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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 503, Three Years

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Seasons changed, and in the blink of an eye, three years had elapsed. During these three years, apart from occasional awakenings, Yu Zi Yu spent all his time in cultivation.


This was done not only to extend his roots further into space but also to stabilize his cultivation.


Compared to his peers, his cultivation speed was incredibly fast.


Although rapid cultivation wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, Yu Zi Yu found it challenging to maintain control over himself due to the speed of his progress.


It wasn’t until now that Yu Zi Yu truly understood his eighty-one secondary roots.


Not nine, but eighty-one!


After Yu Zi Yu advanced to Tier Four, his original nine secondary roots underwent transformation again, branching into a total of eighty-one secondary roots.


Each secondary root was like a Dragon hidden deep within the earth, seemingly dormant.


However, upon closer observation, each of these eighty-one roots were unique. 


There was one that resembled a colossal Python, as huge as a skyscraper. Faintly, one could even hear hissing sounds as if coming straight from prehistoric times. It was precisely the secondary root that had absorbed the essence of the Titanoboa, and possessed some of the abilities of Titanoboa.


For example—Titano Strangulation.


Similar to the Titanoboa, it could instantly shoot out and strangle enemies. Its stranglehold was ten times, or even dozens of times, stronger than that of ordinary secondary roots. 


In other words, even a peer at the same level would face significant trouble if entangled by this secondary root.


It was a killing move in the truest sense.


Apart from this Titano Root, there was another secondary root of particular interest.


The Cosmic Root, named after space. This was the secondary root that Yu Zi Yu had used to explore void with its countless rootlets, which eventually led to its mutation.


It seemed to have absorbed some mysterious force, which granted it an illusory texture. It had an indescribable color, it was black yet not black, purple yet not purple.


Cosmic Root—It’s capable of integrating better into void, and even able to create a strange space within the body.


Narrowing his eyes, Yu Zi Yu looked at the Cosmic Root extending endlessly into the depths of Void, and a slight smile curved his lips.


This was one of the biggest harvest he had gained in these three years. He had mastered a new yet frightening power.


A grin appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, feeling proud of himself.


Of course, apart from the Titano Root and Cosmic Root, most of the other secondary roots appeared rather ordinary because Yu Zi Yu had not yet selected suitable prey.


In time, Yu Zi Yu, upon finding a suitable prey, could use these roots to devour it, potentially giving birth to unique abilities.


This was his foundation, his true foundation.


However, just as Yu Zi Yu was reveling in his accomplishments, he suddenly opened his eyes.


Immediately, like a thunder resounding in his mind, countless Mutant Beasts trembled.


The next moment, all Mutant Beasts looked up towards the Towering Tree blanketing the sky in the distance, its branches swaying gracefully against the backdrop of the sky.


Then, one branch after another rose, as if awakening, exuding an indescribable aura of might.


“We pay respects to the Divine Tree…”


“Pay respects to the Divine Tree…”



One after another, the voices of countless Mutant Beasts echoed through the sky.


“En.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu swept his gaze over Misty Mountains, and felt a feeling of satisfaction washing over him.


Various Clans had marked their territories, each guarding its own with vigilance.

Their powerful experts stood watch silently, as if poised for action yet also anticipating something.


However, it was not surprising either.


Misty Mountains had remained in isolation for too long, so long that countless Humans and Mutant Beasts had almost forgotten the name ‘Mist.’


It had only been five or six years since the advent of the Era of Transcendence, yet this isolation of Misty Mountains had lasted for three years. One could imagine what it signified.


During these three years, powerful beings emerged one after another, crafting their own legends, while new Forbidden Zones surfaced, each establishing its own notoriety.


But only the powerful Transcendents who had emerged at the beginning of the Era of Transcendence understood what the word ‘Mist’ truly meant.


Mist was the true terror, acclaimed as the Forbidden Zone among the Forbidden Zones. Moreover, more people gave it a new name, the Lost Land.


The land that had vanished from the continent, no one could find.


However, everyone could sense its existence.


And this was the present Misty Mountains, also known as the most mysterious ‘Lost Land.’


Rumor had it that the Lord of the Mist had personally taken action, isolating this realm from the rest of the world. Since then, although the Mist persisted, it existed in a separate space.



*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long and majestic breath.


Looking from afar, Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body seemingly grew bigger, with a faint fragrance spreading along the breeze in all directions.


Right at that moment…


“Master…” Calling out, a huge Red Fox, engulfed in deep crimson flames, rose slowly to her feet.


Surprisingly, the current Nine Tails was several times bigger than before, standing at a height of 7-8 meters.


However, the most eye-catching were the four flaming tails swaying behind her, distorting the air and dyeing the sky red.


This was the current Nine Tails, also known as the Flame Monarch. She was one of the most unfathomable beings in Misty Mountains. Till this day, no one knew how strong she had truly become.


Yu Zi Yu, on the other hand, was well aware that Nine Tails had reached the Third Order of Tier-3—the Realm of King.


Tier-3 was divided into Marquis, Monarch, King, Sovereign…


And beyond the Realm of Sovereign, there was another level known as the Emperor of the World.


Of the Five Realms of Tier-3, Nine Tails’ combat power had reached the Realm of King, and she was just a hair breath away from reaching the Realm of Sovereign.


In the face of such power, let alone the continent, even the deep sea, which was habited by many overlords, would feel apprehensive.


The strong becomes stronger.


During these three years of isolation, the true prodigies had undergone a qualitative transformation. Now, in the entire Misty Mountains, even if Yu Zi Yu didn’t make a move, the appearance of any of the Nine Great Beasts alone would be enough to shake the world.


The most renowned among them was undoubtedly Little Fifth, ‘The Ruler of Strength—the Heaven-Overturning Ant,’ He had already made a notorious name for himself in Australia.


His power was earth-shaking, capable of shifting the mountains and overturning the sky with a mere wave of his hand.


Even in the unfathomable Australia, the Heaven-Overturning Ant had become an overlord, paving his way through mountains of corpses and seas of blood. He was so famous that his fame could rival that of the long-disappeared Black Wyvern.



At this moment, hearing Nine Tails’ call, a branch slowly extended.


Gradually, in the delighted gaze of Nine Tails, a figure of a young man emerged.


Compared to the once immature appearance of a teenager, Yu Zi Yu’s current appearance woven by the branches appeared significantly mature.


However, this change was not something Yu Zi Yu deliberately pursued. It was a natural process. Only by following his heart could the ‘Humanoid Form’ woven by Yu Zi Yu truly reflect his inner self.


In other words, the figure woven by the branches was precisely the reflection of Yu Zi Yu’s deepest inner self.


In these three years, not only had he grown strong, but his inner self had also grown more mature.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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