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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 507, SEE

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Recalling the world’s situation, Ling Er could not help but heave a sigh of helplessness.


The successive rise of Superior Clans was not very good news to this world. After all, compared to these Superior Clans, not to mention Humans, even Mutant Beasts were inferior.


Only the best of the Mutant Beasts, such as the Nine Great Beasts under Yu Zi Yu’s command, as well the Elemental Lifeforms could stand against them.


In the previous era, Nine Tails, the Elemental Lifeforms, as well as, the Lightning Dragon, Little Tenth of Misty Mountains, would have been classified as members of the Superior Clan.


After all, the Celestial Fox Clan, to which the Nine Tails belonged, was renowned in the previous era, always shrouded in mystery.


The Elemental Clan was ranked among the top Superior Clans among the myriad races. Their ability to manipulate Elements alone made countless races tremble in fear.


As for the Lightning Dragon…


Dragons, who were already depicted as terrifying beings in myths and legends, were also one of the few Apex Races that could challenge the Human Race in the previous era.


What was most terrifying was that the Dragon Clan had a small population and did not rely on ‘quantity’ to dominate. With only a million, they had earned the title of an Apex Race.


Just from this, it was evident how terrifying the Dragon Clan was.


Unfortunately, with Misty Mountains having chosen to enter isolation, Little Tenth didn’t have the chance to make his appearance into the world. Otherwise, given Little Tenth’s Innate Talent, it would have been a piece of cake for him to create a sensation throughout the world. 


“If the Little Tenth comes out, I guess that Three-Eyes Kid would become old news…” Ling Er couldn’t help but curl her lips into a smile at the thought of this.


[It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. I wonder how much that kid has grown. But, according to Skynet’s intel, Little Tenth seemed to have successfully devoured the Lightning Element Spirit Flower bestowed by Master and stepped into the Tier-3. I guess meeting him is something I should be worth looking forward to. Oh, and there’s Little Fifth too. He is quite famous in Australia now. His reputation has even spread to this continent.] 


A smile bloomed on Ling Er’s face as she became eager to see these little ones she hadn’t seen in a long time.


At this point, Skynet and Earth Eye that Ling Er had thought of earlier should be introduced.


Skynet and Earth Eye, collectively known as SEE, were intelligence organizations that Ling Er had carefully built during these three years. They also happened to be the most terrifying assassination organizations.


Within them, the rules were strict, and the ranks were clear.


Heavenslayer, Earthreaper, Shadowhunter, Huntsman, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, and Monsters. These eight ranks of classification seemed to speak of the bloody and cruel nature of SEE.


The Earth Eye’s mainstay was defense, and it was mainly responsible for gathering intelligence on everything that was happening on the continent. Every single incident on the continent could not escape the Earth Eye.


Even the mysterious Alliance of Southeast Asian Nations. Because of Yu Zi Yu’s Apostle–Aisha, the Fire Elemental Lifeform, who was now the highest Nun of Buddhism, even everything in that part of the world fell under Ling Er’s perception.


As for Skynet, its mainstay was offense, and was tasked with attack and conquest.


Skynet was the gathering of powerful individuals, such as the eight Peregrine Falcons, Snow Leopard, and Green Mantis under Yu Zi Yu.


Any existence skilled in the art of assassination was in Skynet.


Of course, to a certain extent, Skynet was also the main means for Ling Er to exchange information with Misty Mountains.


Only Skynet was truly trustworthy.


This was also one of the most terrifying trump cards in Ling Er’s sleeve.


Even the most notorious Otherkin in China, Silver Moon–Zang Feng, was only a Shadowhunter within Skynet.


This spoke volumes for how terrifying Skynet was.


At this moment, as if remembering something, Ling Er turned around and proactively asked, “Which four Superior Clans have emerged now?”


“The Ghost Clan, the Titan Clan, and two races whose names are unknown…” while replying, Kerry’s eyes couldn’t help but flicker.


Superior Clans were called Superior Clan for a reason—they were terrifying. And now, four more races had emerged, and all of which were terrifyingly powerful.


The guy who claimed to be from the Ghost Clan not only could become tangible and intangible at will, but his psychic power was equally terrifying. He could easily move a building with his mind, which was really awe-inspiring.


As for the Titan Clan, they grew taller and taller every day, reaching the height of tens of meters in a few weeks.


Now, they walked where few people tread on the continent.


If it weren’t for the sharp intelligence of the Earth Eye, it might not have been possible to discover their existence.


“The Ghost Clan, the Titan Clan…” Ling Er murmured, having a rough guess of their abilities.


[However, the specifics would have to wait for Kerry’s written reports.]


Thinking of this, Ling Er also ordered, “You may retire for now. I’ll go take a look at these newly emerged Superior Clans.”


With that, Ling Er walked towards the study.



Shortly thereafter, in a mysterious corner of Beijing…


“Empress has agreed to launch an expedition against the White Dragon’s Lair,” a simple report, but it caused a tremor in the dark hall.


“Good, very good. Only she can take down the White Dragon,” a hoarse voice echoed in the hall, as if its owner had not spoken for a long time.


At this moment, if one looked towards the source of the voice, they would surely see a dignified middle-aged man sitting high on a throne, a rare smile hanging on his face.


“Sir, it seems we need to speed up our plan.” Suddenly, a mysterious figure slowly emerged in the pitch-black hall, seemingly manifesting from the very darkness.


“Naturally.” Nodding, the middle-aged man sitting high on the throne raised his arm and looked ahead.


Then, he slowly clenched his fist.


“The fist is power. If you want to rule the world, you must use your fist to dominate it.”


Saying so, the middle-aged man’s tone changed, stating in a cold voice, “Once I get my hands on the True Dragon blood, I can break through the constraints of this world and once again attempt to become the True Emperor of the World.”


“Congratulations, Sir,” congratulating in a fervent voice, the mysterious figure exuding a dreadful aura knelt down on one knee.


However, if someone were here at this moment, they would surely be shocked to find that the person sitting high on the throne was one of the Twin Titans of China, once the highest ranking figure in the entire China.


And the person kneeling on one knee here was none other than the second person in China to reach Tier-3, and the guard who always guards him—the Sword Sovereign, Jing Yu.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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