Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 50, Emergence of Spirit Stone Mine


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Qing Er, is there anything significant happening among the Humans lately?” Finding the atmosphere to be a bit awkward, Yu Zi Yu had to change the subject.


“Significant events!?“ Holding her chin delicately, Qing Er leaned against the rough tree trunk, seemingly pondering.


After a moment, her gaze flickered slightly, as if she had remembered something, as she responded, “Apparently, a natural Spirit Stone Mine has recently appeared in the northwest. More than a dozen Spiritual Energy Research Institutes are fiercely competing for it. “


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu was stupefied, unable to immediately react.


[Spirit Stone Mine?] 


Sensing Yu Zi Yu’s stupefaction, Qing Er explained, “Spirit Stones are special minerals that contain a large amount of Spiritual Energy. The Spiritual Energy in these stones is extremely pure and can be directly absorbed. It is one of the few substances discovered by the Humans that can accelerate cultivation. “


“Moreover, according to experts’ speculation, the emergence of the Spirit Stone Mine will enable Humans to catch up with other Transcendents in evolution within a short period of time. “


Listening to Qing Er’s explanation, Yu Zi Yu’s branches could not help but tremble slightly.


Deep within, he felt as if tens of thousands of horses were running wild in his heart.


[Damn it! are you fucking kidding me!? Doesn’t this mean that the biggest advantage of being a Transcendent is gone?]


Although he always knew that Humans would find a way to catch up with other constantly evolving Transcendents, when he heard it first hand, Yu Zi Yu was still flabbergasted. News of this came too suddenly. So sudden that Yu Zi Yu was caught off guard.


He had planned to display his might to the Humans and set his prestige after reaching Tier-3. But unexpectedly, Qing Er had suddenly given him a huge blow.


“This is a big problem.“ Feeling a surge of frustration, Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath.


However, it seemed that Qing Er had noticed Yu Zi Yu’s nervousness, and comforted him, “Master, these are just experts’ analysis, it’s not set in stone. “


“I already feel like it’s an ironclad fact. “ Yu Zi Yu casually stated. In his heart, he was more and more convinced. If even his roots could absorb the underground Spirit River, how could the Humans not be able to absorb the pure Spiritual Energy contained in the Spirit Stone Mine?


This reminded Yu Zi Yu of some ancient cultivation legends.


In those legends, Humans were also inferior in innate talent compared to other races, but had ultimately achieved dominance in the world by cultivating with the help of Spirit Stone Mines and other spiritual resources.


Currently, the Humans were in the very same situation. They had inferior innate talent compared to animals and plants. Yet, they had also discovered minerals containing Spiritual Energy.


[Damn it! the situation fell apart in a heartbeat!] While unable to hold himself from cursing, Yu Zi Yu actively tried to suppress the restlessness growing within him.


Being impatient would not help him in anything. For now, all he could do was wait. However, while waiting, he also needed to make some preparations.


Only those who could adapt to every-changing circumstance go higher in life. What should remain unchanged was the will to grow stronger.


Yu Zi Yu realized that he needed to speed up the progress in all aspects.


Having made up his mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted toward the sky.


*Screech! Screech!* One after another, eight streaks of light swished through across the sky from a distance, resembling arrows fired from a bow.


Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that they were eight Peregrine Falcons, each the size of fist.


[Fal I, Fal II, Fal III…]


The eight initial pets that were raised by Yu Zi Yu.


However, unlike other Mutant Beasts that increased in size along with their strength, these eight little ones actually grew smaller as they grew stronger and stronger.


[Concentration is the essence, huh!?] Yu Zi Yu smiled in his heart, finding it amusing.


Of course, even if their size had decreased, their formidable nature could not be ignored.


At present, all of them had already reached Tier-0 Level 7.


Their shiny black wings shook slightly, sweeping away the snow like a gust of wind.


What was even more astonishing was that when they dived, they would fold their wings to their sides, and transform into a black lightning bolt.


*Slash* In an instant, they skimmed past a knife-like cliff, leaving behind bottomless gullies.


“These guys are becoming more and more like rulers of the sky.” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes shone brightly.


The Peregrine Falcons were his eyes in the sky, currently the only means by which Yu Zi Yu could control the sky.


With the combined strength of these eight little ones, and the assistance of the White Crane, who had now reached Tier-0 Level 6, they truly dominate the sky over the misty mountains.


So far, no avian creature in the mountains shrouded in mist dared to challenge their supremacy.


If it were in the past, Yu Zi Yu would have been satisfied. But now, upon suddenly learning that humans could accelerate their cultivation with the help of Spirit Stone Mine, Yu Zi Yu became a little restless.


“Haaaaa….” Exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu looked at the eight Peregrine Falcons gliding through the sky, then shifted his gaze.


After a while, a lake appeared in his vision.


This lake was built by Yu Zi Yu, and could effectively accelerate the cultivation of the Mutant Beasts under his command.


Currently, a White Crane was lightly tapping the surface of the water at the center of the lake. It spread its wings, stretched its neck, and sprayed jets of water, which fell on the calm lake reflecting White Crane’s image, creating ripples after ripples.


This was the cleanest and most aloof pet under Yu Zi Yu’s command, the White Crane.


Race: Mutant White Crane

Rank: Tier-0 Level 6

Innate Talent: Crane’s Cry – A sharp cry capable of piercing through metal and splitting the rock, tearing through the air.

Unique Abilities: White Crane Spread its Wings – Its wings are like blades, capable of cutting through most substances…


It was another formidable pet.


However, in actual combat, even if it risked its life, it could not defeat a Peregrine Falcon.


As the creatures standing at the top of the food chain, the Peregrine Falcons had taught the White Crane to conduct itself more than once. It was also this reason that the White Crane had obediently submitted to Yu Zi Yu, seeking his so-called protection.


“It’s time to send them out on a hunt. “


With a thought, Yu Zi Yu transmitted some information to their minds through his branches.




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