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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 509, White Tiger’s Ferocity

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Translator:  Ashish

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As the mist in Misty Mountains was torn open, deep within its confines…


“Hmm…” A Colossal Tree, so huge that it could overshadow most of the city, suddenly jolted.


In the bewildered gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, its branches began twining with each other.


The next moment, a young man’s figure entered the Mutant Beasts’ sight.


“What’s wrong, Master?” As steadfast as always, the humanoid Bull Demon on Yu Zi Yu’s branch promptly stood up.


Compared to three years ago, Bull Demon had undoubtedly grown much larger, and appeared even more demonic.


Moreover, there was a scar on his face, running from the top left of his face to the bottom right, almost splitting his face in two. Bull Demon, who originally appeared somewhat simple and honest, now exuded a few more traces of ferocity due to this grim scar.


This was the price the Bull Demon paid for advancing to Tier-3.


After battling for seven days and seven nights in a deep abyss, he finally vanquished a Mutant Beast and then devoured it to break through to Tier-3.


The scar on his face was left by that Tier-3 Mutant Beast.


Actually, he could have easily healed it, but to commemorate that unforgettable battle, Bull Demon deliberately suppressed his own recovery ability and left the scar on his face.


Fortunately, the scar wasn’t too wide, appearing no different than a cut from distance. Otherwise, it would have really disfigured Bull Demon.


“Seems like we have a guest,” replying in a smiling yet unsmiling voice, Yu Zi Yu shot a glance towards the northern part of Misty Mountains.


The thick mist couldn’t block his vision. Despite the great distance, it seemed within arm’s reach.


In a moment, aided by the thick mist permeating the air, a figure appeared in Yu Zi Yu’s mind. It was a tall and stalwart figure. In terms of muscles, he was no less inferior than the fiendish Bull Demon.


What surprised Yu Zi Yu the most was the golden vertical pupil between the figure’s eyebrows. It seemed to be a bit open and harbored a majestic might. Even when he was looking from such a great distance, Yu Zi Yu got a piercing feeling.


However, right at that very moment…


“Who is it?” A deafening roar, akin to a clap of thunder, resounded.


At the same time, in Yu Zi Yu’s playful gaze, the northern part of Misty Mountains shook violently, as if a thunderstorm had manifested on the ground.


At the same time, a golden tornado spiraled into the sky, with the stalwart figure hovering at its epicenter, radiating a majestic aura, his hair swirling wildly in the air.


However, before Yu Zi Yu could respond to him…


*Rooaar, rooaar…* Two consecutive Tiger Roars echoed through the mountains and forests.


“Damn it, who dares to trespass into the territory of my Tiger Clan?” An uncanny voice resounded, causing the atmosphere to change dramatically.


The swirling white fog rolled back into the sky, taking the shape of a giant tiger’s head.


And from the center of the tiger head, a giant white tiger with wings on its back flew out from the depths of the clouds.


Right then, another daunting tiger roar reverberated through the sky.


Immediately after…


*Boom…* Howling winds blew the white mist, churning them into continuous billowing waves, sweeping towards the center of the golden tornado.


However, the thing that set these white waves of mist apart was their vast expanse. And not only were these overwhelming waves endless and continuous, but they also harbored hidden danger.


If one looked closely, they would notice invisible wind blades spinning rapidly within the waves of mist.


Fury of the Wind, White Tiger’s proudest ability after stepping into Tier-3.


Today, with the Divine Tree waking up and the intrusion of an outsider, he didn’t mind showing off a bit.


So, he unleashed his ultimate move.


Fury of the Wind was so powerful that if he were to unleash it on a city, it would tear it apart in an instant. This spoke volumes for how fearsome this ability was.


However, to the surprise of White Tiger, even in the face of such devastating ability, the figure within the golden tornado remained completely calm. Even more unbelievable was the fact that the guy actually raised his right hand slowly. So slow as if he wanted to stop White Tiger’s ultimate move with just one hand.


“What the heck? Are you looking down on me!?” Burning with fury, an uncanny cry escaped White Tiger’s lips.


[I finally got the chance to bluster before the Divine Tree, but this clown actually dares to look down on me!?] The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. White Tiger’s Spiritual Energy began to boil.


However, just then…


“White Tiger, according to government records, you’re supposed to be a ferocious tiger, but you don’t look so ferocious to me,” mocking in a playful tone, the golden figure hidden within the golden tornado suddenly vanished instantly.


A moment later, a deafening explosion erupted, sending a terrifying shockwave in all directions.


The explosion immediately drew the attention of countless Mutant Beast, who then saw a figure with golden hair standing with his hand pressed against the head of the huge White Tiger that was several stories tall.


“Well!?” Looking at the wind wall that kept his palm at bay not far away, the golden-haired figure couldn’t help but feel astonished.


He hadn’t expected White Tiger to be able to block his attack. After all, he was famous for his attacks.


Generally, Transcendents would have their skulls crushed before they could even react. However, much to his surprise, White Tiger managed to block it at the very first attack.


More importantly, glancing at the countless white gusts billowing around him, Three-Eyes Heir’s eyes narrowed slightly.


“Turn into dust for me,” White Tiger roared as the raging winds suddenly bellowed towards him.


From afar, it appeared as if a massive ball of wind was shrinking.


Right then, White Tiger’s heart skipped a beat.


The next moment, the pair of white wings on his back instinctively slashed towards the air.


*Clang…* Amidst sparks flying everywhere, the figure that should have been swallowed by the fierce winds appeared in the air.


“What quick reflexes!?” The Three-Eyes Heir praised with a chuckle, not minding it at all.


Rather, he took a step back, and the next moment, his figure disappeared into thin air with a swoosh.


Right at that very moment, warning bells rang in White Tiger’s mind, bringing a slight change in his expression. He promptly flapped his wings hard and his colossal figure vanished into the air at the next moment, leaving a powerful storm.


However, their disappearance was not the end of it.


It was just the beginning.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


One after another, like the beats of a drum, countless shockwaves appeared in the sky above Misty Mountains.


Even more terrifying was the aftermath of their clash: countless trees reduced to splinters, and a towering mountain peak turned to dust, instantly blown away by the shockwaves.



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