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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 501, Born Weaponsmith

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The public arrangements were soon concluded.


Each of the Great Beasts had their own responsibilities, and the Left and Right Guardians were tasked with helping them when needed.


It could be said that the power structure of the entire Misty Mountains had been established.


Having finished designating the duties, Yu Zi Yu glanced at the sea of Mutant Beasts and ordered, “You may withdraw.”


Immediately afterward, the Mutant Beasts retreated like a tide.


“Master, aren’t you going to declare the founding of the kingdom?” Suddenly, Nine Tails, lying on a branch, reminded Yu Zi Yu.


“Not so fast.” Shaking his head, Yu Zi Yu cast a deep glance in the direction of the retreating Mutant Beasts and explained, “I just noticed many unfamiliar figures among the crowd.”


Speaking of this, Yu Zi Yu heaved a sigh and added, “Before founding the Monster Kingdom, I hope to truly mold Misty Mountains into a tight-knit bucket, with no distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us.’ Right now, the most important thing is to make these Clans adapt to our presence and obey our orders.”


Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s explanation, Nine Tails couldn’t help but narrow her eyes pensively.


After a moment of contemplation, Nine Tails also realized the reasoning behind Yu Zi Yu’s decision.


[Indeed, compared to founding a country, uniting Misty Mountains takes precedence. The recent rapid expansion of Misty Mountains has led to a surge in our numbers by several hundred thousand. If we fail to win their loyalty and trust in due time, the endeavor to establish a country would be futile. Master intends to wait a while longer, allowing the newly joined Mutant Beasts to acclimate to Misty Mountains and develop a true sense of belonging before proceeding with the establishment of a country.]


[With Misty Mountains unified, the transition to a kingdom will be seamless, requiring only a change in title rather than a complete overhaul. For now, our focus lies on making final preparations for the establishment of the country: managing laws, overseeing the prison, and ensuring smooth internal and external operations. Although Master has not explicitly mentioned the establishment of a country, the groundwork has already begun in practice. Once this system has fully matured, the time will be ripe for the founding of our kingdom.]


With a smile, Nine Tails looked at Yu Zi Yu, her eyes showing a hint of understanding. [As expected of Master, his decisiveness in handling the overall situation is something rare among ordinary people.]



At this moment, after dispersing the tides of beasts, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze to the Great Beasts who had not yet left.


In addition to the Great Beasts, core members of Misty Mountains such as Qing Gang, Snake Queen, and Little White were also present.


“Now that I’ve taken care of the public arrangements, let’s move on to the covert arrangements,” saying this, Yu Zi Yu turned his attention to Golden Ant, who was standing not far away with his arms crossed.


“Little Fifth, if you intend to go to other continents, I won’t stop you. However, you must pay attention to your own safety.”


“Yes, Master.” Nodding, the usually cold and stern Golden Ant also grinned.


It was only in the presence of Yu Zi Yu that he would wear such a smile. Even before the Eldest Sister—Nine Tails—or the Second Brother—Bull Demon, and other Great Beasts, he never put on a facade.


After briefly instructing Little Fifth, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze to Old Ninth.


At this moment, sensing Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, Brewmaster immediately lifted his hat, revealing his seemingly innocent-looking face.


“Divine Tree, if there’s anything you want me to do, just say it.”


“Hmmm.” Nodding with a smile, Yu Zi Yu didn’t hesitate, and straightforwardly stated, “I would like to appoint you as the Chief Blacksmith of Misty Mountains. You’ll be responsible for crafting weapons and even armor for the elites of our Misty Mountains.”


Speaking of this, Yu Zi Yu was struck with an idea.


Moments later, accompanied by thunderous crash, countless strange objects fell from the depths of Yu Zi Yu’s canopy. One of them looked like a pitch-black turtle shell, but it happened to have the size of a football field, and was covered in spikes.


This was the shell of a Tier-3 Mutant Sea Beast, a Tier-3 material.


Apart from this turtle shell, another object among these strange things that caught everyone’s attention was a cloth-like beast skin that spanned across the sky.


At the sight of this beast skin, not only White Tiger and other Mutant Beasts but even Nine Tails and Brewmaster, who had reached Tier-3, couldn’t help but have their pupils shrink. It was because they felt an ancient and profound aura permeating the air at this moment.


It was indescribably vast and majestic, and carried a kind of indescribable terror.


Vaguely, they all saw a Mutant Whale, the size of a continent, slowly approaching them, giving out a long and desolate song.


“What’s this?” Furrowing his brows, Brewmaster looked at the spanning beast skin with a rare hint of excitement in his eyes.


“It’s the remains of the most enigmatic Sage of the Sea Clan…” Giving this short explanation, when Yu Zi Yu found Brewmaster still puzzled, he elaborated, “Not long ago, when I had a breakthrough, this powerful being tried to challenge me. Though, he got annihilated under my Natal Flying Blade, leaving only this piece of skin behind.”


At this point, Yu Zi Yu dropped a sentence that left Brewmaster ecstatic. “If my estimation is correct, this should be a Top-Grade Tier-3 material. Not only can it gather a large amount of Spiritual Energy, but it also has unparalleled defense. Even without any kind of tempering, it can be used to make excellent defensive articles.”


This revelation caused Brewmaster to furrow even more.


However, after a moment, as if unable to contain himself, Brewmaster rubbed his hands, slowly approached the falling beast skin with some hesitation.


“Divine Tree… I’ve never used such top-grade material before. Don’t blame me if I fail to make the best use of it.”


He might have said this, but Brewmaster’s gaze when looking at this beast skin was filled with passion, and his movements were incredibly swift. With a swipe of his hand, Brewmaster already flung the massive beast skin on one of Yu Zi Yu’s branches, hanging it there.


At this moment, if one were to look into Brewmaster’s eyes, they would certainly find that he was looking at the beast skin like he was looking at his lover.


That was Brewmaster. Apart from drinking and practicing, forging was his greatest hobby. Even his battle attire, including the hat on his head, were all crafted by his own hands.


Furthermore, Brewmaster’s forging skills happened to be quite impressive as well. His ability to devour various kinds of minerals also granted him the ability to refine special metals skillfully. And his ability to breathe flames further helped him melt everything.


In the words of some humans, ‘Brewmaster was a born weaponsmith.’


So, when he saw such top-grade material, he naturally couldn’t help but feel excited.



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