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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 510, Gathering of Strong

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“Despite White Tiger’s occasional foolishness, his combat talent is truly remarkable,” Yu Zi Yu remarked, his eyes flickering as he observed the distant clash between the white and golden streaks in the air.


[Compared to before, White Tiger’s control over the wind has become even more terrifying. Every swing of his claw gives birth to howling winds, and every flap of his wings creates fearsome storms. He’s simply an embodiment of the wind. But…]


As if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu looked at the White Tiger in the air, who had closed his eyes. Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled.


[His eyes can’t keep up with the speed of the Three-Eyes Heir, so he chose to sense him through the wind.] With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu gained a new understanding of White Tiger.


[I guess this idiot has not wasted time in these three years. Just the use of wind as his eyes is not something he can do without a lot of rigorous training. This is proof of how diligently he has been over these three years.]


[But, diligence is just diligence, result is what matters.]


In the face of the Three-Eyes Heir, a Clan known as Superior Clan in the previous era, White Tiger was clearly at a disadvantage. 


*Roooaar…* Suddenly, a painful howl echoed across the sky as the Three-Eyes Heir’s right palm struck White Tiger, leaving a crimson palm print on his black and white fur, staining it red.


“Old Third.”


“White Tiger.”


Cries of alarm rang one after another as Bull Demon and Nine Tails stood up fiercely.


At the same time, terrifying auras erupted throughout Misty Mountains.


Meanwhile, just as the Three-Eyes Heir gained the upper hand, the sudden appearance of fearsome auras elicited him to look towards the depths of the mist.


“That’s quite a powerful bunch!” Taken aback, the Three-Eyes Heir couldn’t help but mutter to himself.


Thanks to his investigation, he knew that the most famous creatures in Misty Mountains were the Nine Great Beasts, and this White Tiger was ranked third among the Nine Great Beasts.


However, the fact that the third-ranked White Tiger could give him so much trouble for so long in his normal state already came as a surprise to him.


And now, even more terrifying auras had erupted in the depths of the mist.


“It seems that I underestimated this First Forbidden Zone…” The Three-Eyes Heir chuckled, but he wasn’t too bothered about it.


As far as he was concerned, only Tier-3 Sovereigns could draw his attention, as for the rest, they were nothing more than Ants to him.


With this in mind, the Three-Eyes Heir’s third eye, the golden vertical pupil in the center of his forehead, also flickered slightly, faintly exuding a mystic glow.


However, just at this moment, as if realizing something, the Three-Eyes Heir suddenly bent his head sideways.


The next moment, a swooshing sound rang in his ears as a pitch-black claw already ripped through the air, even cutting a few strands of his golden hair.


“Huh…” The Three-Eyes Heir gasped in surprise, as he noticed a giant pitch-black Tiger standing in the air. He had no idea when it appeared and how.


Its fur, as black as ink and as smooth as silk, danced in the wind, while its eyes glowed a deep red, resembling pools of blood.


It was Shadow Tiger, the very same Shadow Tiger that led the Tiger Clan to attack the Fox Clan of Green Hill.


If it weren’t for the timely support from Misty Mountains, the Green Hill’s Fox Clan would have been wiped out long ago.


Three years ago, White Tiger had set a challenge with Shadow Tiger, with a wager that if Shadow Tiger lost, he would join Misty Mountains and lead the Tiger Clan.


By the looks of it, Shadow Tiger had lost to White Tiger.


However, White Tiger got quite a sharp eye. So, he had taken notice of Shadow Tiger’s talent.


After all, breaking through to Tier-3 was quite difficult.


In these three years, apart from the Nine Great Beasts and the Elemental Commanders, very few Mutant Beasts in Misty Mountains had advanced to Tier-3. Shadow Tiger happened to be one of these few.


Furthermore, the Tiger Clan was known for its combat power. Although they couldn’t compare to Superior Clans like Three-Eyes Divine Clan, the best among the Tiger Clan might stand a chance against them on equal footing.


And now, there was no room for words.


*Haaa…* As Shadow Tiger took a long, deep breath, faint shadows under the moonlight began to rise. Then, amidst heavy footsteps, Giant Black Tigers, resembling Shadow Tiger, emerged from the shadows.


Unique Ability: Shadow Tiger—Bestowing its own shadow with immense Spiritual Energy, it can materialize its shadow, which possesses 70% of its strength.


This was a very uncanny ability, and after Shadow Tiger became a Tier-3, this ability underwent a qualitative change.


At this moment, five Giant Black Tigers had surrounded the Three-Eyes Heir.


Even more terrifying was that the auras of these five Black Tigers were interconnected. Even without anyone reminding him, the Three-Eyes Heir could tell that these five Black Tigers had some tricks up their sleeves.


“Tsk tsk, I didn’t think you’d have such a hard time.” Sighing with emotions, the five Black Tigers turned their gazes towards the disheveled White Tiger emerging from the raging winds.


“Hmph, I’ll tear this guy apart…” Unabashed bloodlust soared into the sky.


At the same time…


*Screech, Screech…*


*Rooaar, rooaar…*


A cacophony of howls and cries echoed in the raging winds.


Looking up, one would see countless phantoms of birds and beasts appearing in the air. Several of these birds and beasts seemed tangible and exuded an indescribable chill.


Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige — Every beast slain by White Tiger contributes to the enhancement of his fiendish aura. The more adversaries he kills, the more potent his fiendish presence becomes, ultimately reaching perfection. At this pinnacle, all the souls within White Tiger are laid bare, transforming the surroundings into a fiendish realm.


Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige was a fearsome ability that White Tiger rarely used, because every time he executed it, it would affect the mind to a certain extent.


However, he had no choice but to use it now. He didn’t mind getting injured, but he couldn’t stand losing face.


Even without turning back, he could feel countless gazes directed in this direction in the depths of the mist. The thought of losing face in front of his Brothers and Sisters made White Tiger involuntarily growl.


*Grrrrrr, grrrrr…* As flames of fury burned hotter and hotter, the entire sky dimmed further.


*Tch…* Looking at the huge Black and White Tigers, the Three-Eyes Heir’s eyes narrowed slightly.


“Indeed, the First Forbidden Zone can’t be underestimated.” The Three-Eyes Heir signed with emotions, his third golden vertical pupil shimmering slightly, as if it wanted to open.


However, just at that moment, as if sensing something, the Three-Eyes Heir suddenly turned around.


The next moment, a deafening and daunting Dragon Roar, seemingly coming from ancient times reverberated across the sky, with the sky suddenly growing dark.


At this moment, dark and continuous clouds started converging from all around, their thickness so suffocating as if they were about to crush the entire world.


Within the depths of the dark clouds, bolts of lightning criss-crossed one after another, dyeing them with a purple hue.


Vaguely, the Three-Eyes Heir saw a pair of purple Dragon horn emerging from the depths of the dark clouds.


“Dragon!?” Seemingly in disbelief, the Three-Eyes Heir’s expression changed drastically.


However, before he could recover from his shock…


*Rooaar…* Another Dragon Roar echoed from the depths of the earth. Immediately after, the endless forest began to freeze, turning into a world of ice spanning for thousands of kilometers in just a short few moments.


At this moment, if one were to look towards the direction of the surging cold, they would see a hundred-meter-long, ethereal White Flood Dragon winding around an already frozen peak, its gaze filled with unspeakable coldness.



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