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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 513, Divine Ability: Void Escape

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Translator:  Ashish

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*Boom…* The two beams collided into each other with a thunderous crash, sending the clouds rolling back. In the aftermath of their clash, vast continuous shockwaves swept through the entire sky, and the sky was dyed in shades of gold and purple as the golden Divine Light and purple lightning intertwined with each other.


“Impossible?” In disbelief, the Three-Eyes Heir’s face changed drastically.


However, after a moment, as if realizing something, he looked at the sky and coldly uttered two words, “Dragon Breath…”


The Dragon Breath was one of the most terrifying means of attack of the Dragon Clan, on some level comparable to the Three-Eyes Clan’s Divine Light.


The Dragon Clan’s Dragon Breath was not as simple as breathing out, it was filled with destruction, power capable of annihilating everything.


This was the most terrifying aspect of Dragon Breath. Even in the previous era, Dragon Breath was one of the most famous destructive moves. It was not a Divine Ability, but stood on par with Divine Abilities.


At this moment, looking at the purple beam in the sky blocking his Divine Light, the Three-Eyes Heir was quite certain that a True Dragon was lurking within Misty Mountains.


He found it hard to digest. He couldn’t believe the fact that the Dragon Clan had actually appeared in this newborn world.


With this realization, the Three-Eyes Heir had thoughts of retreating.


[The waters of the First Forbidden Zone are deeper than I expected. Too deep. Black and White Tigers, Elemental Lifeforms, and now even a Dragon.]


“Urgh”  The Three-Eyes Heir’s mind was in turmoil. He really wanted to kill the person who drafted the record of Misty Mountains.


[Didn’t the records say that Misty Mountains only have Nine Great Beasts? Didn’t the records say that the Nine Great Beasts are only a bit more talented than ordinary Mutant Beasts? Then, what the Hell is going on here? Who can explain to me why Misty Mountains is full of Tier-3s, and legendary strong races are popping up one after another?]


Although feeling helpless, the Three-Eyes Heir’s Spiritual Energy surged.


[It’s not wise to stay here any longer; it would be wise to leave first.]


With this in mind, a gleam flashed in the Three-Eyes Heir’s eyes. 


Immediately after, to his somewhat smug gaze, a crack slowly opened in front of him.


Minor Divine Ability: Void Escape — This escape ability not only enables the user to greatly enhance their speed by merging into space but also grants them the power to tear through the fabric of space itself, so that they can swiftly escape tens or even hundreds of kilometers away in an instant.


This was the source of the Three-Eyes Heir’s confidence. This Divine Ability was more than enough to save his life.


It was important to note that the most terrifying aspect of Void Escape was its speed, swiftness, and the absence of Spiritual Energy fluctuations.


More often than not, he would disappear from the sight of his opponent before they could even react.


With such a Divine Ability, not to mention ordinary Mutant Beasts, even terrifying Tier-3s would find it as difficult as ascending to Heavens to capture him.


With his escape route secured, a smirk appeared on the Three-Eyes Heir’s face. He lifted his foot and started walking towards the nearby rift he had opened.


“I’ll definitely take my revenge next time.” He coldly glanced at the figures standing on the clouds one by one, etching them into his memories.


However, just as the Three-Eyes Heir’s figure was about to step into the rift, his figure fiercely jolted as if discovering something incredulous.


“Where do you think you’re going?” A faint voice echoed in the void.


Following the direction of the voice, the Three-Eyes Heir saw countless roots rising from the earth, slowly intertwining with each other, weaving into a tall and handsome young man.


“Who are you!?” The Three-Eyes Heir’s pupils fiercely shrank as blood drained from his face.


At this moment, a young man appeared. He managed to close the rift the Three-Eyes Heir had opened using a Divine Ability with a casual wave of his hand. Just a casual wave!


What was even more terrifying was that with every step of the young man, lush, green sprouts emerged from the ground.


The abundant vitality radiating from the young man was indescribable. The Three-Eyes Heir felt like he was in an ocean of vitality, even breathing becoming difficult.


Too much was as bad as not enough.


The excess vitality he was unable to absorb was suffocating him.


“No… no…” Watching the young man coming towards him, the Three-Eyes Heir cried in a hoarse and terrified voice, a trace of despair on his face.


[Who in bloody Hell is this guy? Impossible, how can someone so horrifying even exist!?] 


Yu Zi Yu’s presence was extremely terrifying, far beyond what others could even imagine. Just his presence alone was enough to make an ordinary Tier-3 freeze in fear.


But before the Three-Eyes Heir could say anything, he felt his neck tighten.


“No…” In a voice filled with fear, the figure of the Three-Eyes Heir began to tremble.


This trembling wasn’t just because of fear and terror, more so because his Spiritual Energy, even his vitality, was constantly being drained away.


In just a few breaths, the Three-Eyes Heir’s dazzling blonde hair lost their luster, then dried up and turned grayish-white.


It was due to an ability of Yu Zi Yu’s roots — Absorption.


After advancing to Tier-4, Yu Zi Yu’s roots were not satisfied with just stealing Spiritual Energy and abilities; they even began to steal vitality.


Vitality was a mysterious force, inexplicable and indescribable. Without vitality, even if one possessed Heaven-defying combat power, they would still wither away.


To some extent, vitality was equivalent to one’s lifespan. And now, Yu Zi Yu could also steal this mysterious force. One could imagine how terrifying he had become.


He was now exactly like the demon depicted in certain rumors, a terrifying and cruel creature that devoured people without leaving even the bones.


<Ding, you have killed a Tier-3 Three-Eyes Clan Transcendent, Evolution Points +1.2 million.>


Listening to the crisp notification ringing in his ears, Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled.


[What a great harvest!] It was really a great harvest, not only had he gained so many Evolution Points, his Spiritual Energy had also soared by more than 700,000.


Compared to other Transcendents of the same tier, the Spiritual Energy of the Three-Eyes Heir was undoubtedly much purer.


More importantly, Yu Zi Yu had gained another great and unexpected harvest, so unexpected that it had not even crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


Because he unexpectedly obtained a very peculiar ability from this Three-Eyes Clan member — Opening Eye.


Unique Ability: Opening Eye — Every one has Heavenly Eye connected to the Great Dao. However, their Heavenly Eyes may be invisible or hidden, and few can open them.


The Heavenly Eye was an Innate Talent to the Three-Eyes Clan, yet not exclusive to them.


According to the introduction of this ability, all beings have a Heavenly Eye. However, only the Three-Eyes Clan had the correct method of opening them.


The inheritance of the Three-Eyes Clan was the method of opening the Heavenly Eye of their clansmen. Every member of the Three-Eyes Clan would inadvertently activate this ability until they could only open their own Heavenly Eye.


And surprisingly, Yu Zi Yu had stolen this ability.



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