inquiry immediately caused Aurora’s petals to tremble slightly. After a moment, she responded in a voice tinged with excitement, “You should praise me for this, Divine Tree.”


Stating this, she immediately continued with the report, “Up till now, 28 Superhumans have already signed a pact with Misty Mountains. Among them, one is an Apex Order Tier-2, the Iron Fist Tyrant, Benson. Additionally, there are six Third Order Tier-2 Superhamns. Apart from these, the rest are Second Order Tier-2s.”


“Twenty-eight, huh?” Hearing this, the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips rose into a smile, feeling satisfied.


With a slight curl of his lips, Yu Zi Yu seemed somewhat satisfied.


This was not a small number. With so many Superhumans joining them, the influence behind them would definitely not be ordinary.


Moreover, among them was also an Apex Order Tier-2.


At this moment, Aurora took the initiative to speak again, “Among these twenty-eight, eight are Chinese, and thirteen are Russians. This should be the effect of the Iron Fist Tyrant. As for the other seven, they’re either from the Alliance of South Eastern Nations or from some remote small nations…”


“Ah, yes. There’s one more thing worth mentioning. Most of these Superhumans have signed secret contracts with us… In this regard, it was kept secret because all countries were wary and strictly forbid their Superhumans from approaching Misty Mountains. But now, there is no need. I think it is because you broke through. After your breakthrough, this unwritten rule soon got lifted. As a result, Misty Mountains has seen a continuous influx of Superhumans.Just in these past two days, two Superhumans have chosen to offer sacrifices.”


After listening to Aurora’s consecutive reports, Yu Zi Yu gained a rough understanding. 


Previously, various countries were cautious of Misty Mountains. But now, with Yu Zi Yu’s breakthrough to Tier-4, his terrifying power was enough to suppress the entire continent. They couldn’t afford to be vigilant out in the open anymore.


In other words, it wasn’t that the unwritten rule was lifted, but rather, it became more deeply hidden.


However, no nation dared to openly oppose it. At least for now, no nation had the confidence to offend Misty Mountains.


Of course, this was only one reason.


Another reason was the recent Invasion of Sea Creatures had caused severe damage worldwide.


Not to mention small remote countries, even the almighty China was almost devastated.


According to reliable information from Ling Er’s side, the Invasion of Sea Creatures had affected dozens of Chinese cities, with several cities permanently razed to the ground. When the tide finally receded, all that was left in their places was nothing but wreckage.


This showed how terrifying the Sea Creatures Invasion was.


In the face of such a terrifying army knocking on their doors, China and other nations had no time on their hands to deal with other matters. As such, how could they take the risk of opposing certain Superhumans who wanted to approach Misty Mountains?


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu smiled and also suggested, “We can try to contact these Superhumans and encourage them to expand their influence more fiercely and quickly. If needed, Misty Mountains can also provide some assistance.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu also looked at the Nine Tails and instructed, “Nine Tails, I leave this matter to you. If the Superhumans who have signed contracts with us seek our assistance, you can send someone to provide them support. Make sure to stabilize their influence amongst the Humans as soon as possible.”


“Alright.” Nine Tails readily accepted the mission, grinning. [I guess Master is no longer satisfied with expanding his influence among Mutant Beasts alone.]



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