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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 497, The Third Round of Spiritual Energy Tide

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Amidst the greenish mist slowly rising from the ground, a cascade of moonlight silently poured down through the clouds, streaming into the depths of the forest like waterfalls, drawing a dreamy scene.


At this moment…


*Tap, tap, tap…* Accompanied by heavy footsteps, a figure with long, silver-white hair slowly emerged from the thin mist.


The long blade in his hand was still dripping with blood, and behind him lay a pile of corpses.


Under the moonlight, Zang Feng’s combat prowess was no less than that of an Apex Transcendent, an existence completely unmatched among peers of the same Tier.


So, naturally, a massacre awaited him.


At this moment, noticing the little kid with golden fur crawling up from the ground, Zang Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly and asked gently, “You’re awake?”


“En.”The little kid with golden fur nodded slightly with a smile.


Immediately after, his gaze turned colder, gazing at the pile of corpses behind Zang Feng, as he spoke in an ice-cold voice, “If my powers have fully awakened, I alone could have slaughtered them all.”


“…” Zang Feng didn’t justify it with an answer, and maintained a calm, stoic face.


At this moment, seemingly noticing Zang Feng’s expression, the little kid pouted and muttered, as if sulking, “I have the bloodline of the Golden Lion. This is a higher-order bloodline among the Ancient Lion Clan…”


“Higher-order bloodline, huh…” Muttering softly, Zang Feng’s gaze also flickered with contemplation.


[Indeed, compared to those who awakened the same bloodline, this little kid is on a completely different level. His fur is dazzling and golden, and there is a hazy golden halo around him, like a sun.] Feeling the power flowing within the furry kid, Zang Feng’s eyes narrowed even more.


“The bloodline of these Inborn Otherkins is also divided into grades?” Sighing inwardly, Zang Feng slowly started walking towards the little kid.



Meanwhile, in the depths of Misty Mountains, stood a figure under a colossal Tree, and right behind him was a Golden Monkey, standing quietly.


However, if one were to look into the depths of Golden Monkey’s eyes at this moment, they would surely notice deep complexity, as well as a hint of reverence hidden beneath it.


“Master, congratulations on your breakthrough to Tier-4…” Golden Monkey congratulated earnestly in a calm voice.


“En.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu’s Humanoid Figure, woven from countless rootlets, also turned around, glancing deeply at Golden Monkey.


Golden Monkey was one of the Three War Generals under Yu Zi Yu’s command.


His skin was as tough as bronze, his bones as sturdy as iron. He was impervious to swords and spears, and his origins were shrouded in mystery.


During the time Yu Zi Yu had not seen him, he had already reached Tier-3. 


It was really incomprehensible, but it was the truth.


Thanks to the ancient legacy he possessed, he had already broken through, unbeknownst to everyone.


There was no denying that it gave Yu Zi Yu quite a surprise.


At this moment, Golden Monkey took the initiative and spoke, “Master, if my guess is correct, the Myriad Races are set to return.”


“The Myriad Races are about to return!?” Muttering, Yu Zi Yu also became pensive. He was naturally familiar with the Myriad Races. The Human Race was also one of the Myriad Races. Their so-called return referred to their various means left behind by them in the previous era, set to resurface in this current era.


The recent onslaught of the Seven Sea Kings must be also because they had obtained some inheritance of the Sea Clan of the previous era. In other words, they could be called the original Sea Clan.


And then, Golden Monkey claimed to have awakened Ancient Wisdom, which makes him a member of the Monkey Clan.


“Can you elaborate?” After a moment of contemplation, Yu Zi Yu asked proactively.


“Sure.” Nodding, Golden Monkey recalled his recent observations before explaining, 


“The methods of the Myriad Races’ return vary. However, in this emerging world, the safest and most guaranteed method should be bloodline awakening. The awakened bloodline carries their respective inheritance. After receiving the inheritance, and properly cultivating according to it, one would undergo continuous metamorphosis, ultimately transforming into a true member of that particular clan.”


Yu Zi Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but become pensive after this revelation.


‘Another inheritance…’ Sighing inwardly, Yu Zi Yu also felt somewhat helpless.


Such methods were indeed safe and secure.


Had Golden Monkey not revealed it to him, Yu Zi Yu wouldn’t have known about his inheritance from the previous era.


Such inheritances could provide a huge assistance on the path of cultivation. At least, the way ahead was clear and secure.


However, at this moment, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu asked again, “Why are the Myriad Races returning now?”


Yu Zi Yu was a bit confused about this. Not only was Golden Monkey reminding him, but even Ling Er’s message had mentioned the frequent appearances of ‘Inborn Otherkins’ recently.


“Well…” Momentarily taken aback, Golden Monkey raised his head and cast a deep glance at Yu Zi Yu.


Then, he seemed to have made a decision and answered in a firm voice, “If I’m not mistaken, the third round of the Spiritual Energy Tide is approaching.”


“The third round of Spiritual Energy Tide!?” This revelation brought a slight change in Yu Zi Yu’s expression.


The Spiritual Energy Tide was no trivial matter. When the second round of the Spiritual Energy Tide swept through the world, everyone and everything underwent a rapid evolution.


It could be said that a Spiritual Energy Tide had pushed the world’s evolution forward by decades.


Yet now, another round of Spiritual Energy Tide was set to arrive.


*Haaa…* Taking a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu suppressed his astonishment and asked, “Before the arrival of the second round of the Spiritual Energy Tide, there had been vague predictions among the Humans. So, why is it that there is no such thing this time?”


Back then, before the arrival of the second round of the Spiritual Energy Tide, many Human Scientists proposed the ‘Theory of the Spiritual Energy Tide.’ Some even proposed the ‘Theory of Eras.’It was precisely because of this that Yu Zi Yu confirmed the existence of the previous era.


So the lack of any news among Humans about the third round of the Spiritual Energy Tide set to arrive raised questions in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, [How is it possible that Humans haven’t received any information?]


After all, in terms of information, Humans should be the most informed.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s query surprisingly made Golden Monkey sigh, before replying, “This is just my speculation. Those guys wouldn’t have risked returning at this time if it weren’t for the arrival of the third round of the Spiritual Energy Tide.”


“Master, the Spiritual Energy Tide is the greatest opportunity in this world. If they miss this opportunity again, even if they return, it will be difficult for them to catch up with our cultivation speed.” Speaking of this, Golden Monkey sighed with emotions as he continued, “In this emerging new world, cultivation is a matter of chasing and being chased… Master, you are already at Tier-4, far surpassing everyone else. If they don’t return now, and wait for you to experience the third round of the Spiritual Energy Tide, which would allow your strength to further evolve, everything would be set. They would have no chance to stand against you. Though, even if they return, they will likely find it difficult to shake your existence.”


“In other words, rather than them actively choosing to return, it’s more like your breakthrough, along with the arrival of the Spiritual Energy Tide, is forcing them to come back. They are in fear. Afraid more than anything of you achieving enlightenment ahead of them.”



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