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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 512, The Heavenly Eye

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“Elemental Lifeforms truly begins to reveal its terror after stepping into Tier-3.” Hidden deep within Misty Mountains, Yu Zi Yu remarked with a smirk, satisfied with the fact that his meticulous care and cultivation of Elemental Lifeforms had not been in vain.


None of the Elemental Lifeforms under his command had disappointed him.


Yet, this was not even the most terrifying part. The true terror of Elemental Lifeforms lay in their ability to manipulate Elements and unleash widespread attacks.


In other words, Elemental Lifeforms excelled in group battles.


Just a Tier-3 Elemental Lifeform was enough to guard a territory.


Be that it may, it wasn’t enough to kill the Three-Eyes Heir.


With this thought in mind, Yu Zi Yu glanced towards the center of the crater.


Distance meant nothing to him. Even the swathes of dust swirling in the air couldn’t obstruct his gaze.


After a moment, a figure covered in blood, with half of his body buried in the ground entered Yu Zi Yu’s sight.


Despite his sorry state, the defiant expression on the Three-Eyes Heir’s face remained unchanged.


What made Yu Zi Yu’s eyes narrow slightly was the partly opened third eye on his forehead, which seemed to be filled with prismatic light.


Innate Talent: Heavenly Eye — A terrifying talent that allows the Three-Eyes Clan to see through all illusions and catch every movement. And when cultivated to the extreme, it can even trace back to the end of time.

If the Heavenly Eye is opened, it can shoot a beam of Divine Light that can pierce through anything, forcing everyone to retreat.


After reading the introduction, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink.


[I’ve to admit, this eye is really terrifying. Since every member of the Three-Eyes Clan possessed this fearsome eye, their power could easily be imagined. Of course, there must be levels to it too. The members of Three-Eyes Clan who can awaken the Heavenly Eye would have been extremely rare in the previous era too. Every Three-Eyes Clan member who can awaken the Heavenly Eye must be considered geniuses in the Three-Eyes Clan and should be precious and indispensable.]


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted towards a corner.


After a moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, a Golden Monkey with vibrant fur slowly emerged.


“The Heavenly Eye of the Three-Eyes Clan is divided into levels. As talented he is, his Heavenly Eye is only of the Second-Level. If he could awaken the Heavenly Eye of the Fourth-Level, Master, even you would have to be on guard.”


“Is the Fourth-Level Heavenly Eye so terrifying?” Yu Zi Yu skeptically asked, doubtful of Golden Monkey’s claim.


“The Fourth-Level Heavenly Eye is also known as the Heavenly Dao Eye. It can see through all kinds of illusions and superficiality, and can reach the essence of things. In front of that eye, all Principles are laid bare. What’s even more terrifying is that the Heavenly Dao Eye contains an offensive Divine Ability, making it a true Innate Supreme Treasure.”


Yu Zi Yu nods in wonder.


[No wonder the Three-Eyes Clan is so powerful. With the Heavenly Eyes, it would be a piece of cake to join the ranks of the Superior Clans! Unfortunately, this guy picked a fight with the wrong person.]


At this moment, as if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes suddenly narrowed.


At this moment, if one looked along his gaze, they would astonishingly witness the Three-Eyes Heir deep within the distant crater slowly opening the third golden vertical pupil on his forehead.


The pale golden vertical pupil slightly trembled. Its color deepened and it grew more and more brilliant, illuminating the hazy world.


Just then…


“Go to hell,” the Three-Eyes Heir roared out before a golden beam swiftly shot into the sky.


With a deafening roar, the golden beam pierced through the encompassing mist, heading straight towards Qing Gang high up in the air.


“What the!?” Qing Gant was taken aback, but he reacted swiftly. He promptly spread his right palm as a tremendous amount of Earth-Attribute Spiritual Energy began to surge out of his palm.


In a moment, a towering shield made of rock materialized in front of him.


But the very next moment, Qing Gang’s expression changed, because just as the shield he had formed came in contact with the beam, he felt as if the entire shield ceased to exist, pierced through in a flash.

Even more terrifyingly, the momentum of the golden beam did not diminish, and it continued to shoot towards him with the same intensity as before.


“So this is the terror of the Three-Eyes Clan…” Heaving a sigh, Qing Gang lowered his head, looking at his chest, at the bowl-sized hole in his chest.


The beam pierced through him in a flash, who possessed one of the most formidable defenses of Misty Mountain. It spoke volumes for its strength.


Fortunately, Qing Gang’s Elementalization had already reached a terrifying level. The Element was him, and he was the Element.


So long as his Spiritual Energy wasn’t depleted, one would find it truly difficult to even injure him.


With this in mind, Qing Gang began to mobilize his Spiritual Energy.


In moments, to the somewhat incredulous gaze of the Three-Eyes Heir, a hazy earthy yellow halo emerged around the chest of the muscular young man whose chest was pierced through by the Divine Light.


In just moments, the hole in Qing Gang’s chest began to heal.


However, if one were to pay close attention to Qing Gang, they would notice that his aura had diminished considerably.


While this kind of recovery was incredible, it consumed a significant amount of Spiritual Energy and even his mental strength.


In a battle, Qing Gang could use it a few times at best.


However, the Three-Eyes Heir’s Divine Light was too terrifying. If he did not timely heal his injuries, the residual Divine Light would cause even more serious injuries, and this was something Qing Gang didn’t wish to see.


“You, you…” stuttering in a horse voice, the Three-Eyes Heir gawked at the robust young man in the sky whose injuries had already healed, his facial features distorting.


[My Divine Light was actually ineffective. No, not ineffective, it’s just that Earth Elemental Lifeforms are too tough and resilient.


Thinking of this, the Three-Eyes Heir placed a hand on his forehead.


“I’ll see how many times you can take it,” amidst a voice filled with resentment, another golden beam shot out.


However, compared to before, this beam’s color was noticeably deeper, and its power was even more formidable.


From afar, it looked as if a golden beam was piercing through the Heaven, visible throughout the entire Misty Mountains.


Meanwhile, looking at the golden beam coming at him, Qing Gang’s face also turned grim.


Once was enough, but if he was struck by it a few more times, even he would be severely injured.


However, just then, as if sensing something, Qing Gang’s lips curled into a smirk, and he stated, “Then I’ll leave him to you.”


“Well, leave this guy to your Little Brother.” Accompanied by a voice seemingly coming from who knows where, pitch-black clouds began to blanket the sky, with flashes of purple lightning crisscrossing the sky.


In just a few breaths, the entire world seemed to be about to come to an end, an indescribable terror filling the air.


Suddenly, amidst this terrifying phenomena, a purple head suddenly appeared deep within the pitch-black clouds, followed by a Dragon Roar that shook the world.


The terrifying aura accompanying the roar caused countless Mutant Beasts to feel their chests tighten in fear. At the same time, a purple glow started gathering in its throat before a purple lightning pillar, as thick as a water barrel, roared out from the depths of the dark clouds, heading straight towards the golden beam of light.



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