Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 505, The White Dragon’s Lair

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Of course, when stealing the Innate Talent, Yu Zi Yu wouldn’t blindly follow the book.


Although the Innate Talent—Absolute Evolution was terrifying, its user would lose its original ability upon completion of the evolution, and Yu Zi Yu, after years of accumulation, was unwilling to lose his everything.


As such, when seizing the Innate Talent—Absolute Evolution, great attention must be paid to it.


During stealing the Innate Talent, Yu Zi Yu didn’t mind sacrificing some of the power of the Absolute Evolution to compensate for its shortcomings.


This was something Yu Zi Yu couldn’t do before, but ever since advancing to Tier-4, Yu Zi Yu had gained a unique understanding of his strength.


To a certain extent, Yu Zi Yu could even modify these Innate Talents, and Unique Abilities.


As for Divine Abilities, up to now, Yu Zi Yu hadn’t mastered too many and it wasn’t easy to improve them.



Meanwhile, just as Yu Zi Yu woke up, in a city in China — Flame City…


Flame City, also known as one of the ‘Ten Greatest Cities of the Continent,’ was a terrifying city known as the ‘Unassailable Blazing Sun.’


“Master has awakened!?” murmuring, a woman, dressed in a red royal gown, sitting in a magnificent palace slowly opened her eyes, looking towards the southern part of the continent.


At this moment, if one paid close attention to her eyes, they would certainly notice purple flames swirling deep within her eyes, exuding an indescribable mystery.


She was He Ling Er—the Empress, one of Humans’ Greatest Superhumans, and the first female to advance to Tier-3.


She had already made a huge name for herself at just a young age of twenty-two.


She ruled Flame City, and in just three years, made Flame City into one of the ‘Ten Greatest Cities of the Continent.’


There were not only numerous powerful Superhumans under her command, but she herself was also unfathomable.


“Are we going back?” As the words echoed, a handsome young man with platinum blonde hair emerged from the darkness.


Kerry, the Vampire, was another renowned individual, but all for the wrong reasons. He was one of the seven leaders of Otherkins, and considered as the greatest enemy of mankind, also known as Vampire Ancestor.


He had created countless Vampires alone. It could be said that he was about 40-50% responsible for the Otherkins becoming a threat to Humanity today.


“Go back?” a murmur escaped Ling Er’s lips as she looked towards the south with a hint of indescribable complexity.


She had not seen her Master for three years. She naturally missed him.


However, things were different now.


In these three years, the continent, or more accurately, the entire world had undergone earth-shattering changes.


One Forbidden Zone after another emerged, and countless powerful and monstrous entities, whose names couldn’t be mentioned, emerged one after another.


However, this wasn’t the most frightening part.


The most frightening part was that the world had grown several times bigger, unbeknownst to everyone.


By the time Humans and even Mutant Beasts realized it, they were horrified to find that their world had expanded by more than four times.


The continents had become more vast, with pieces of land emerging from the ocean  one after another, adding to the size of the continent.


As for the ocean… it was still as mysterious as before, but countless Humans and Mutant Beasts felt that the ocean, known as the ‘largest Forbidden Zone,’ had become even more unfathomable.


Vaguely, it seemed to connect to another world, it felt indescribably vast.


And according to some Human experts’ analysis, it was most likely a precursor to the arrival of the third round of Spiritual Energy Tide, the most terrifying one yet.


Even before its arrival, it had already affected the entire planet, altering the ecology of most of the planet.


Now, this planet was like a singularity, expanding at an invisible speed, and this was the reason for the enlargement of the world.


As the planet expanded, the continents naturally grew larger, and the oceans also became broader.


However, no one knew how the third round of Spiritual Energy Tide caused the entire planet to expand.


No, perhaps someone did know.


As if thinking of something, Ling Er’s lips curled up slightly.


[If there’s someone in this world who knows, it would definitely be Master. In terms of understanding this planet, if Master claims to be second, no one would dare to claim first. After all, Master’s true form is that of a Willow Tree. His roots have penetrated more than half of the planet. God knows how deep Master’s roots have spread. In any case, Master’s understanding of this planet should be far more than anyone. If he doesn’t know, then probably no one does.]


As if thinking of something, Ling Er waved her hand suddenly and stated, “There’s no rush to go back for now.”


“Uh…” Kerry was stunned, seemingly caught off guard.


After all, as Ling Er’s confidant, he deeply understood how important the ‘Divine Tree’ was to Ling Er.


Yet now, when the Divine Tree had just woken up, Ling Er wasn’t in a hurry to go back and see it?


At this moment, Ling Er seemed to have noticed the Vampire’s surprise. She smiled and explained, “It’s been a long time since I’ve gone back. If I don’t prepare some gifts, it wouldn’t be appropriate.”


Speaking of this, a gleam flashed in Ling Er’s eyes as she asked, “Kerry, what do you think I should prepare as gifts?”


“Well…” The Vampire didn’t respond immediately, rather a hint of hesitation appeared on his face.


[Master hadn’t seen the Divine Tree for three years, so the gift certainly can’t be ordinary. But what kind of gift should she prepare?] Lost in thought, Kerry fell into contemplation.


However, before Kerry could come up with an answer, the air suddenly became scorching hot.


Looking up, Kerry was astonished to find the sky dyed with a faint purple hue, with a terrifying aura surging from Ling Er.


“Master,” calling out, Kerry looked at the nearby Ling Er, and found her purple wings already unfurled, a bit astonished.


“Prepare yourself. Three days from now, I will set out to subdue the White Dragon’s Lair… and prepare a generous gift for Master.”


“The White Dragon’s Lair!?” Ling Er’s determined voice left Kerry in shock, but seeing Ling Er’s resolute look, he suppressed the shock in his heart.


However, one thing he knew for sure was that the continent was about to undergo turbulent times again.


And all of this was because the White Dragon’s Lair was no ordinary place.


It was an extremely unusual place.


Ever since the disappearance of the First Forbidden Zone, Misty Mountains, one Forbidden Zone after another had emerged.


And the White Dragon’s Lair happened to be one of the most terrifying Forbidden Zones that had risen in recent years.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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