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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 506, Humans Had Immortals, and Commanded the World!

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The rumor had it that the White Dragon’s Lair was habited by a True Dragon.


No one who had approached it returned alive.


The Humans living in its vicinity have occasionally heard Dragon Roars.


The Dragon’s lair was located in a very famous race in the previous era, and in ancient times, Shennongjia.


According to legend, it was where the Ancestor of Humans, Shennong (the Flame Emperor), tasted the herbs.


The peaks were steep here, and the ravines were deep. The reason how it got its name was because the Mutant Beasts occasionally glimpsed around the lair are as white as snow.


This is the most puzzling aspect of this ‘Dragon’s lair.’


However, no matter how puzzling it is, it didn’t diminish the terror of the ‘White Dragon’s Lair.’


After all, the strongest person in China–the Empress, He Ling Er, went to the Dragon’s Lair, riding her Divine Beast, White Elephant, and fought bitterly for three days and three nights. When she returned, she was seriously injured.


That night, countless Humans saw the White Elephant weeping blood, and purple flames dwindling. Moreover, according to the Empress’s own testimony, the Dragon’s Lair indeed harbored a ‘True Dragon.’


*Haaa…* Heaving a long, deep breath, Kerry suppressed his uneasiness and confirmed once more, “Master, do you really want to go and subdue the White Dragon’s Lair?”


“En.” Nodding her confirmation, Ling Er added coldly, a hint of coldness flashing on her face, “That True Dragon does have some ability, and the Drakes under its command are not weak either…”


At this point, Ling Er switched the topic, sneering, “However, times have changed. China is determined to obtain the blood of a True Dragon. They have contacted me several times recently, urging me to subdue the White Dragon’s Lair and seize the True Dragon Vein. Since there is such an opportunity before us, why not make good use of it? I don’t believe that, with the current power of China , we cannot subdue one Dragon’s Lair…”


Calmly hearing Ling Er’s plan, Kerry’s face also showed understanding.


“So, after three years of hiding, China finally thinks its wings are strong enough and wants to reveal its claws?”


“It should be.” A smile appeared on Ling Er’s lips, but she wasn’t that concerned about it.


China was China, and Flame City was Flame City.


In these past three years, powerful forces have emerged one after another. The Chinese government had lost control of many major cities.


Nonetheless, some necessary respect still had to be given.


Moreover, in the past three years, China had indeed amassed a lot of power.


Take the ‘Ten Special Task Forces’ of the past for example, even Ling Er was a little wary of them.


Of course, she was just a little concerned, not afraid.


After all, the Flame Wing Army of Flame City was not to be underestimated, and neither was the Earth Eye hidden behind Flame City; both were forces to be reckoned with.


Not to mention the fact that Ling Er secretly commanded a behemoth that had turned into the Dark Council, lurking in the darkness. This force was formed by a small gathering of the Otherkins, and they were a major threat to the entire Human Race.


With these thoughts swirling in her mind, Ling Er turned her gaze to the nearby Kerry and asked, “What’s the situation of the Otherkins?”


“The Otherkins…” Kerry heaved a sigh, feeling a bit helpless.


After a moment, he finally replied, glancing at Ling Er, “Master, the situation of the Otherkins isn’t looking that great.”


Speaking of which, Kerry turned serious as he explained, “Unlike before, the Human part of most of the Otherkins have awakened. They all consider themselves as ancient races of the past… What’s even more terrifying is that not only do they possess extraordinary Innate Talents, but their combat prowess is also fearsome… Now, four more Superior Clans have emerged among the Otherkins.”


Ling Er’s face darkened slightly upon hearing Kerry’s report. “Four more Superior Clans!?”


A Clan could be designated as superior if its members possessed strength enough to dominate their peers. These Clans were known as ‘Terrifying Races’ in the previous era.


The most famous among them was the Human Race.


In the previous era, the Human Race was among the top ten Terrifying Races of all races.


However, times had changed.


The Human Race went against the natural order, and re-established themselves in the new era, which caused them to forget their legacy. They no longer had the momentum of the previous era.


However, the other races were different.


After all, unlike the Human Race which required generations of inheritance and accumulation, those races excelled in Innate Talent, and dominated the world with extreme strength.


Take the newly emerged Superior Clan, the Three-Eyes Clan. In the previous era, they were ranked 57th among all races. However, in the new era, a Human suddenly awakened and opened a third eye, shocking half of the world with his combat power.


Mere awakening granted him the strength of an Apex Order Tier-2 Transcendent.


After opening his eyes, he even managed to severely injure a Tier-3 Mutant Beast.


Now, the Otherkins of the Three-Eyes Clan called themselves the Three-Eyes Divine Clan. They were so strong that even Ling Er had misgivings about them.


This stood as a testament of how terrifying some of these Races among the Otherkins were.


[Indeed, it’s just as the Divine Tree said, ‘The return of myriad races would bring a prosperous era.’ In other words, with the new era, all races will reorganize. As for which race would come out at the top, no one knows…]


[In ancient times, the Human Race only became an Apex Race after countless years of struggle and accumulation. But now they have been beaten to dust. There is no knowing whether they will be able to return to their previous heights. As for other races, especially those like the Three-Eyes Clan that dominate with ‘extreme strength,’ their emergence in this new world now undoubtedly increases the hope of them becoming an Apex Race.]


It was worth mentioning here that the Three-Eyes Otherkin even said that ‘the fastest way to stand at the top of all races is to reach Tier-8.’


Tier-8, those were heavy words, which should not be spoken about lightly.


However, that Three-Eyes Kid was so arrogant that he couldn’t resist the bait and eventually explained that ‘the Tier-8 Transcendents were Eternal and Indestructible. They could raise a race into the ranks of Apex Race with one’s own strength alone.’


So, China and even the surrounding nations gained a new understanding of Transcendent Tiers.


On that day, wild ambitions were ignited in the hearts of countless people.


Tier-8, Eternal and Indestructible, an existence that ruled over the world and commanded the vast universe. They were universally respected, and no one dared to disobey them.


And that was the legendary Tier-8, also known as the ‘Great Sage’, the ‘Enlightened One’, the true backbone of a Top-Tier Race.


According to that Three-Eyes Kid, the Human Race had eight Enlightened Ones in ancient times, who dominated the universe.


What was even more terrifying was that in ancient times, the Human race had true undying Immortals. These existences seemingly transcended Tier-8. It was precisely because of this that in this world where all other races had disappeared, the Human race had flourished for tens of thousands of years, seizing every opportunity.


All of this was only because the Human Race had such top experts.


‘Immortals’, the unspeakable and unable existences, yet they had long made the final plan, calculating the celestial secrets for the Human Race, preserving their bloodline.



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