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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 494, Blood Red Willow Leaf

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Meanwhile, somewhere in the deep sea…


*Whoooaooaooaoo…* Amidst the mournful cries of Mutant Sea Creatures, a colossal Mutant Sea Creature fell with a deafening bang, giving out a low and weak cry, shaking the narrow sea trench.


“Wise One…”


“No, no…”


One after another, powerful Mutant Sea Creatures, far beyond the imagination of ordinary people, let out mournful cries.


Their Sage, hailed as the ‘most mysterious existence in the sea,’ actually fell.


However, what sent them into fury and despair was that his fall was not due to his life nearing its end.


Grinding their teeth tightly, each powerful Mutant Sea Creature stared blankly at the Sage’s forehead, inserted there was the crystalline Willow Leaf, vibrating. Surprisingly, it had now gained blood red color.


“Tree Monster, Tree Monster…” the proud Flood Dragon King among the six Kings of Sea Clans gathered here kept muttering, his face distorted in agony.


He had the closest and deepest relationship with the Sage. So, how could the sight of the Sage breathing his last right in front of him not send him into fury?


*Rooaar…* Burning with fury, even his Dragon Roar carried a hint of killing intent.


At this moment, as his eyes gazed upon the Blood Red Willow Leaf inserted into the Sage’s forehead vibrate continuously, the Flood Dragon King’s eyes flashed with a hint of savagery.


*Rooar…* Giving out a mournful cry, he slapped the water with his tails, shooting straight towards the Sage’s forehead.


But before he could get close to the Sage…


*Swoosh, swoosh…* One figure after another blocked his path.


“You’re trying to stop me!!?” In rage, the Flood Dragon King’s voice became colder and colder.


“We can’t afford to offend that Tree Monster,” a beautiful creature with the upper half of a Human and lower half of a fish gently persuaded.


Another massive creature beside her joined in, reminding, “Don’t forget what the Wise One said before he died.”


“The Wise One…” murmuring, the Flood Dragon King couldn’t help but recall the Sage’s instructions.


“First, unless you have reached Tier-3, never provoke that Tree Monster. It’s a monster you cannot afford to provoke.”


“Second, the invasion of the land should be temporarily halted. I was too hasty. Before invading the land, we should unify the sea first…”



The Sage’s words echoed faintly in his ears, twisting the Flood Dragon King’s face even further.


Faintly, one could see the struggle in the Flood Dragon King’s face.


Right at that very moment, a buzzing sound suddenly resonated in the ocean.


Looking toward the source, countless Mutant Sea Creatures noticed the Willow Leaf inserted in the center of the Sage’s forehead vibrating even more fiercely. It seemed to emit a terrifying suction force, causing their greatest Sage’s body to continuously shrink under its influence.


“Big Brother…” a shrill cry escaped the Flood Dragon King’s mouth, his eyes turning bloodshot.


Another roar, and the Flood Dragon King’s eyes were bloodshot.


Even the faces of the other Sea Kings around him were not looking good.


However, feeling the increasingly terrifying aura emanating from the Willow Leaf, and thinking of the Sage’s final instructions before his death, ‘Absolutely do not touch this leaf,’ each Sea King chose to remain silent.


Just at this moment, as if understanding something, the Flood Dragon King, filled with grief and indignation, looked up and howled to the sky, “Tree Monster! Only one of us can live under this sky!”


With these words, one of the most terrifying overlords in the deep sea, the Flood Dragon King, swiped his tail, rushing towards the even darker sea.


The place where the Flood Dragon King was heading to had a terrifying name.


The Dark Seas.


Just like the notorious Forbidden Zones on land, the Dark Seas was also a notorious place in the deep sea.


No one knew what was there. Even more so, no one knew how it came into being.


Still, all Mutant Sea Creatures knew that no Mutant Sea Creature had ever come out from there alive. Even their most enigmatic Sage had warned the Mutant Sea Creatures to not lightly venture into it.


However, this was the Flood Dragon King’s choice.


*Haaa…* Each Sea King heaved a sigh, staring blankly at the Flood Dragon King’s departing figure. 

However, just as the Flood Dragon King was about to disappear from everyone’s sight, his icy voice rang in everyone’s ears, “If I don’t come out in ten years, I request everyone to lend me a hand.”


“Naturally.” Nodding, the other Sea Kings promptly agreed.


As for stopping him, it was impossible.


Among the seven Sea Kings, except for the Sea Beast King, who was not present, the remaining six did have some friendship towards each other. Though, the only reason they stuck together was because they owed the Sage for everything he had done for them.


Now, for revenge, since the Flood Dragon King chose to venture into the Dark Seas, they would all support him.


After all, although the Dark Seas was terrifying, it depended on the individual.


For an existence like the Flood Dragon King, who stood at the forefront of the deep sea, the Dark Seas would at worst mean that he would only have a 10% survival chance. It was at least not certain death.


“Big Brother, if you don’t come out in ten years, your Sister will definitely bring a large army to help you.


After ten years, our Sea Clan will surely stir up a huge wave. Not to mention that Tree Monster, even the mainland will forever sink into the deep sea.”


Listening to the other five Sea Kings’ promises, a resolute expression flashed in the depths of the Flood Dragon King’s eyes.


Then, he declared in a cold voice, “When I break through to Tier-4, I will definitely have a showdown with that Tree Monster…”


Dropping these words, the Flood Dragon King swung his tail and transformed into a streak of dark light, shooting straight towards the Dark Sea, from where no Sea Creature had managed to come out.


Shortly after his departure, a sharp metallic cry, like that of a sword, echoed in this part of the sea.


Looking towards the source, the Mutant Sea Creatures found their respected Sage completely sucked dry by the Blood Red Willow Leaf, leaving a completely intact bag of skin.


“Wise One…” gnashing its teeth, the Mermaid Queen tightened her fists.


However, just at this moment, as if sensing something, the pupils of many powerful Mutant Sea Creature shrank.


Then, in their somewhat bewildered gazes, that Blood Red Willow Leaf seemingly came to life and suddenly rolled up the remaining skin of the Sea Clan Sage before shooting towards the sky, leaving a bloody red streak trailing behind.


“Wise One…”


“Damn it, you even refuse to let go of the Sage’s last remains!?”


The faces of each Sea King changed drastically, some couldn’t help but curse loudly. However, apart from an anguished look on their faces, these Sea Kings did nothing but watch the streak of blood light disappear into the sky.


It was because, in that instant, they all sensed a fearsome aura from it. One sharp enough to threaten their very existence.


If they did anything, they believed that the Willow Leaf, now sentient, would not hesitate to plunge into their bodies in an instant.


They couldn’t describe or explain it, but the Sea Kings could all sense the terrifying nature of that Blood Red Willow Leaf.


*Haaa…* The Mermaid Queen heaved a deep breath. At this moment, she finally understood why the Flood Dragon King left so resolutely.


It was not that he didn’t want to destroy this Willow Leaf, but he couldn’t.


At least, not at the moment.


Thinking of this, the Mermaid Queen also remembered what the Sage had warned them before his death, “The Tree Monster is a monster you cannot provoke.”


And indeed, they definitely couldn’t provoke it. Just a single Willow Leaf wielded such terrifying power. One could just imagine how terrifying the True Form of that Tree Monster must be.



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