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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 511, The Terror of the Elemental Clan

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Among the three major Elemental Commanders under Yu Zi Yu’s command, the Little White was the most mysterious. She was a legendary creature, as well as an Elemental Lifeform.


Such a bizarre existence, not to mention in this world, but even in the previous era, was extremely rare.


In the previous era, although the cultivation system was extremely perfect, Heaven and Earth Treasures were few and far between. Even if they appeared, they had long been carved up by the myriad races.


Elemental Fruits like Yu Zi Yu’s, which could change one’s Life Form… were Supreme Treasures of the Elemental Clan in the previous era.


However, such Supreme Treasures typically bloomed once every hundred years and bore fruit once every thousand years. Furthermore, they couldn’t transform a creature that was too powerful.


For example, in the previous era, even if a Flood Dragon swallowed an Elemental Fruit, it was still difficult to become an Elemental Lifeform.


The reason why Little White, under Yu Zi Yu’s command, could become an Elemental Ice Flood Dragon was mainly because the laws of this world were still imperfect. In other words, for the creatures of this world, the greatest blessing might be in a world where the laws were not yet perfect.


In such a world, evolution had infinite possibilities.


Miracles were unfolding every moment and every second, like, an Ice Flood Dragon transforming into an Elemental Ice Flood Dragon, or a Lizard transforming into a Lightning Dragon, or an ordinary Red Fox evolving into a Celestial Fox.


Infinite and colorful evolutions bestowed upon this world too many unknowns. 


And now, Three-Eyes Heir was being stared at by this ‘Elemental Ice Flood Dragon’, a creature that had almost never appeared in the previous era…


“Uh…” Utterly perplexed, Three-Eyes Heir gawked at the ice-blue creature coiled around the peak in the distance like a Giant Python.


[It appears to be a hybrid of Dragon and Serpent, could it be a legendary Flood Dragon!?

But why does its body sometimes dissipate into a swirling storm of ice and snow, and other times coalesce into a solid form?]


“An Ice Flood Dragon! An Elemental?” With a hint of astonishment, Three-Eyes Heir’s heart couldn’t help but tremble.


Right at this moment, approaching crisp cracking sounds rang in his ears as a cold sensation surged from his feet.


When the Three-Eyes Heir lowered his head, he was horrified to find that the ground beneath his feet had already frozen at some point, and a biting cold sensation spreading along his legs.


In just a brief moment he was observing, half of his legs had almost been frozen.


“Damn it!” Shocked and horrified, the Three-Eyes Heir’s face changed drastically.


He promptly took action as a terrifying surge of Spiritual Energy erupted from his legs with a deafening roar, shattering the ice on his legs and the ground, blasting off countless crystals into the air.


Yet, the very next moment, his pupils shrank even more. The ice crystals were dancing in the air. These crystals were then converging into an enormous tail of ice crystals, sweeping towards him at an alarming speed.


The giant tail struck with such speed that the Three-Eyes Heir had no time to react, sending him hurtling through the air. His body bounced across the ground with deafening crashes, before carving a trench that stretched for kilometers as it dragged along the earth. 


What lay at the end of this trench was the figure of the Three-Eyes Heir covered in blood. His bright blond hair caked with dust and red, making him an extremely sorry sight to see.


“What a strange existence!?” Gritting his teeth, the Three-Eyes Heir glared at the ice-blue creature coiled around the mountain in the distance, a grave expression on his face.


Flood Dragons were formidable creatures, while Elemental Lifeforms were extremely bizarre.


The combination of both Flood Dragon and Elemental Lifeform had given birth to an even more horrifying Lifeform.


The Ice-Blue Flood Dragon was calmly coiled around the peak, yet its tail extended several kilometers away, taking advantage of the ice, and then fiercely lashed at him.


Had he not been a member of the noble Three-Eyes Divine Race, possessing a strong physique, and was just an ordinary Tier-3, this attack would have left him gravely injured if not dead.


Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Three-Eyes Heir slowly stood up.


However, just as he stood up, the Three-Eyes Heir instinctively leaped, as if he had discovered something.


Yet before he could leap too high, a playful voice rang in his ears, “Where do you think you are going?”


Just as these words fell, the calm ground suddenly started shaking fiercely. Then, with thunderous quakes, a huge part of the ground, laden with countless trees, rose into the air, transforming into a gigantic hand hundreds of meters in size, reaching towards the Three-Eyes Heir in the air.


“Huh?” At the sight of this, even the Three-Eyes Heir, despite his temperament, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.


After a moment, as if realizing, he couldn’t help but lash out in anger, “Another Elemental Lifeform!?”


At the same time, he clenched his right hand into a fist as golden Spiritual Energy instantly gathered into a radiant ball around his hand, before throwing a punch at the giant hand of rock rising from the earth.


The next moment, a golden beam of light struck the giant hand with a thunderous roar, shattering the giant hand of rock into pieces.


Yet, the Three-Eyes Heir knew that this was not the end of it as he watched the rocks and soil flying in the air with even more vigilance.


Because only beings like him, with ‘inherited memories,’ could understand how terrifying the Elemental Clan truly was.


They were the most bizarre and the most terrifying Lifeforms in existence.


At the same tier, the Elemental Lifeforms were not inferior to the Three-Eyed Divine Race, and sometimes even surpassed them.


All of this was because of the harmony of Elemental Lifeforms with the Elements.


So long as the Elements existed, so did the Elemental Lifeform. Even injuring them was a challenge.


Suddenly, his eyes narrowed slightly as he caught sight of soil fragments consolidating.


“Trying to ambush me…” roaring in anger, the Three-Eyes Heir punched the soil fragments, blasting them away.


But right then, a deep, rumbling laughter came from behind him.


“I indeed wanted to ambush you.” As the words fell, a burly figure appeared out of thin air behind him.


Immediately after, Qing Gang clasped his hands together, and viciously smashed towards the top of the Three-Eyes Heir’s head.


He smashed with such immense force that even the very air distorted.


The next moment, a piercing scream echoed in the air as the Three-Eyes Heir was sent hurtling towards the ground like a meteor.


With a deafening boom, a towering wave of earth splashed outwards, spreading in all directions, burying everything and everyone in its path.


And with the diffusion of this terrifying shockwave, a gigantic crater several tens of kilometers wide appeared.


Nobody knew just how terrifying Qing Gang’s strength truly was, but looking at the huge crater left on the ground, not to mention other Mutant Beasts, even the Nine Great Beasts were left stunned.


Clearly, the Great Beasts were all shocked. Such strength was truly awe-inspiring.



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