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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 504, Seizing Talent: Absolute Evolution

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“What’s wrong, Nine Tails?” Having not spoken for a long time, Yu Zi Yu’s voice carried a hint of hoarseness, but it brought a joy to Nine Tails’ eyes.


“Master, you have finally awakened…” crying in joy, Nine Tails, who held a sacred and dignified status in the hearts of countless Mutant Beasts, actually rubbed against the rough trunk of Yu Zi Yu affectionately like a puppy.


“Mm…” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu looked at Nine Tails with a hint of affection in his gaze.


However, now was not the time for reminiscing.


Raising his eyes slowly, Yu Zi Yu could see a faint black light emanating from the large net hanging on one of his branches not far away. If one were to look closely at this net, they would discover that the source of the black glow was a towering Black Willow Tree.


The Black Willow Tree was one of the Seven Sea Kings of the Deep Sea, evolved perfectly based on Yu Zi Yu’s template. Even though Yu Zi Yu had repeatedly suppressed its evolution, it still managed to transform completely in three years.


Now, one could say that apart from consciousness, everything about it was identical to Yu Zi Yu, even its abilities.


Glancing at the status screen, Yu Zi Yu found many familiar terms.


His eyes narrowed slightly as Yu Zi Yu confirmed it once again.


Race: Black Willow Tree (Evolved based on Yu Zi Yu’s template)

Rank: Tier-3

Innate Talent: Absolute Evolution — It can absorb and copy any kind of external attacks, and convert them into its own abilities. Even if it’s completely blown into pieces in one go, it can still regenerate and evolve. Additionally, through prolonged observation, it can directly learn the abilities of others.

Gathering Lightning (Pseudo) —

Seed of Life (Pseudo) —

Unique Abilities: Mutant Branches

Mutant Tree Roots —


“No Divine Abilities!?” murmuring, Yu Zi Yu gazed at the Black Willow Tree with a hint of amusement.


Originally, he thought that this Black Willow Tree could copy all of his abilities, but unexpectedly, the Black Willow Tree didn’t possess any of Yu Zi Yu’s most relied-upon Divine Abilities.


It was as he had speculated, the Black Willow Tree’s Innate Talent — Absolute Evolution, also had its limits.


Moreover, it was not just that.


Although the current Black Willow Tree was formidable, it was only at Tier-3, far inferior to Yu Zi Yu.


Currently, Yu Zi Yu had a whopping 24 million Spiritual Energy, and an incredibly robust foundation.


As for the Black Willow Tree, it was formidable but it only had 8 million Spiritual Energy.


In terms of combat power alone, it had quite possibly reached the Realm of Sovereign of the Five Realms of Tier-3, but so what?


Compared to the current Yu Zi Yu, the difference between them was like night and day.


The gap between Tier-3 and Tier-4 was beyond the scope of ordinary people’s imagination. Even though it was only a difference of over 10 million Spiritual Energy, if Yu Zi Yu so desired, he could probably kill it in an instant.


*Haaa…* Taking a deep breath, as Yu Zi Yu looked at the tall Black Willow Tree not far away within the large net with a complex look in his eyes.


As he gazed at the Black Willow Tree, a sensation akin to seeing his own shadow stirred within him.


Its jet-black branches swayed gracefully against the backdrop of the night sky. After three years of ceaseless evolution, its net-like roots pierced through space, intertwining with it, much like Yu Zi Yu’s Cosmic Roots. 


From a distance, the towering Black Willow Tree seemed rooted in the very fabric of space itself.


“What a pity!?” A sigh escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips as his branches exerted force.


*Creak, creak…* Accompanied by creaking sounds, the large net woven by Yu Zi Yu’s branches began to tighten.


The next moment, before Black Willow Tree could react, a terrifying suction force erupted from the large net woven by Yu Zi Yu’s branches.


Immediately, a piercing wail filled with pain and lament echoed in the night sky. However, neither Yu Zi Yu nor the Mutant Beasts like Nine Tails showed the slightest sympathy towards this mournful wail.


The strong thrive while the weak perish, that was the law of the jungle.


The Black Willow Tree was originally a life nurtured by Yu Zi Yu. And now that it had matured, it was time to seize its Innate Talent.


However, Yu Zi Yu didn’t just plan to seize the Black Willow Tree’s Innate Talent.


As an existence similar to Yu Zi Yu’s shadow, after three years of evolution, the Black Willow Tree’s importance to Yu Zi Yu lay not only in its Innate Talent.


The Innate Talent — Absolute Evolution, was indeed important, but what was even more crucial was the Black Willow Tree’s body.


Having exactly the same abilities, and even in terms of durability, it was three times tougher than Yu Zi Yu. Such an existence, if slightly refined, could become a formidable weapon, a terrifying ace up Yu Zi Yu’s sleeve.


“I’ll obliterate its consciousness, and preserve only its form. In the future, who knows if I might get a chance to refine it into a Psychic Weapon.” With these thoughts swirling in his mind, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the sky where the trembling Black Willow Tree was, his gaze flickering.


However, this wasn’t a sudden decision by Yu Zi Yu.


Rather, it was because during these three years, Yu Zi Yu had noticed that most Mutant Beasts were consciously honing their toughest aspects.


For example, Bull Demon’s pair of crescent horns on his head. After Bull Demon’s constant polishing day and night, they gleamed with a sharp and cold sheen.


Not long ago, during one of the rare moments he was awake, Yu Zi Yu even saw Bull Demon use his crescent horns to instantly cut off a mountain peak.


This was not only because Bull Demon had advanced to Tier-3. It was because his horns had become even more terrifying, to the extent that they had become Bull Demon’s Natal Weapon to a certain degree.


Moved by this, Yu Zi Yu’s attention fell on the’Black Willow Tree. [Since the Black Willow Tree had the same abilities as me, essentially being my shadow, wouldn’t it be an excellent ‘Natal Weapon Embryo?’]


Natal Weapons were unique to Mutant Beasts. By constantly polishing their own horns, claws, or bones, they could turn them into formidable weapons of unimaginable power. Most Natal Weapons were closely related to their Masters’ lives. If the weapon was damaged, their Master would also be harmed.


They were truly born from the same source as their Master.


However, such weapons were incredibly powerful. To some extent, they would continue to grow stronger with their Masters.


For example, the Bull Demon’s crescent horns.


Moreover, Golden Monkey had once said that the reason why the Sword Cultivators were so powerful and dominated the world in the previous era because most of them shared their life and cultivation with their Flying Sword. So long as their sword existed, so did their Master, and if the sword was broken, their Master perished along with it.


It stood as a testament of how terrifying weapons that shared life and cultivation with their Masters were.


Unfortunately, Yu Zi Yu currently didn’t know how to refine Natal Weapons.


The reason why Bull Demon could do so was also a matter of luck and some freak accident. As such, Yu Zi Yu could only shelve this matter for the time being and put it on the backburner.


For now, the most important thing was still to seize the Black Willow Tree’s Innate Talent — Absolute Evolution.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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