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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 521, The Third Clan

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In Misty Mountains, after the first clan, the Chimpanzee Clan, and the second clan, the Polar Bear Clan, the Clan that was ranked third was known for being the most aggressive and fearsome was the Tiger Clan.


Crowned as a King, White Tiger was currently referred to as the First King of the Tiger Clan.


And the Second King was the Giant Dark Tiger — Shadow Tiger. This would be followed by Thorns’ pet Cat King, Blood Tiger King, and Humanoid Tiger as the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Kings respectively.


And now, with heavy and resonating footsteps, one King after another emerged from the depths of the thick fog.


They didn’t utter a word, nor did they roar or growl, despite that, their aura alone was enough to keep everyone rooted on their spot in terror.


Each King was more terrifying than the other. The current Five Kings of the Tiger Clan were worlds apart from before.


Apart from the First King and the Second King, who have stepped into Tier-3, the other three Kings were all Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendents.


Compared to before, they could all be called Apex Transcendents.


Moreover, the Tiger Clan excelled at combat. In the same tier, except for some exceptionally talented individuals, it was difficult for anyone to compete with them.


In other words, even against Apex Tier-2 Transcendents, the three Kings of the Tiger Clan could contend against a match up of one against two, or even against three.


This was testament to how terrifying the Tiger Clan of Misty Mountains was now.


The increasingly heavy and resonating footsteps caused the very air to turn heavy. The Mutant Beasts pulled into the mist all had blood drained from their faces, witnessing the Giant Tigers emerging from the depths of the fog.


One, two…


Besides the five most fearsome Tigers standing on the jagged rocks, there were over a hundred Giant Tigers around them as well.


Each of these Giant Tiger was exuding a terrifying aura, a hint of playfulness flickering in their eyes.


This was the entire Tiger Clan of Misty Mountains. Borned at the top of the food chain, they always enjoyed playing with the weak.


In the past, they would have already pounced at them.


Unfortunately, with the five Kings not saying anything, they dared not act rashly.


Just at this moment, a resonating Tiger Roar drew everyone’s attention before White Tiger, who was standing in the air, addressed everyone, “The Divine Tree this time has given our Tiger Clan the opportunity to expand externally.”


At this point, White Tiger swept a glance over the streak of Mutant Tigers and confirmed in a cold voice, “Do you all understand what I mean!?”


At this moment, he no longer resembled the same White Tiger that appeared dumb and bouncy in the eyes of the Great Beasts. Not with the current expression White Tiger had.


Faintly, countless Mutant Beasts seemed to see a King standing in the clouds, coldly overlooking all living beings.


“Yes, my King!”


“We will never let the glory of the Tiger Clan fall!” Roared one after another, over a hundred Mutant Tigers respectfully lowered their heads.


This was their First King, cold and ruthless. If anyone dared to defy him, he wouldn’t even need to do anything, Blood Tiger King, or even Humanoid Tiger King, would tear them apart without a moment of hesitation.


To put it bluntly, the Tiger Clan led by White Tiger, who was considered as playful and mischievous by Yu Zi Yu and others, was the most hierarchical clan in Misty Mountains.


In this regard, Yu Zi Yu also occasionally reflected on whether he was too harsh on White Tiger, causing him to seek recognition among his kin.


However, it was not a bad thing either.


The strict hierarchy had been more advantageous in raising the strength of the Tiger Clan. It played a significant role in shaping Misty Mountains’ Third Clan from just a group of small Cats. Such a hierarchy to this aggressive group cannot be underestimated.


Calmly listening to the response of the Mutant Tigers, White Tiger nodded in acknowledgment. He didn’t want an answer from them, but an attitude. He was satisfied with their response.


With this in mind, White Tiger also shot a deep glance towards the nearby Shadow Tiger, who happened to have his eyes half-closed, as if he were asleep.


With Shadow Tiger around, White Tiger really didn’t have to worry about the Tiger Clan.


Shadow Tiger, who had always been ruthless, was never shy of taking action against his own kind.


However, despite his ruthlessness, Shadow Tiger was very loyal to White Tiger.


No, loyalty wasn’t the right word, it would be more along the lines of recognition.


It was precisely because of this recognition that Shadow Tiger followed White TIger and even built the present Tiger Clan with his own hands for him.


At this moment, as if sensing White Tiger’s gaze, the half-closed eyes of Shadow Tiger flashed with a hint of brilliance.


“Are you done talking?”


“Yes,” replied White Tiger, nodding slightly.


“Alright, it’s my turn then,” with these words, Shadow Tiger slowly lifted his massive body.


*Crack, crack…* The jagged rock under him was unable to bear the weight of his massive body and gradually crumbled. At the same time, a terrible and ferocious aura slowly surged from him, pushing away the towering Ancient Trees around him, bending them down.


“Remember, this is the first time our Tiger Clan will be venturing out of Misty Mountains. If anyone smears the name of our Tiger Clan, I’ll make you pay.”


As soon as these words fell, in the astonished gazes of each Mutant Tiger, the crumbing rock under Shadow Tiger’s feet was reduced into dust, scattering along the wind.


“Uh…” After a momentary shock, the Mutant Tigers repeatedly nodded.


They had a deep-seated fear of their Second King, Shadow Tiger.


Although Shadow Tiger seldom spoke and even deliberately downplayed his influence in the Tiger Clan, every time they saw this King, not to mention these ordinary Mutant Tigers, even Blood Tiger King and Humanoid Tiger King would be on edge.


Since breaking through to Tier-3, Shadow Tiger had become even more terrifying, and his temperament had become colder.



Meanwhile, watching Shadow Tiger once again intimidate the Tigers, White Tiger shook his head helplessly.


[This guy doesn’t know how to restrain himself, always scaring them.] Though he was thinking so, White Tiger didn’t stop Shadow Tiger.


Although he had been judged as dumb and mischievous by the Divine Tree, his mind was quite clear. He could tell that Shadow Tiger was defending the dominance of the Tiger Clan for him.


Thinking of this, White Tiger glanced gratefully at Shadow Tiger, then turned his gaze towards the direction the mist was surging and gave out a long and resonating roar.


*Rooaar…* And along with his roar, the expanding mist surged with even greater speed.


At the same time, White Tiger’s echoed through Misty Mountains, “Charge, little ones, let the world witness the terror of our Tiger Clan! Let those who underestimate our Misty Mountains know what true terror is!”


With these words, White Tiger took the lead and rushed towards the horizon, enveloped by the wave-like surging mist.


Right behind him, amidst deafening roars, the Mutant Tigers rushed one after another, dragging along the mist.


As the saying went, clouds follow the Dragon, and the wind follow the Tiger.


Winds and clouds know no boundaries. As the Tiger Clan galloped, the continuous mist followed after them.


Looking at it from afar, it was a spectacle beyond words.



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