Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 52, Hunting in Progress


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“782 Evolution Points, raising you has not been in vain.” Looking at the 782 Evolution Points he had just harvested from the bees, Yu Zi Yu could not help but chuckle, a little dumbfounded.


He had been raising the bees… or more accurately, letting the bees live for four months. It was not that he hunted them.


In exchange, he gained a whooping 782 Evolution Points in one go, a deal that was well worth it. Of course, that was not just the end of it. The carcasses of these Mutant Bees were also crushed into pulp by his roots.


Now, if one were to look at the roots buried underground, they would surely notice that they seemed to be swallowing and digesting something, as if they were cannibalistic roots.


Trees could assimilate both plants and animals as their nutrients. And as a Tree Monster, no, it should be Tree Demon, Yu Zi Yu was capable of doing so.



“First, I’ll use the Evolution Points to strengthen the roots, and try to push myself to the peak of Tier-1.”


With this plan in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the status screen.


[Oh boy!]


Much to his surprise, upgrading a mutated root actually required 100 Evolution Points. However, after a moment’s observation of his nine sub-roots, Yu Zi Yu fell into silence. Each root happened to be hundreds of meters long, and had countless tendrils like smaller roots extending from them.


[Based on this, 100 Evolution Points seemed quite few. Still, thanks to my main root constantly absorbing the underground Spirit River, the growth speed of my roots is truly beyond imagination.]


He had not noticed it before, but now that he took a closer look, Yu Zi Yu was astonished to find that the power of his roots had exceeded his expectations. Just a single sub-root resembling a dormant Wood Dragon in the ground. It could probably easily handle a Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Beast.


“Ahem…” Yu Zi Yu cleared his throat, and regained his composure.


[If I were to upgrade my sub-root further!? That would…] Just imagining it, Yu Zi Yu found it hard to contain his excitement.


“Consume 100 Evolution Points to upgrade the sub-root.”


As soon as his words fell, before Yu Zi Yu could react, he felt a surge of heat rising in a certain part of his body.


It felt extremely hot.


Very, very hot.


Like scalding boiling water was wantonly being poured over.


In just a moment, Yu Zi Yu felt as if one of his sub-roots was on fire, becoming unbearably hot. But right then, this surge of heat surged again, flowing along the countless rootlets.


*Crack…Crack…Crack…* One crack after another, like firecrackers, echoed deep within the earth.


In Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, the bark of his sub-roots actually cracked, only to regenerate into an even tougher bark.


However, the true transformation had just begun.


*Rumble, rumble, rumble…* The snow-covered ground slightly quaked, and what was even more terrifying was that in one direction…


*Crack–* The earth split apart as a long crack appeared and within that crack was a thick black root resembling a Wood Dragon extending further into the distance.


“Truly terrifying! “ After taking a deep and thorough look at the crack extending into the distance, Yu Zi Yu could not help but sigh in awe.


[The power to tear apart the earth like this would be enough to instantly shred steel-like bodies of my enemies.] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu smiled. However, despite amusing the thought of it, he did not forget about the main matters at hand.


With the sub-root extending into the distance, Yu Zi Yu could clearly feel the entire mountain trembling.


Beasts ran away, birds took flight.


Although the Spiritual Energy in his roots was concealed, the abnormal change of the earth still frightened these animals.


“Let’s see if you can run faster than my roots? “ Yu Zi Yu sneered as if he was mocking them.


Immediately after, he issued a command.


*Swish! Swish! Swish!* Accompanied by the sounds of something cutting through the air, countless rootlets shot out from the black root extending into the distance.


These rootlets were incredibly swift, almost instantly entangling the fleeing beasts and even the birds that seemed to be watching from the sky.


“Strangle them.“ Yu Zi Yu murmured as he exerted force again.


*Crack!* With the crisp sound of bone breaking, the neck of a Mutant Wild Boar was crushed but it did not fall on the ground.


Countless rootlets emerged from the ground, one after another, and in the blink of an eye, hundreds of thin rootlets were propping its body.


The next moment, the rootlets started wrapping around the Mutant Wild Boar into a black bundle.


However, this was not the end of it, as something even more terrifying happened.


With a rumble, the ground cracked apart and this black bundle was dragged into the ground by countless rootlets. Then, the ground rumbled again, returning back to normal.


At this time, if one looked at that corner, he or she would be horrified to find that except for some blood stains left on the snow, it looked as if nothing had happened.


And this was just one corner. If one looked from above, anyone would be horrified to find that in the midst of the wails, one Mutant Beast after another was swallowed by the ground. For a moment, half the forest looked like Hell on earth.


Fortunately, Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root did not spread too far, otherwise the number of deaths would likely exceed hundreds.


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 2 Mutant Wild Boar, Evolution Points +20.>


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 3 Mutant Python, Evolution Points +30.>



Clear chimes of the system notifications sounded one after another, but it did not bring a smile to Yu Zi Yu’s face.


This kind of harvest was only a one-time thing.


Presumably, within a radius of one or two kilometers of him, no more Mutant Beast would be coming for a short period of time.


After all, although these Mutant Beasts had low intelligence, they were not idiots. This apocalyptic scene, along with the dense and lingering smell of blood, was enough to ward off many Mutant Beasts.




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