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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 496, Silver Moon: Zang Feng

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Translator:  Ashish

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“Psychic Weapon…” murmuring, Yu Zi Yu once again sized up his Natal Willow Leaf that had already sunk into his body.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Yu Zi Yu…


In some city in Russia…


*Tap, tap, tap…* Amidst rapid running footsteps, a figure with long, silver-white hair had turned into a streak of black light, shuttling through the tops of skyscrapers.


Every leap, it crossed tens or even hundreds of meters, and upon landing, kicked the ground again, leaping towards another high-rise building.


Just right behind it, amidst successive swooshes, were countless figures chasing after it.


Among them, several people angrily roared, “Stop right there, you damned Otherkin! You bastards ought to be killed.”


“Hmph, Silver Moon, how dare you come to Russia and grab the Inborn Otherkin! You’re seeking death!”


As they angrily roared, a vague ethereal glow even appeared around these Humans.


This ethereal glow was the sign of transcendence.


Surprisingly, as many as dozens of Superhumans were in pursuit of an existence called ‘Silver Moon,’ five of whom happened to be Tier-2s.


All this, simply because Silver Moon was an Otherkin, a race that should be exterminated. Moreover, he even kidnapped an Inborn Otherkin born in this city.


Otherkins was an emerging race among the Humans. This race possessed physical qualities far beyond Humans, and more importantly, they possessed some features that did not belong to the Human Race.


Originally, these Otherkins were nothing more than subjects of an experiment conducted in China, and happened to be very small in number.


However, after some freak accident, the population of Otherkins unexpectedly kept increasing, to the point that they even formed a group and became a dark force lurking deep within Human society.


Yet, it was not that big of a deal. After all, their population was just that limited.


No matter how powerful they were, they couldn’t stir up much of a storm.


However, by chance, something unexpected occurred. Humans discovered a terrifying fact: Some individuals among them possessed ‘ancient bloodlines’ that had recently been awakened, granting them physical strength far surpassing that of normal Humans. What was even more alarming was that they appeared to inherit some kind of legacy, enabling them to rapidly enhance their strength. These Humans, whose ancient bloodlines became awakened, happened to have features of the Otherkins.


For example, not long ago, in a city, a Human grew bat wings and gained the ability to emit Ultrasonic Waves.


In another instance, a Human developed golden fur all over his body within the Alliance of South East Nations, looking like a Lion in Human skin.


All these people possessed astonishing talents and progressed extremely quickly.


What was unacceptable to Humans was that they actually called themselves Bat Clan, Lion Clan, and even harbored a vague hostility towards their own Humans.


In light of this, Humans naturally couldn’t forgive, or even tolerate them.


Facing subsequent awakening of Ancient Races, mankind lumped them together with the Otherkins, and even labeled them as ‘Inborn Otherkins,’ implying them to be natural Otherkins.


They even issued a directive to exterminate them the very moment any of them was discovered.


Of course, more often than not, they were taken to laboratories where inhumane experiments were conducted on them.


As the saying went, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ the infamous Dark Council, as the deepest darkness of the Human Race, the dark force led by the Otherkins, saved Inborn Otherkins when necessary. They would even absorbed them into the Dark Council to strengthen their ranks.


And now, one of the three bigshots of the Dark Council, Zang Feng, also known as ‘Silver Moon,’ had come to Russia for the purpose of bringing back a ‘Golden Lion’ who had awakened the ‘ancient bloodline’.


To be precise, it was a cute little kid with golden fur.


However, this one possessed fearsome talent.


At a young age, he already possessed strength far exceeding his peers, and could also give out a thunderous roar, echoing for kilometers.


If it weren’t for the golden fur, giving him the appearance of a Lion in Human Form, Humans wouldn’t believe him to be an Inborn Otherkin.


“Hmph…” Snorting in disdain, Zang Feng reached out for the Gorewolf Saber at his waist, sensing the Humans getting closer and closer.


This was the Demon Blade bestowed upon him by the Chairwoman of the Dark Council – Gorewolf, a blade that would require a blood sacrifice every time it was drawn.


However, Zang Feng didn’t like shedding blood and rarely drew this blade.


But now, sensing the relentless pursuit of the Humans behind him, Zang Feng had lost his patience.


*Haaa…* Zang Feng took a long, deep breath, as a moon symbol faintly appeared on his forehead.


However, even more eye-catching was the Demon Blade he was holding, which was now surrounded by a blood-red mist.


And within this blood mist, one could see a faint blood-red Wolf Head around Zang Feng’s right hand.


“It’s very quiet here, it’s a nice place for your grave.” Slowly putting down the little kid covered in golden fur, already unconscious, Zang Feng turned around.


“You finally decided to stop running, huh!?” Grinning, a Tier-2 Russian sneered.


[The infamous Silver Moon, huh! The sneaky bastard has always been lurking in some small countries.


Who would have thought that he would actually grow balls and come to Russia and even wants to take away this Inborn Otherkin, haaa!]


“Run? Why would I run?” With a rare laughter, the corner of Zang Feng’s lips rose into a smirk.


Then, much to the Russian Superhumans’ disbelief, a crisp cutting sound echoed before a bloodline appeared on the neck of the mocking Tier-2.


And at this moment, their attention was finally drawn to Silver Moon’s figure, which had materialized in front of the Tier-2 Russian out of thin air.


“If it weren’t for the Chairwoman telling me not to reveal too much of my strength, do you think you would still be alive?” Faintly chuckling, Zang Feng kicked the ground, creating a powerful shockwave, disrupting everyone’s sight, while his figure swished through the air.


However, the vigilant Russians were quick to spot his presence right before them, as a three-meter-long blood-red crescent hurtled in their direction.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a crisp impact, a Tier-2 Russian promptly raised his heavy hammer, blocking the incoming attack.


However, at this moment, the Tier-2 Russian’s expression suddenly changed drastically. Because, at the moment of impact, he was struck by a terrifying force.


“Too weak!” With a hint of a smile, Zang Feng exerted force again with his right wrist.


Suddenly, with a loud bang, the knees of the Tier-2 Russian wielding the heavy hammer buckled, much to the disbelief of Russians.


What they found even more horrifying was that cracks slowly began to appear on the heavy hammer, with a trace of blood appearing slowly on the forehead of this big man.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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