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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 516, The Unknown Creature

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After gaining a brief understanding of research done by the scientists of the Underground City, Yu Zi Yu was pleased with the results.


In addition to the impressive Genetic Serum and Innate Talent Elixir, the scientists had also come up with a noteworthy piece of theory.


In this theory, some scientists elaborated their views regarding the third round of the Spiritual Energy Tide.


Just as Yu Zi Yu had speculated, these scientists also believed that the current planetary changes were mostly due to the impending arrival of the third round of Spiritual Energy Tide.


To them, this might be the largest Spiritual Energy Tide since the resurgence of Spiritual Energy.


If the first Spiritual Energy Tide triggered the so-called evolution, then the second one granted sentences to all beings, and the third Spiritual Energy Tide would most likely push all beings to a higher form of evolution. In other words, it would usher the entire era into a mythical age.


At that time, legendary species would also begin to appear one after another, like the Lightning Dragon, Elemental Flood Dragon, and various Elemental Lifeforms currently residing within Misty Mountains.


Actually, these strange Life Forms shouldn’t even exist in this era. However, under Yu Zi Yu’s deliberate intervention, they were born in advance, and began to reveal their extraordinary splendor.


The third round of Spiritual Energy Tide would result in the birth of even more legendary species.


In other words, a truly prosperous era was about to arrive.


The most obvious sign of this was the successive births of members of the Three-Eyes Clan, the Ghost Clan, and even the Titan Clan.


Their birth was not only a signal but also the biggest affirmation of the arrival of the ‘third round of Spiritual Energy Tide.’


Thinking of the imminent extraordinary era, a smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


He had been really looking forward to the arrival of this great era. After all, the arrival of this great era would also reopen his severed path of cultivation.


While it might sound ironic, the path ahead was really severed.


Since advancing to Tier-4, apart from the accumulation of Spiritual Energy, he had made no real progress in other aspects.


He seemed to be trapped by an invisible bottleneck. Even so, his combat power had been increasing day by day.


Unfortunately, if things continued like this, even if he were to reach the end of his lifespan, it would be very difficult for Yu Zi Yu to touch the threshold of Tier-5.


Deep down, a vague feeling was telling him that reaching Tier-5 was no longer just about accumulation of Spiritual Energy. This esoteric realm involved a deeper and more mysterious power.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to a certain direction.


After a moment, amidst his contemplative gaze, a seemingly ethereal tree root extended towards him, resembling a Giant Python, its hue a blend of purple and twilight.


The Cosmic Root was one of Yu Zi Yu’s greatest discoveries in his exploration of void over the past three years.


As for another major discovery, it was Yu Zi Yu’s approximation of the time for the arrival of the Third Spiritual Energy Tide.


If everything went normal, on a certain day half a year later, boundless Spiritual Energy would surge out from the depths of Void. It would envelop the entire planet. However, this Spiritual Energy Tide would not only affect this planet, but the entire universe.


The great era that Yu Zi Yu eagerly anticipated was not confined to this planet alone, but encompassed the entire universe, where countless lives would undergo a frenzied evolution.


As for whether there was life on other planets…If it was in the past, Yu Zi Yu might have been skeptical about it. However, ever since he started exploring void, Yu Zi Yu could confidently say, ‘Yes, and there are more than one planet.’


The resurgence of Spiritual Energy had not only pushed the evolution of plants and animals but also the evolution of countless mysterious and invisible microorganisms.


Moreover, some planets had undergone billions of years of evolution in just a few years, thus giving birth to life.


This was the most terrifying aspect of the resurgence of Spiritual Energy.


It didn’t belong to one person, nor did it belong to one planet; it belonged to the entire universe.


The reason why Yu Zi Yu was so certain was simply because…


As if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the tip of the Cosmic Root.


At the tip of it was a small space, invisible to others, but it was as clear as the sun to him. Inside that space was an extremely peculiar lifeform, Truly peculiar.


It looked like a bloated round balloon, covered in purple patterns, and occasionally wriggling.


Yu Zi Yu accidentally captured this strange creature when exploring the depths of void. Apart from its disgusting appearance, this strange creature happened to be quite terrifying.


While it lacked any real strength, it was filled with greed and cruelty.


In Yu Zi Yu’s perception, this creature was driven by just one instinct, a thirst for evolution. Evolution, and nothing but evolution.


This was a product of evolution, unique to this era of evolution.


“I still can’t fully understand your existence,” murmuring, Yu Zi Yu gazed at this strange creature with perplexity.


[It’s clearly weak and pitiful, yet it gives me a sense of foreboding, as if the existence of this strange creature itself is a disaster. Perhaps, just like its instinct, it thirsts for evolution. If this strange creature ever got out of the confinement of this space, the first thing it may seek is frantic evolution. I have a feeling that its evolution would be grotesque and cruel, filled with endless brutality.]


At this moment, after casting a deep glance at this strange creature, Yu Zi Yu waved his hand and once again let the Cosmic Root extend deeper into void.


[Now’s not the time to study this creature. But, one thing is certain. This creature definitely doesn’t belong to this planet. Based on my understanding of Earth, Earth couldn’t have nurtured such a grotesque and terrifying creature. From my brief observation of it, the physical form and other aspects of this creature are completely different from any creature on this planet. Even traces of legendary creatures like the Lightning Dragon and the Elemental Ice Flood Dragon Serpent can be found in other living organisms on this planet, but not in this creature. Everything about it is completely different.]


“If my guess is correct, besides this planet, other planets more or less have begun to breed life, Some planets may have already entered the era of cultivation.” A helpless sigh escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


[If my speculation is right, then in the best-case scenario, Earth is the first to enter the era of cultivation, and in the worst case scenario, the other planets have already begun evolving, and some may be evolving much faster than Earth.]


*Tch…* Yu Zi Yu clicked his tongue, but stopped dwelling on it further.


Rather than wasting time on this, he believed that it was more important to diligently focus on his cultivation. 


Only by becoming strong himself could he have everything in his grasp.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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