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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 518, The Impending Emergence of Misty Mountains

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The night was completely pitch black, with no trace of starlight in the vast expanse.


However, in such a dark night, there was a place shrouded in mystery, where starlight sparkled brightly.


In a flash, numerous Mutant Beasts saw figures clad in starlight, silently crouching on a giant tree that covered the sky and the moon.


These figures were various leaders of Misty Mountains, and as for the Towering Tree blanketing most of the night sky, it was the sole ruler of Misty Mountains— the Divine Tree.


The Divine Tree was a sacred and inviolable presence in the hearts of every Mutant Beast. If anyone dared to commit blaspheme, these young and tender Mutant Beasts would undoubtedly show them what true cruelty meant.


Their fervent faith started when they were born. They were told by their clansmen that the Divine Tree always protected them. As these Mutant Beasts grew older, they would encounter one mentor after another.


The cold and taciturn but gentle mentor— Leng Feng.


The extraordinarily beautiful and ever-changing Five-Color Spirit Flower — Aurora.


And lastly, the seemingly robust yet extremely strict mentor— Qing Gang.


While teaching them, these mentors would also instill in them a thought— without the Divine Tree, there would be no them.


In other words, these Mutant Beasts had been living in the world of ‘the Divine Tree’ since birth. Such a world built a narrow worldview for them. A worldview where the Divine Tree was supreme.


It could be imagined how much respect the younger generation had for the Divine Tree.


Even some rebellious Mutant Beasts, after witnessing the power of the Divine Tree, would choose to submit.



At this moment, raising his perspective, as Yu Zi Yu glanced at Misty Mountains, and sensed the respectful gazes of many, he felt somewhat pleased.


“It seems like you’ve done well these past few years.”


“It’s only natural.” After a slight pause, Aurora, who understood what Yu Zi Yu meant, responded with a smile.


Her petals trembled as an illusory but slender figure rose in the center of the flower.


Flower Spirit—A kind of Spiritual Embodiment, a manifestation of Aurora’s spirit after reaching Tier-3.


However, what was intriguing was that Aurora chose to take on a Human Form.


Currently, she appeared as a palm-sized woman, dressed in a prismatic gown. While she appeared somewhat hazy, it still failed to hide her unparalleled and stunning face.


Aurora, as an embodiment of all the worldly beauty, naturally possessed beauty out of this world. So much so that Yu Zi Yu still couldn’t help but be amazed despite having seen her multiple times.


“Master, during your slumber, some people haven’t been very obedient.” As if complaining, Aurora, sitting on her own petals with her little feet crossed, spoke with resentment.


“What happened?” Yu Zi Yu frowned slightly, feeling a bit curious.


“It’s the forces and Transcendents who have risen in the recent three years. They’ve been clamoring everyday, trying to find the location of our Misty Mountains, saying things like ‘what qualifications does Misty Mountains have to be called the First Forbidden Zone.’” 


Aurora said with a playful grin. “If it weren’t for your instructions, asking us to be peaceful, those jumping clowns would have already been put down! Nowadays, if any of our powerful Transcendents stepped out of Misty Mountains, they could easily rule over a territory. As for the top-tier Transcendents of Misty Mountains, they are practically unparalleled outside.”


Listening to Aurora’s complaints, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but helplessly smile.


Aurora had become increasingly arrogant lately, unable to bear even the slightest injustice.


However, after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu wasn’t surprised about this.


She was a Marvelous Flower of Heaven and Earth, who had now reached Tier-3. While she might not be completely invincible, very few could deal with her existence.


Especially her Innate Talent— Instant, which raised her strangeness by several levels.


Instant–Blooming and withering in an instant. Fleeting Moment Flower, as dazzling and eternal as fireworks, can freeze time in an instant, but the corresponding consumption of Spiritual Energy is equally terrifying. Just to stop time for one breath requires a million Spiritual Energy.


It blooms and withers in an instant, and in that instant, time itself froze.


In the eyes of the enemy, everything about Aurora seemed to speed up two or even three times, but by the time they reacted, everything was already over.


One could imagine how terrifying that was.


Although the consumption of Spiritual Energy for this Innate Talent was quite terrifying, Aurora’s current 6 million Spiritual Energy was enough to easily freeze time for 4-5 breaths. 4-5 breaths was more than enough for powerful Transcendents like Aurora to finish a lot of things.


At this moment, another aggrieved voice echoed, “Divine Tree, it’s as Aurora says, many powers have been becoming restless.” 


At this point, Sarcosuchus, who usually lay on Yu Zi Yu’s thick branch, slowly raised his gigantic head, and added, “From what I know, even the Superhumans who have made pacts with us have been inactive in recent years. If I’m not mistaken, it should be because the deterrent power of Misty Mountains has been weakened during our isolation.”


Hearing this, Yu Zi Yu’s expression turned slightly cold. “So that’s how it is.”


He didn’t care about the rest. However, those who had formed alliances with Misty Mountains, if they harbored any rebellious thoughts, it would be the greatest disrespect to Misty Mountains.


That was a capital offense.


After all, Yu Zi Yu wanted to make Misty Mountains the most terrifying force.


As the most terrifying force, if they failed to reign in even their affiliated powers, wouldn’t it bring them disgrace?


Then again, this was the inherent flaw of Humans. Really loyal men were few and far between.


When he initially formed the alliance, Yu Zi Yu didn’t expect them to stand by Misty Mountains forever.


However, not having expectations didn’t mean that he wasn’t disappointed.


After listening to the Sarcosuchus’ report, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but turn slightly cold.


However, after a moment, as if thinking of something, a faint smile tugged at the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips as he stated in a low voice, “In that case, it’s time for our Misty Mountains to reappear in the world.”


HIs voice might have been faint but echoed through Misty Mountains, instantly making the Mutant Beasts  tremble.


At this moment, if one were to look at the Mutant Beasts crouching Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, they would undoubtedly see that their eyes were all burning with a flame-like Spiritual Energy.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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