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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 514, Dominating the World

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“Opening Eye…” muttering to himself, a hint of excitement lit up Yu Zi Yu’s face.


If he could open his Heavenly Eye, it would be a great opportunity for him.


The Heavenly Eye was not a Divine Ability, but it stood on par with Divine Abilities.


In some ways, it was even more domineering than Divine Abilities.


More importantly, everyone has their own Heavenly Eye. If Yu Zi Yu were to open his Heavenly Eye, he would be opening an eye that wholly belonged to him.


With these thoughts in his mind, Yu Zi Yu smirked while looking at the withered corpse lying at his feet.


He has rarely been awake. Yet, the moment he was, he encountered such a pleasant surprise. He was really pleased by this encounter.


However, at this moment, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu slowly raised his right hand towards the brow of the corpse.


The next moment, a terrifying suction force emerged from his hand, sucking in a dim golden eye from the withered corpse.


It was the Heavenly Eye, the treasure of the Three-Eyes Clan.


However, compared to before, this Heavenly Eye was noticeably dimmer, and even somewhat withered, as if it had lost its vitality.


At this moment, holding this withered eye in his hand, Yu Zi Yu’s flickered non-stop, seemingly realizing something.


He suddenly started pouring his Spiritual Energy into it, before a thunderous clap seemingly rang in his mind, fiercely shaking his mind.


The next moment, a very peculiar sensation arose in his mind. In a trance, Yu Zi Yu perceived everything around him, his gaze even passing through the rocks and mountains, allowing him to see what lay behind them.


“So, this is the power of the Heavenly Eye…”  Sighing, Yu Zi Yu increased the influx of Spiritual Energy.


However, the Heavenly Eye reacted differently this time. Yu Zi Yu felt the energy within the Heavenly Eye circulating in a different manner.


Suddenly, with a deafening roar, a golden beam shot towards the distance.


Out of nowhere, several towering ancient trees suddenly shattered into dust, leaving everyone baffled. When they looked towards the source, all they saw was a trail of the beam passing through the air.


“Such power! It’s truly terrifying!” Yu Zi Yu’s jaw dropped in astonishment.


Unfortunately, the level of this Heavenly Eye was too low to withstand his overwhelming energy. Otherwise, it would have been a pretty good weapon for Yu Zi Yu. After all, if this Heavenly Eye could withstand his fearsome strength, it might be able to unleash a terrifying beam that could pierce through the sky and even deep space. That would have really made it a Supreme Treasure for Yu Zi Yu.


[Alas, this Heavenly Eye is unsuitable for me. But, I can still bestow it onto others. Since they can’t awaken their Heavenly Eye, refining this damaged Heavenly Eye would also be a good option.]


With these thoughts, Yu Zi Yu started to ponder who he should bestow it to.


However, before giving this Heavenly Eye to his subordinates, Yu Zi Yu was still interested in studying it. He wanted to see what terrifying abilities this Heavenly Eye, known as a Supreme Treasure even in the previous era, possessed.


With this thought, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze became focused as he deeply examined the Heavenly Eye held in his right hand.


In a few moments, a scene that left even him surprised appeared.


In the distant sky, a Peregrine Falcon was flying, flapping its wings. However, in Yu Zi Yu’s sight, its speed had become horribly slow, even the frequency of the flapping of its wings had fallen.


It was as if Yu Zi Yu had entered a slow-motion world, everything was so slow that he could observe more clearly, more minutely.


“Hmm…” Yu Zi Yu was slightly taken aback by this.


“So this is another ability of the Heavenly Eye…” Yu Zi Yu was really shaken by the discovery of this ability.


After all, an ability like this was truly terrifying. 


Not to mention its other potential applications, just its utility in combat alone would enable its user to dissect every movement of their opponent, whether Human or Mutant Beast, simply by observing them.


In the hands of a skilled individual, it would be akin to granting wings to a Tiger. Merely by gazing at someone, they could assimilate the techniques of others as if being guided step by step.


In essence, even someone with mediocre Innate Talent could master a variety of martial techniques. In combat, they would be nearly invincible within their tier.


[No wonder, the Three-Eyes Heir remained calm faced with Old Third’’s seemingly ghostly speed, and even had a hint of ridicule on his face. The ghastly speed of Old Third was as slow as a turtle in his eyes.]


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu looked at White Tiger, who was excitedly rushing over not far away, and silently mourned for him for three seconds.


[If Old Third came to know that the speed he thinks of as amazing was as slow as a crawl in others’ eyes, he would most likely blow his fuse.]


“Ha ha…” Yu Zi Yu broke into a rare laughter before tossing the Heavenly Eye in his hand towards White Tiger the next moment.


“Master, what’s this for?”


“Have fun with it.” Saying that, Yu Zi Yu slowly started making his way towards the depths of Misty Mountains, paying no heed to White Tiger’s baffled expression.


It had been a long time since he woke up. He was planning to take a good look at the current state of Misty Mountains.


However, as Yu Zi Yu various craters and broken trees entered his sight, his eyes couldn’t help but narrow slightly.


The next moment, vitality surged around Yu Zi Yu as he took a step forward.


*Boom…* With his every step, the ground quaked.


In the astonished gazes of countless Mutant Beasts and even figures like Qing Gang, Yu Zi Yu appeared godlike. Every step he took seemed to bring forth a spring of vitality.


At a speed discernible to the naked eye, the shattered trees appeared to have been revitalized, shooting up from the ground and growing dozens, even hundreds of meters tall in just a few breaths.


A wave of earth swept through the ground, swiftly restoring the devastated terrain, which was previously riddled with ditches and craters, back to its original state.


At this moment, if one were to look at the entire battlefield, they would be astonished to see that everything had returned to normal. Even the broken branches, uprooted trees, and the corpses of some Mutant Beasts were swallowed up by the churning earth and disappeared into its depths.


This was how powerful the current Yu Zi Yu was. His control over the world reached a whole new level, allowing him to alter a piece of the world with just a single thought.


The powers of the four Elements—Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning—aided in his control over the world.


And the mysterious power of vitality revitalised everything.


As long as a wisp of vitality remained, Yu Zi Yu could use the rich vitality to restore it.


If restoration was impossible, Yu Zi Yu could also use his Innate Talent—the Seeds of Life—to reshape the forest.


However, just as Yu Zi Yu was smoothing out the scars left by the battle, a voice filled with frustration suddenly came from behind.


“Damn it, no wonder he could catch up with my speed… it was actually because of this eye.” 


The more he spoke, the angrier White Tiger became, his eyes turning bloodshot.


[Argh! I’m so unlucky! I finally got to fight, only to run into my nemesis! If it was Second Brother, who wasn’t good at speed, or Elder Sister, who could conjure up flames at will, they would have beaten this guy black and blue!]



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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