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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 519, Sensation

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To reappear in the world. This has long been lingering in the minds of the Mutant Beasts.


It had only been five years since they had awakened sentience, yet they had been in isolation for a full three years.


Such a long time was equivalent to half of their lives.


If it weren’t for their loyalty to Yu Zi Yu, they would have long been unable to bear the boredom.


Actually, except for Bull Demon and Sarcosuchus, who had very calm and steady temperaments, the other Mutant Beasts were quite impatient and short-tempered.


Even so, they still endured the boredom and monotony, staying in the depths of Misty Mountains for three long years.


Now, hearing the very words they had long been awaiting, how could they not get excited?


Right then, a Tiger Roar echoed through the mountains and forests as White Tiger flapped his pair of snow-white wing hair, rising into the air with a fearsome turbulence, shouting in excitement, “Hahaha, we are finally allowed to go out.” 


At the same time, the raging winds gathered around him, enveloping him completely.


On another side, a purple lightning bolt streaked through the pitch-black night sky before a Dragon, over 20 meters in length, with a faint purple halo shimmering all over his body, soared into the sky, before disappearing into the dark clouds.


Immediately after, thunder and lightning filled the sky as tumultuous dark clouds gathered in the sky.


For a while, countless Mutant Beasts stood gawking at the sky.


However, the many Mutant Beasts in Misty Mountains were already accustomed to it, knowing that the mysterious existence in the depths of Misty Mountains was simply excited and thrilled.


*Roooaaar, roooaaar…* Dragon Roars, seemingly coming from ancient times, echoed one after another, with the Purple Dragon shuttling back and forth deep in the dark clouds.


“I’m finally going out.” The youngest of the Great Beasts, Little Tenth, shouted in joy and excitement.



At this moment, looking at the excited Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu also felt a bit helpless.


“Ah… you guys…” Although his tone was helpless, the doting tone in his words was quite evident.


Each Mutant Beast had grown up under his watchful eye, so how could he not understand them?


Had they been ordinary Mutant Beast, it would have been another thing. However, each of them had extraordinary talents, and were meticulously cared for and cultivated by Yu Zi Yu. Their evolutionary speed far exceeded those of their peers.


As such, their pride was equally extraordinary.


Given their talents and pride, being trapped in one place like this was akin to torment for them.


Among Humans, there was a saying, ‘If you’ve riches and honor, but don’t return home, then it’s like wearing silk garments on a night journey.’


They possessed fearsome strength, yet if they didn’t establish their dominance or ruled a territory, their strength was nothing more than silk garments worn on a night journey, unappreciated by anyone.


More importantly, there were some fools who had forgotten the terror of Misty Mountains and were trying to challenge them.


*Tch!* Aware of this, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but click his tongue.


The next moment, his Spiritual Energy surged, as deafening rumbles shook the entire Misty Mountains.


Shortly thereafter, amidst the astonished gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, the night sky seemed to be torn open… revealing the gleaming stars.


“What’s going on?”

“Could it be?”



As if witnessing something unbelievable, each Mutant Beast couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.


However, before they could ponder too long, a majestic voice resounded in their minds, “As of today, Misty Mountains shall once again reveal itself to the world. If any of you wish to leave, you may report to Aurora…”


With these words, Yu Zi Yu cast a playful glance at Misty Mountains, then turned his gaze once again to Nine Tails and the others.


“If you wish to go out, then go. But remember, safety comes first.”


Hearing this, Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and other Mutant Beasts looked at each other before stating with a nod, “That goes without saying.”


However, just then, as if remembering something, Nine Tails suddenly laid back down on the ground and stated, “Master, I have no intention of going out. There’s no better place for me to cultivate than with Master.”


“Indeed.” Another voice agreed with Nine Tails, and it belonged to a chubby figure with a straw hat, Old Ninth—Brewmaster, who leisurely sipped the Spirit Wine and laughed. “What’s so great about the outside world that makes all of you always think about leaving?”


“Hmph…” High up in the sky, the excited White Tiger couldn’t help but sneer upon hearing Brewmaster’s words. [Of course, you wouldn’t want to leave. All you do is drink Spirit Wine and forge. You just want to live life leisurely. But no, not me!]


Of course, White Tiger dare not say such words. Leaving aside other matters, Brewmaster could easily suppress him.


As one of the earliest to reach Tier-3, Brewmaster had become increasingly unfathomable over the past three years. In addition, he had even crafted several exclusive artifacts for himself.


White Tiger couldn’t defeat him already, and with these artifacts in Brewmaster’s hand, White Tiger naturally stood no chance.


Facing the unfathomable Brewmaster, White Tiger naturally retained a bit of respect, despite his carefree nature.


In the world of Mutant Beasts, strength was paramount. And this was true even in Misty Mountains.


Only by having strength could one earn the respect of others.


Currently, the reason why the Nine Great Beasts enjoyed the peak position in Misty Mountains was not only because of their status, but more importantly because of their terrifying strength.



However, the Mutant Beasts had no idea that at this moment, nearly half of the continent was staring in shock in their direction.


Because at this moment, a vast expanse of dense white mist had appeared at the far end of the horizon out of nowhere, stretching from the sky to the ground like waves, covering most of the sky.


Adding more to the dread, the mist seemed to contain some strange power. Many Mutant Beasts proficient in perception spread out their senses to explore the mist, but they felt as if they had fallen in an abyss.


“Misty Mountains…” A deep voice suddenly echoed in the air, causing everyone to fall silent for a moment.




“Misty Mountains, didn’t this Forbidden Zone disappear long ago?” Amidst perplexed queries, several Humans’ expressions changed slightly.


“That’s right, this is definitely Misty Mountains,” affirming once again, the middle-aged man with a stubble beard had his pupils shrink to the size of pinpricks.


As one of the earliest to advance to become Superhuman, and having experienced the Invasion of Sea Creatures first hand, he was a veteran Superhuman who had witnessed the rise of Misty Mountains.


He had witnessed how the remote Misty Mountains had grown into a power enough to shake the entire continent, and eventually, single-handedly resist the terrifying Sea Creatures Invasion.


Even now, this middle-aged man remembered one rule very well— ‘do not provoke Misty Mountains.’


This was not the word of one man, nor was it the word of one force, it was universally acknowledged throughout the continent.


And now, this ancient and terrifying Forbidden Zone had silently reappeared in the world on this late night.


*Gulp…* Subconsciously gulping in nervousness, blood drained from the face of this Superhuman of Tier-3, who could be considered to be a powerhouse among Humans.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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