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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 517, The Heavenly Eye’s Search for its Master

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By the time Yu Zi Yu returned to North Canyon in the depths of Misty Mountains, it was already deep into the night.


His consciousness slowly sank into his Tree Body as his countless branches flew upwards.


*Boom!* Immediately afterward, the sky and the ground shook as a terrifying suction emanated from him.


At this moment, looking towards the sky, numerous Mutant Beasts impressively discovered countless starlights coming from from the sky, heading straight towards the Towering Tree obscuring the moon.


“Master, every time you cultivate, you cause such grandiose movements,” a calm voice emerged from a Five-Color Spirit Flower, resembling the embodiment of all the beauty of this world, as its petals trembled. It was none other than Aurora.


However, upon closer observation, one would discover that every vibration of her petals seemed to cause space to tremble, sending numerous ripples outward.


These undulating ripples seemed to draw the starlight guided by Yu Zi Yu, drawing them straight towards her.


” Isn’t it because I’m doing it for your sake?” Helpless, Yu Zi Yu also restrained the branches flying all over the sky.


Guiding starlight on such a large scale was not difficult for him, however, guiding too much would be too much for other Mutant Beasts to bear.


After all, this starlight was different from ordinary Spiritual Energy.


If Spiritual Energy of the world was a gentle breeze, then these seemingly peaceful starlights were dense and resilient hail, They were not something ordinary Mutant Beasts could withstand.


Only Tier-3s like Aurora and Nine Tails could barely absorb them.


As a matter of fact, these were not ordinary starlight.


The fundamental purpose of space exploration three years ago was to introduce the third round of Spiritual Energy Tide into Misty Mountains ahead of time, thus initiating a new round of evolution in Misty Mountains earlier than the rest of the world..


This way, Misty Mountains could still dominate the world in the future, even reigning over the entire world.


These ‘starlights’ guided by him were essentially the Spiritual Energy from deep space. The same kind of Spiritual Energy that would erupt during the Spiritual Energy Tide. However, they truly looked no different from ordinary starlight.


Of course, in essence, its power was several times or even tens of times that of ordinary Spiritual Energy.


From this, one could see how terrifying the starlight guided by Yu Zi Yu was.


It was precisely because of these starlights that the Mutant Beasts in Misty Mountains, gifted with extraordinary talents, were able to successively advance to Tier-3 during these three years.


After calming down the commotion of his cultivation, Yu Zi Yu glanced at the Mutant Beasts standing on his branches one by one.


Lying on a branch shimmering with a fiery red glow, as if burning, Nine Tails four tails started rotating, creating a suction that swallowed all the surrounding starlight.


On another branch, the simple-minded Bull Demon’s crescent horns radiated with a faint glow, and his feet dug deeper into the branch.


The next moment, he let out a long and resonant bellow as a black vortex manifested at the tip of his crescent horns.


This was Gravity Vortex, the ability that Bull Demon was most adept at.


It looked like a black hole, and acted like one too, pulling everything towards it.


Although the Bull Demon couldn’t swallow everything like a real black hole yet, it was more than capable of devouring the Spiritual Energy around him and the starlight.


Not only Nine Tails and Bull Demon, but also White Tiger, Sarcosuchus, as well as Thorns, Titan, Tundra, Brewmaster, and the Lightning Dragon. Each found a good spot on Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, and they were all busy absorbing to their heart’s content.


This was nothing short of a feast.


Among all the Mutant Beasts, only the Nine Great Beasts, the Two Guardians, and Tier-3s like Golden Butterfly received such treatment.


This was also the prime reason why Tier-3 Mutant Beasts were appearing in Misty Mountains, one after another.


With Yu Zi Yu guiding the starlight for their cultivation, it was normal for their cultivation to soar at breakneck speed.


Even the lazy White Tiger, who was the most laidback of all, started diligently cultivating after receiving Yu Zi Yu’s branch lashes three years ago.


Otherwise, White Tiger wouldn’t have been able to hold his ground against the members of the Three-Eyes Clan just now, and would have been defeated.


Thinking of the Three-Eyes Clan, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but glance suspiciously at White Tiger’s forehead, because there was now a golden eye in between his forehead.


However, this pale golden eye was closed, as if in a deep sleep.


At this moment, White Tiger seemed to have noticed Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, and couldn’t help but tremble.


The next moment, before YU Zi Yu could say anything, he voluntarily opened his eyes, gulping nervously, and quickly explained, “Master, it’s not my fault. When I was playing with this eye, I don’t know what happened, it suddenly ‘whooshed’ and burrowed into my forehead…”


“Is that so?” Yu Zi Yu stoically responded, skeptically looking at White Tiger.


“It’s true. I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Second Brother,” saying so, White Tiger turned his gaze towards Bull Demon, looking at him full of expectations.


Faintly, a hint of grievance could be seen in his gaze. [Damn that Three-Eyed brat, you won’t let me off after you die!! Just because I played with your third eye for a little bit, you actually had to get back at me even after death.]


White Tiger felt wronged.


With a pair of wings growing on his back, he didn’t quite look like a Tiger anymore, and now, even had an eye had grown in his forehead.


[How am I supposed to face my kind now?]


At this moment, looking helplessly at White Tiger, the nearby Bull Demon also stopped cultivating and explained, “Master, Old Third is telling the truth. This eye burrowed into the Old Third’s forehead by itself and even took root, blending with his bloodline.”


“I see.” Bull Demon’s confirmation made Yu Zi Yu contemplate in silence for a moment.


He didn’t doubt Bull Demon’s testimony.


[It seems there is some minor issue with this Heavenly Eye, it actually actively burrowed into Old Thirdr’s forehead? Why?]


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu stared deeply at the White Tiger’s forehead.


After a moment, as if discovering something, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


[So that’s how it is! No wonder the Heavenly Eye is called an Innate Treasure. It actually possesses a bit of sentience. Sensing the impending death of its host and its rapidly depleting vitality, out of its survival instinct, it sought another host. Old Third, after battling with the Three-Eyed brat for a long time, had picked up some of his aura, which caused the Heavenly Eye to misunderstand and burrow into Old Third’s forehead. I guess this is fine then.]


Originally, Yu Zi Yu intended to have the Mutant Beasts compete for this Heavenly Eye, but since the Heavenly Eye had already picked its own Master, he found no reason to meddle further.


Moreover, since the Heavenly Eye had voluntarily burrowed into the White Tiger’s forehead, there must be a certain degree of compatibility between them.


If White Tiger encountered some opportunity, this Heavenly Eye might even advance further.


Of course, it depended White Tiger’s efforts as well. This Heavenly Eye belonged to him now. Whether it could advance or not depended entirely on White Tiger’s own abilities.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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