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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 520, The Tiger Clan

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The stars and moon shone brightly, illuminating the night sky as clear as a mirror without any obscuring presence of Yu Zi Yu. 


Meanwhile, around a certain mountain peak, suddenly a resonant bleat echoed as a massive creature leaped onto the peak.


At this moment, if one were to look at this massive creature, they would surely gasp in awe, because this massive creature happened to have four horns, resembling a Deer.


It was Jacob Sheep, a rare creature from ancient times.

(Ashish: While Jacob Sheep is a Jacob Sheep, the mythical creature here is the one mentioned in Classics of Mountains and Seas. It’s also a sheep with four horns and is carnivorous in nature.)


Surprisingly, after three years, a Jacob Sheep of Fourth Order Tier-2 had appeared not far from Misty Mountains.


“So, that’s the legendary Misty Mountains?” With a flicker in its eyes, Jacob Sheep looked towards the distant rising mist, a pensive expression crossing its face.


It was certainly not unfamiliar to Misty Mountains, which was rumored to be a holy land for Mutant Beasts.


Any Mutant Beast that emerged from Misty Mountains would be several levels stronger than those outside.


However, unfortunately, by the time it grew up, Misty Mountains had vanished without a trace.


If not for Mutant Beasts and Humans often mentioning this name, it might not even have known about Misty Mountains.


At this moment, its eyes suddenly narrowed as it stared deeply at the rising mist in the distance, as though it had discovered something.


Far away, the mist that was surging like waves, reaching the sky, happened to be moving towards it, and by the time it reacted, the towering wave of white mist was just hundreds of meters away from it already.


Be that as it may, Jacob Sheep didn’t flee or even flinch, rather watching the mist rushing towards it, it was only filled with deep curiosity.


Unlike other Mutant Beasts, it did not fear danger, nor did it fear challenges, and now, the surging mist was just a new challenge for it.


It didn’t mind stepping in, much less approaching this legendary holy land.


*Thud…* Its hooves kicked a boulder before its body drew a graceful arc, leaping towards the approaching mist in the distance.


However, just as Jacob Sheep plunged into the mist, its entire body disappeared without a trace, leaving only a whirlpool of mist.


It wasn’t just it, countless Mutant Beasts in the vicinity of Misty Mountains were also swallowed by the surging mist.


However, compared to Jacob Sheep, they were more often than not unable to escape in time.


Not every Mutant Beast had the terrifying speed of Jacob Sheep, and nor every Mutant Beast had the curiosity to face death like Jacob Sheep.


In the face of the sky-high mist rushing towards them, countless Mutant Beasts wished they had more legs.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Fearsome tremors shook the ground and roars of beasts and sharp cries of birds fleeing for their lives filled the world.


*Screech…* Suddenly, a sharp screech, sharp enough to burst one’s eardrums, pierced through the sky.


Immediately, countless Mutant Beasts witnessed a Giant Eagle rising into the air, much to their astonishment. Its wings spanned over dozens of meters, and every time it flapped its wings, it set forth fierce winds, so fierce that they even pushed the surging mist back.


“It’s the Purple-Winged Eagle, a Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendent. A true overlord. Not long ago, it even incited a beast tide and attacked one of our cities.” With a touch of disbelief, a middle-aged man with stubble, who was the first to recognize ‘Misty Mountains,’ had his expression drastically changed.


After all, a Tier-2 Mutant Beast was already formidable, and an Apex Tier-2 Transcendent was strong enough to be dubbed as a King. Each and every one of them was so strong that every country had to pay special attention to them.


And now, finding such a terrifying predator hiding in this forest—just the thought of it sent shivers down the spine of the bearded middle-aged man. [Thankfully, we didn’t explore that forest. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even know how we died. But…]


As if realizing something, the bearded middle-aged man looked up at the sky, staring at the Purple-Winged Eagle, which was continuously flapping its wings to push the mist back, his eyes flickering with complexity.


[Can this fearsome predator really block the so-called ‘Forbidden Zone?’]


And just then, as if sensing the middle-aged man’s thoughts…


*Roar…* A resonating roar suddenly echoed from deep within the mist.


The roar resembled that of a Tiger, but it was several times, even dozens of times, more terrifying than an ordinary Tiger’s roar. It pushed away the mist in its path, causing it to roll back as countless ripples spread out.


And the very next moment, before the Purple-Winged Eagle could show fear on its face, a hurricane manifested out of nowhere, transforming into a giant visible claw, reaching towards the sky.


The giant claw, seemingly probing from the depths of the mist, stretched over a hundred meters, going straight for the Purple-Winged Eagle.


The claw was extremely fast, too fast to even react.


In a flash, the fearsome Purple-Winged Eagle disappeared from the sight of countless Mutant Beasts without a trace, all that was left was countless purple feathers falling from the sky, stained with blood.


At this moment, everyone with keen hearing heard faint crunching sounds of chewing coming from deep within the fog, which sent shivers down the spine.



Meanwhile, deep within the mist…


A Giant White Tiger with a pair of wings stood in the air, its mouth still stained with crimson blood.


“Where the heck did this idiot come from, actually daring to obstruct the expansion of our Tiger Clan?” While speaking, the corners of White Tiger’s lips curled up, revealing a disdainful sneer.


However, anyone who knew White Tiger at this moment would surely understand that he was feeling inexplicably proud. Not only did he get to taste blood, but he also got to feast heartily.


As far as White Tiger was concerned, it was a pretty nice gift.


Of course, gifts were nothing more than gifts.


Glancing at the Mutant Beasts not far away, unable to stop shaking, White Tiger declared with a chuckle, , “From now on, you will be the subsidiary forces of our Tiger Clan.”


At this point, White Tiger glanced playfully at a strange creature with four horns, resembling a gazelle, and praised,  “Little Fellow, not bad. You dared to jump into the white mist voluntarily.”


“Em…” Slightly stunned, Jacob Sheep couldn’t help but gulp nervously, looking at the Giant White Tiger in the air.


Curiosity aside, when faced with such terrifying Mutant Beasts, it would be false to say one wasn’t afraid.


[Even someone as formidable as the Purple Winged Great Eagle was devoured in a flash. Who knows how terrifying this White Tiger is? What’s more…]


Staring fixedly behind White Tiger, the Jacob Sheep caught sight of fearsome Tigers emerging steadily from the depths of the mist.



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