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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 515, Innate Talent Elixir

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Step by step, Yu Zi Yu had slowly traversed more than half of Misty Mountains.


Although his pace was slow, each step seemed to cover thousands of meters.


Yet, despite such terrifying speed, he had walked for half a day.


One can imagine the vastness of the current Misty Mountains.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimation, the current Misty Mountains was probably as vast as a province from the old era, which was extremely vast. After all, some small countries were only the size of a province of China.


Misty Mountains had now formed their own worlds. There were distinct differences in the environment In each direction, east, south, west, and north.


The most typical examples were the north and south. One side was a scorching hot land, which grew hotter as one went deeper, and at its extreme pole were rolling red swamps, filled with molten lava. It was paradise for Fire-Attribute Mutant Beasts, where the Inferno Snake Clan, Inferno Bird Clan, and Old Ninth, Brewmaster, resided.


And in the deepest part of this fiery land was a furnace that burned round the year. It was the furnace painstakingly built by Brewmaster, which had given birth to countless peerless artifacts, each capable of slicing through iron like it was mud.


If these artifacts ever saw the light of the day, Humans would fight to the death for them.


Among these artifacts, the artifacts crafted for the Knights of Mist were far, far stronger than ordinary artifacts.


Each of them was already a Tier-3 artifact.


Take a spear for instance, it seemed to have been born from magma. Its tip was constantly ablaze, and the entire spear constantly emitted a hazy red halo. When infused with Spiritual Energy, blazing hot flames would surge out from its tip in waves.


That spear, named the Firetip Spear, was one of the few Tier-3 artifacts in Misty Mountains.


Just it alone enhanced the combat power of the Knight of Mist — Liu Zi Yan by 60%.


And in stark contrast to this scorching hot land, lay the extreme north, a region of relentless cold where blizzards raged incessantly, growing colder with each step further into its depths.


This extremely cold land was the favourite place of the Elemental Guardian of Misty Mountains — Little White and the Mutant Beasts of Arctic Region, the Polar Bears.


Certainly, the other regions were no exception to the scorching heat of the south or the freezing cold of the north.


To the west sprawled an arid desert plagued by relentless sandstorms, once a remote corner of the Western Desert and now a domain fit for the Snake Queen.


Now, it had been engulfed by the expanding Misty Mountains, becoming a land shrouded in thick mist.


Not far from the arid desert, there was a Flower Valley and the Tranquil Bamboo Grove.


The Flower Valley was the home of the Tier-3 Golden Butterfly, filled with endless blooming flowers and countless Spirit Plants. Even if one stepped foot in this valley, they would feel like being baptised.


For ordinary Mutant Beasts, it was nothing short of a paradise.


The Tranquil Bamboo Grove, on the other hand, was resided by the Leng Brother and Sister duo. It was also inhabited by various young beasts. It was the training ground of Misty Mountains.


However, this was not all, because an underground world lay hidden beneath the earth.


Thinking of it, Yu Zi Yu lifted his foot, and when it landed, a fearsome tremor coursed through the ground.


Immediately afterward, his body slowly started sinking into the ground, eventually disappearing from the surface.


Shortly afterward, a unique subterranean city unfolded before Yu Zi Yu’s eyes, where skyscrapers rose majestically amidst intertwining vines. It was a perfect blend of man and nature.


And this was the Underground City.


The Underground City was the foundation of Misty Mountains, unknown to most ordinary Mutant Beasts.


Currently, the only Clans that knew about the Underground City were the strongest Clan of Misty Mountains, the Chimpanzee Clan, as well as the Tiger Clan, and the Rat Clan.


The only reason these Clans knew about it was either because of their strength or because they were originally subterranean creatures, and it couldn’t be hidden from them, so Yu Zi Yu let them know.


Apart from these renowned Clans, the Underground City was predominantly populated by Humans.


However, these Humans were not ordinary. They were the elite from Smoghaven and Crescent Moon, either skilled in astronomy, geography, or in other fields.


Supported by the endless resources of Misty Mountains, all these Humans had to do was continue their work and research to live comfortably.


Moreover, when necessary, Yu Zi Yu would also bestow upon them the Rain of Vitality, ensuring their health.


For these Humans, Yu Zi Yu’s existence was akin to that of a God.


An aged scientist, nearly ninety years old, was nearing the end of his life. However, with just a drop of Yu Zi Yu’s Life Essence, this old man returned to his youth and even stepped into Tier-1.


From then on, countless Humans looked at Yu Zi Yu with fervour.


In the face of the temptation of longevity and power, everything else paled in comparison. Moreover, Yu Zi Yu had never demanded them to betray their race; he merely encouraged them to research.


Yu Zi Yu also promised that he would not use their research results against Humanity.


Thus, one could imagine that the fervour of these Humans towards Yu Zi Yu. It was clearly not without reason.


To them, he was a great being, benevolent and tolerant, who would bestow blessings and the so-called divine grace upon them.


Any Human who encountered him could not help but be filled with respect.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu smiled and lifted his foot, heading straight towards the centre of the Underground City.



After a while, Yu Zi Yu stood atop a high-rise building, gazing quietly over the entire city.


Behind him stood a spirited old man in white lab coat, respectfully reporting on the research of the past half-year.


“Divine Tree, over these years, we have gained new insights into the evolution of all things, and we have also developed Genetic Serums that can significantly enhance the possibility of biological evolution,” at this point, the old man became extremely excited. “Not only that, but we have also developed Innate Talent Elixirs…”


“Innate Talent Elixirs?” Taken aback, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but murmur.


“Yes, Innate Talent Elixir,” affirming, the old man couldn’t conceal his excitement as he continued, “Every being is blessed with Innate Talents, but most of them remain hidden, sometimes never even manifesting until death. The Innate Talent Elixir we’ve researched can slightly increase the likelihood of unlocking one’s Innate Talents.”


“Divine Tree, we gave the Innate Talent Elixir to ten Mutant Azure Wolves. And after a few days, three or four of them could fire wind blades out of their mouths, and could even control the wind!”


Yu Zi Yu calmly listened to the old man, slowly understanding the reason for his excitement.


[So, it’s an elixir that enhances the likelihood of awakening one’s Innate Talents. I must admit, it’s an extremely valuable outcome of our research, particularly beneficial for the younglings. Unlocking their Innate Talents early on can significantly benefit them in the long run.]



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