Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 51, The Hunt Begins 


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Screech~! ‘Screech~! ‘Screech~!…* Amid the high-pitched screams, eight Peregrine Falcons, as well as the White Crane spread their wings.


Immediately after, before the other Mutant Beasts could react, they already transformed into streaks of light, flying toward a certain direction.


In that direction, there happened to be a considerable colony of Mutant Bees.


As the eyes and ears of Yu Zi Yu, the Peregrine Falcons and the White Crane had long known the locations of eighty percent of the Mutant Beasts in the misty mountains.


Now, having received Yu Zi Yu’s command, they could swiftly target their prey.


Currently, the misty mountains were not the same as before.


As mountains shrouded in mist, the concentration of Spiritual Energy here was particularly great, giving birth to numerous plants imbued with Spiritual Energy.


Because of containing a large amount of Spiritual Energy, they could already be called Spirit Flowers, Spirit Grasses, or even Spirit Fruits. As a result, many herbivores, and even carnivores, were attracted to this area.


Of course, more carnivores come to the misty mountains as hunters to find food. As a result, the entire misty mountains had become an ocean of Mutant Beasts.


Almost every mountain was inhabited by some Mutant Beasts of varying degrees.


Previously, Yu Zi Yu had intended to gradually tame or harvest them. However, upon learning that the Humans had discovered a Spirit Stone Mine, he had put aside those petty plans, and focused on more important matters.



The hunt had begun.


Facing the pressure brought by Humans, Yu Zi Yu had deliberately accelerated the pace of harvesting Evolution Points.


Of course, this kind of pressure could only be considered minor. According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimation, it would last for a short period, maybe three to five years at most.


Yu Zi Yu believed that this period would be sufficient for him to grow to the peak of Tier-1 Transcendent Realm. As for other Mutant Beasts, they were not within Yu Zi Yu’s considerations.


Right at this moment, Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze toward the horizon, as if sensing something.


What entered his sight was a dark curtain blanketing the sky…


It was a colony of bees, densely packed, as if endless.


Bees, and not just ordinary bees. Their sharp stingers and ferocious appearance told everything about them.


“These guys are truly vicious. “ Watching the Peregrine Falcons flying toward the canyon carrying several meters tall hive, Yu Zi Yu could not help but exclaim.


He had only intended these little ones to lure the colony of bees, but he did not expect them to be so ruthless that they would directly bring the entire hive along.


Those Mutant Bees were chasing after them as if they had gone mad.


*Screech~!* As they approached the familiar canyon not far away, the eldest of the Peregrine Falcons, Fal I, suddenly let out a cry of joy.


The next moment, it flapped its wings and swiftly rushed over to a corner, dragging a hive.


Right then, the several meters tall hive suddenly trembled as black and ferocious heads emerged from the pitch-black holes, one after another.


Immediately after, the eyes of bees, whose aura was noticeably stronger than other bees, flickered with a red gleam.


One by one, they flew straight toward the Peregrine Falcon like arrows fired from the bow.


Their buzzing was as deafening as the thunder itself. Their sharp and menacing stingers fiercely pierced toward the Peregrine Falcon.


However, perhaps the bee stinger came in too fast, or maybe because Fal I was carrying a beehive, he was too late to dodge.


The next moment, a loud bang resounded. As if two metallic objects crashing into each other, a series of sparks flew as Fal I flew toward the ground like a cannonball.


*Bang!* As Fal I crashed into the ground with a bang, snow flew into the air as a bottomless hole appeared on the ground.


“So fast!?” Yu Zi Yu was caught in a rare moment of stupefaction, shocked.


Much to Yu Zi Yu’s surprise, a Tier-0 Level 4 bee was actually able to send Fal I crashing into the ground. There was no denying that these bees had some strength in them.


[Was this really a good idea?] With a strange expression, Yu Zi Yu sensed a surge of raging Spiritual Energy slowly rising.




Snowflakes danced wildly as cold wind howled.


In a flash, the surroundings were enveloped in a cold and chilling killing intent.


Beasts were beasts after all. Even though they had been trained by Yu Zi Yu, their violent nature flowing in their blood could not be eliminated. As the apex predators of the avian food chain, the Peregrine Falcons were no exception.




A high-pitched screech tore through the wind and snow.


Immediately after…


*Swish!* A black lightning bolt shot out from the pit in the ground. It was as fast as a thunder, which gave no time to cover one’s ears.


In just a flash, Fal I was already in front of that large bee that had emerged from the beehive. 


Its black and sharp beak effortlessly tore through the bee’s body.


Followed by a crisp tearing sound like a cloth being torn, a rain of blood fell on the ground.


In the face of Tier-0 Level 7 Fal I, not to mention this bee that was only at Tier-0 Level 4, even if it was at the same level, it still would not have been able to do anything.


Their terrifying speed that could easily break through the sound barrier was more than enough to make Fal I and his siblings capable of ignoring the majority of their peers.


*Screech!* Fal I let out another piercing screech, as if excited. The Spiritual Energy circulating on Fal I’s wings created powerful vortexes in the surrounding air.


Taking advantage of these vortexes, Fal I suddenly changed direction, and like a black bolt of light, it traced a ‘Z’ shape as it headed toward another bee.


Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu was calmly enjoying this scene. Surprisingly, he did not take immediate action.


Mutant Beasts were extremely tenacious. Even if their bodies were torn apart, they would not die right away.


After the battle had ended, it would not be too late to harvest the Evolution Points using his branches.



After a short while, the battle finally came to an end amidst red snowflakes fluttering in the wind.


Watching the bees fall on the ground like raindrops, lying on the ground, fluttering in pain, Yu Zi Yu black roots silently emerged from the ground.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!* Along with the snow covered ground shaking, bees were pulled into the earth, one after another.


Then, Yu Zi Yu’s roots gently exerted force.


*Crack, crack, crack…* Accompanied by crisp sounds, one bee after another was crushed before they could even make a buzz, reduced into bloody pulps.


At the same time, the cold electronic system’s voice rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears.


<Ding! You killed a Tier-0 Level 4 Mutant Bee, Evolution Points +40.>


<Ding! You killed a Tier-0 Level 4 Mutant Bee, Evolution Points +40.>


<Ding! You killed a Tier-0 Level 1 Mutant Bee, Evolution Points +10.>




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