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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 499, The Terrifying Misty Mountains

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Deep within Misty Mountains…


On a strange rock, White Tiger unleashed a thunderous roar, while opposite him, Purple Dragon lay quietly on a giant rock, wings folded.


White Tiger on the left, Purple Dragon on the right.


The might of these two beasts was unquestionable.


Not to mention the other Mutant Beasts; even Great Beasts looked upon the Tiger and Dragon with vigilance.


Even lying down, the aura radiating from them made the air heavy. There was no denying that among the all beasts, the Dragon and Tiger were truly terrifying.


At this moment, accompanied by fearsome tremors, the Towering Tree trunk behind  White Tiger and Lightning Dragon grew thicker and taller by the moment.


In just a moment, a Towering Tree that blanketed the entire sky, with a crown that could overshadow half a city, was imprinted in the eyes of countless Mutant Beasts.


“We pay our respects to the Divine Tree…”


“We pay our respects to the Divine Tree…”


Amidst unanimous greetings, countless Mutant Beasts respectfully lowered their heads.


“En.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze on the Great Beasts standing in the forefront of the crowd of the beasts.


At this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, Nine Tails smiled and slowly approached.


After a moment, amidst the astonished gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, she transformed into a streak of flame, shooting towards Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body.


Immediately after, the earth shook fiercely with a sudden boom.


Looking up, the Mutant Beasts saw Bull Demon, who had the body of a Human and the head of a Bull, put down his axe and began to slowly approach Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body.


Not only Nine Tails and Bull Demon.


White Tiger, Thorns, and the other Great Beasts with renowned reputations in Misty Mountains and even the entire continent approached Yu Zi Yu.


Among these Great Beasts, even the Atavistic Great Beasts like Sarcosuchus and Titan, after much deliberation, slowly approached Yu Zi Yu.


Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, with a canopy large enough to cover half a city, was immense beyond people’s imagination.


Now that Yu Zi Yu had unleashed his Tree Body to its full size, all the Mutant Beasts felt as if the sky had darkened.


Even Sarcosuchus, whose body already spanned over 100 meters, striding towards Yu Zi Yu looked like an Ant before Yu Zi Yu.


*Boom, Boom, Boom…* Amidst fearsome tremors, the Great Beasts climbed up Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, taking an entire branch for themselves.


What was even more astonishing was that each branch displayed a different environment.


The branch on which Nine Tails lay turned as red as fire, with tongues of flames flickering across it every now and then.


The branch on which Lightning Dragon lay had turned silver-blue, with tiny lightning arcs streaking across it.


“Nowadays, I’ll take root deep in Misty Mountains. If you are willing, you can cultivate beside my main body,” a faint voice echoed in the air, but it made many Mutant Beasts’ eyes fill with ecstasy.


However, at this moment, a Tier-1 Mutant Black Rat from the Mutant Rat Clan suddenly asked nervously, gazing at the Great Beasts on Yu Zi Yu’s branches pretending to sleep, “Divine Tree, can someone like me also?”


“Yes, you can!” Yu Zi Yu nodded with a smile.


However, at this moment, as if having thought of something, Yu Zi Yu also cautioned, “Remember, the Spiritual Energy I breathe out is vast and majestic. If you cannot bear it, do not try to force yourself.”


At these words, many Mutant Beasts were suddenly overjoyed. Immediately after, they all bowed in unison, and thanked, “Thank you for your mercy, Divine Tree…”


“En…” Yu Zi Yu smiled and didn’t mind it much


It was an impromptu idea.


Like the legendary World Tree that supported the entire world, although he couldn’t support the entire world, supporting a city was not a big problem.


The premise for this was that the Mutant Beasts would surround him and even reside on Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body.


For many Mutant Beasts, this was an extraordinary opportunity. Not to mention other benefits, at least the cultivation speed around Yu Zi Yu would be several times faster.


For beasts like the Nine Great Beasts who would reside on Yu Zi Yu’s branches, their cultivation speed would be even more astonishing than the ones living around him.


Furthermore, long-term cultivation around Yu Zi Yu would also increase the cohesion of Misty Mountains, and to a certain extent, it would make many Mutant Beasts even more loyal to Yu Zi Yu.


The price Yu Zi Yu paid for this was just letting the Mutant Beasts live closer to him, which he was already accustomed to.


The Peregrine Falcons and Inferno Birds were the prime example. They had long since taken root in Yu Zi Yu’s canopy. And by now, all of them had broken through to Tier-2.


“Simply allowing the Mutant Beasts to reside nearby will substantially increase the combat power of Misty Mountains. This is something that only I can achieve,” marveling in his mind, Yu Zi Yu felt somewhat proud.


However, this was only for the short term. Yu Zi Yu couldn’t stay rooted in one place for a long time… If it weren’t for Yu Zi Yu’s recent plan to settle down, he wouldn’t have made such a choice.


At this moment, looking down, seeing the countless beasts below stretching out like a sea, numbering in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, Yu Zi Yu decided to address today’s main agenda, “Misty Mountains is now flourishing day by day. We’ve no fewer than twenty major and minor Clans. Among them, the Rat Clan alone has over 300,000 members…”


“The number of our Tier-2s has crossed 100, and Tier-2s like Snake Queen, Bull Demon, Golden Ant, Little White, Aurora, Dark King constituted the strongest Tier-2s, having reached Fourth Order.” 


“As for the Nine Tails, Brewmaster, Spirit Butterfly, as well as…”


Simply pointing out Misty Mountains’ current strength, Yu Zi Yu’s voice became increasingly high-pitched.


Many Mutant Beasts couldn’t help but lift their heads, excitedly looking at the Towering Tree.


This was the current Misty Mountains, the strongest force on the entire continent, no, even in the entire world.


No else could stand on par with them.


They alone have a couple Tier-3 Transcendents, not to mention the huge number of Tier-2s.


But most importantly, they had the Divine Tree, the strongest entity in the world, also known as the Number One Monstrosity of the Continent.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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