Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 5, Humans!?


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Amused, looking at the Peregrine Falcons with their mouths opened in unison, Yu Zi Yu suddenly flipped over the ground with one of his branches, digging up half of a rabbit’s corpse.


This rabbit was hunted yesterday, which he had buried in the soil for his own sustenance. Naturally, some of its leftovers were food for these little ones.


Swinging the branch a few times, he divided the rabbit into several small pieces, and then carefully fed them into the eyasses’ mouths, one by one.


“The way they eat is really unsightly. “ Yu Zi Yu complained, looking at the eyasses wolfing down the pieces of meat. Afterward, he drove the branch toward the eyasses and started stroking them.


Perhaps because they had gone accustomed to this, the eyasses chose to ignore his teasing. Some even squinted their eyes as if they were enjoying this.


“Oh my…” Yu Zi Yu laughed it off. He did not mind it either and continued to stroke their newborn feathers.



Meanwhile, not too far away from the canyon, completely out of Yu Zi Yu’s notice…


*Step, Step, Step*


Two figures were approaching toward the depths of the forest. 


They were two pheasant girls. They were wearing rough linen clothes, but they happened to be quite pretty. If they dolled themselves a little, wore something better, they would probably attract a lot of people’s eyes. After all, these two happened to be identical twins.


“Sis, what’s going on these days? In the village, we’re not even allowed to enter the mountains anymore. “


“Sigh, it’s probably because something has been going on in the mountains lately. In just half a month, 7-8 people have been bitten by snakes and insects, and are lying in the bed now. On top of that, one person has also gone missing. “


When mentioning this, one of the more quiet and gentler girls sighed helplessly.




Looking stunned, the other girl immediately stopped in her place.


Then, she looked again deeper into the forest with hesitation as she apprehensively stated,


“So, am I a bad sister to encourage you to come here? “


“Don’t be stupid, Ling’er, what’s bad about it? “


Saying so, He Qing Er could not help but complain, “It’s summer, and if I don’t take a proper bath, I’m afraid I’ll stink. Furthermore…”


After a pause, He Qing Er, who also happened to be the older sister, also looked deep into the woods, hesitatingly assuring herself and her sister, “It should be…fine, after all, we’ve come here so many times already. “


“I guess you’re right, it’s not like there are any powerful beasts here. “


With a playful smile, her younger sister, He Ling Er grabbed her sister’s hand and started heading toward the forest.


Even so, the faces of He Qing Er and He Ling Er turned more and more quizzical as they headed deeper into the forest.


“Sis, do you think that the forest was this dense when we came here last time? “


“No, it was not, it’s dark, and weirdly scary. “


Looking at the dense forest, where not even a few rays of light could make its way through their foliage, He Ling Er could not help but be flustered. However, that was all she was, flustered, nothing else. After all, they had grown up in these mountains.


Gritting their teeth, they searched for the familiar trail and headed deeper, quicking their pace.


In a short while, the two had crossed a small hill, and when they caught sight of a pool not too far away from them, a smile immediately bloomed on their faces.


This pool was quite clear and clean, so clean that the two fatigued twins were clearly reflected in it.



Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu, who was teasing the brood of Peregrine Falcons, was suddenly shocked.


He was taken aback by the fact that he was hearing human voices.


Furthermore, they were female voices.


Yu Zi Yu was a little puzzled, and promptly looked in the direction where the voices were coming from.


For a moment… Yu Zi Yu could not help but be stupefied.


“Eh, what kind of curtain opener is this? “


Looking down from high above, he actually saw two figures forlicking in a small pool of water hundreds of meters away.


Currently, hundreds of meters was not that far away for him. His excellent eyesight even let him see it even more clearly.


“Well, these two are quite gorgeous. “ After a moment of hesitation, he just passed a comment, but nothing more.


What else could he say? He could not go forward and greet them, could he? 


As a tree, the most he could do was bind…


Furthermore, humans would be troublesome. Until now, he had never even considered how to get along with them.


As the adage goes, the people of a different race or ethnicity could not be trusted.


And Humans… were pretty complex creatures.


If he was down on his luck and ran into some Human extremists, a Tree Monster like him would probably be sliced open and studied.


And that was a risk he did not dare to take.


After having thought of this, he also gave up on the notion of taking the initiative to come into contact with these two women.


He decided to keep a low profile until he had the ability to protect himself.




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