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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 524, Aisha

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Shortly after that, crossing the space in a single step, a slender figure slowly emerged near a Towering Tree covering the sky.


“I’ve delivered your message, Divine Tree.”


“En.” Nodding his acknowledgment, Yu Zi Yu gazed at the girl with a hint of satisfaction.


Lin Zi Yi, possessing the legendary Spatial Innate Talent, she was not only the Second Apostle under Yu Zi Yu but also one of the terrifying figures bearing the title of Heavenslayer in Skynet built by Ling Er.


In recent years, some geniuses had quietly disappeared among both Humans and Mutant Beasts, and Lin Zi Yi’s shadow could be found behind their disappearance.


However, Lin Zi Yi had long been indifferent to all of this. She only followed Yu Zi Yu’s orders to the dot, without considering anything else.


No one knew how she spent her days in the Abyssal Prison, nor did they know what she had endured.


Now, she only cherished the days under the blue sky and white clouds.


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu treated her well. Not only did he guide her in cultivation, but he also provided her with precious cultivation resources.


WIthout his help, it would have been difficult for her to step into Tier 3.


As a matter of fact, breaking through with the Spatial Innate Talent was immensely difficult.


To a certain extent, it could be said that her breakthrough to Tier 3 was no less significant than other Transcendents joining the Realm of Sovereign in Tier-3.


And it was because the Spatial Innate Talent was extremely terrifying.


Just like how Lightning Monkey failed to do anything to her, despite the fact that she didn’t do anything, very few peers could harm her.


Not to mention the fact that thanks to her Spatial Innate Talent, her offense was also terrifying.


Time is king, Space is honored, Destiny is inescapable, and Causality reigns supreme.


These words were not just empty talk.


Even though Lin Zi Yi’s Spatial Innate Talent was just an insignificant branch of Spatial Innate Talent, it couldn’t be underestimated.


At the very least, Yu Zi Yu could say for sure that if Lin Zi Yi were to break through to Tier 4, even he would find it difficult to deal with her, even with his extensive range of abilities.


Of course, the difficulty of Lin Zi Yi breaking through to Tier-4 was no less than Yu Zi Yu breaking through to Tier-5.


This was the greatest drawback of such terrifying talents.


In this regard, even Aurora also felt the same way.


As someone who wielded the power of time to some extent, breaking through to Tier-3 was also immensely difficult for her.


At this moment, after briefly giving a run down of what went down at the capital, a hint of hesitation appeared on Lin Zi Yi’s face.


“What’s wrong, Zi Yi?” Yu Zi Yu asked immediately, sensing Lin Zi Yi’s hesitation.


“Master,” calling out, Lin Zi Yi voiced her concern, “Master, from my observation, the current China is far different from before. As far as I can tell, there are four Tier-3 Superhumans just in the capital.”


“Four…” murmuring to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but flicker.


In fact, powerful Transcendents had emerged one after another like bamboo shoots after rain in these three years.


Unfortunately, without the appearance of a Tier-4 Transcendent, it would be impossible to shake Yu Zi Yu off his throne.


Moreover, even if Tier-4 Transcendents were born, if Yu Zi Yu wanted to suppress them, they wouldn’t be able to escape.


The current Yu Zi Yu has built a strong and robust foundation. With his formidable strength, he truly dominated the world.


However, Yu Zi Yu was accustomed to biding his time and keeping a low profile. Moreover, over the past three years, he had been constantly exploring deep space and uncovering the unknowns of this world, so he rarely made a real move.


*Haaa…* Taking a deep breath, Yu Zi Yu glanced at the concerned Lin Zi Yi and took the initiative to speak to her, “Rest assured, China poses no threat to me.”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu suddenly lifted his gaze upward, looking towards the horizon.


If anyone could follow Yu Zi Yu’s line of sight, they would surely see clusters of Spiritual Flames rising at the end of the horizon.


And this was the world in Yu Zi Yu’s eyes.


With his current perception, he could clearly sense the presence of powerful Transcendents from nearly half of the continent.


Those rising Spiritual Flames were individuals with massive and fearsome Spiritual Energy, so majestic and fearsome that they were difficult to contain, revealing their presence.


At present, Yu Zi Yu had already detected the presence of at least 30-40 Tier-3 Transcendents. Among them, the most powerful ones possessed 6-7 million Spiritual Energy, making them no less inferior to Nine Tails.


“That direction should be the direction of the White Dragon’s Lair and the Ghost Domain,” muttering to himself, a playful expression appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face.


[Considering the presence of so many powerful Transcendents, it is indeed worthy of being classified as a newly emerging Forbidden Zone. Compared to these powerful creatures, those guys in the depths of China with only 2-3 million Spiritual Energy are really nothing.
In terms of combat power, Humans, except for Ling Er, have merely reached the Realm of Monarch in Tier-3. Whereas there are Mutant Beasts who have entered the Realm of Kings, and even Realm of Sovereign. It’s quite evident how terrifying the evolution of Mutant Beasts has been.]


At this moment, as if having recalled something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the nearby Lin Zi Yi beside him as he instructed, “In the near future, if you’re free, you can go in the southwest direction.”


“The southwest direction?” Lin Zi Yi was slightly puzzled.


“Yes, the southwest direction.” Emphasizing once again, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the southwest direction of the continent.


In the distant horizon, there was a figure waiting quietly, “Aisha in ASEAN needs your help.”


“Okay.” Nodding slightly her acknowledgment, Lin Zi Yi readily accepted the command.


She was naturally not unfamiliar with Aisha.


Aisha was the First Apostle under Yu Zi Yu’s command, and also the most mysterious woman in Misty Mountains.


To a certain extent, she was even more mysterious than Qing Er.


If Aisha needed help, she would not hesitate. 



And just at this moment, in a certain place deep within the Alliance of South East Asian Nations, a woman wearing a purple veil was sitting cross-legged quietly.


However, in the next moment, as if sensing something, the woman’s lips curled slightly.


“Zi Yi is coming, huh?” Muttering to herself, a hint of indescribable joy appeared in the depths of the woman’s eyes.


Now, she was alone and lacked manpower. If Zi Yi joined her, it would also be beneficial to her plans in the future.


[Unfortunately, Master has been silent for the past three years, and missed the best opportunity to subdue ASEAN. This has ultimately allowed ASEAN to grow stronger.] Thinking of this, Aisha couldn’t help but recall the scene that day, when the brilliance of the Buddha shone in the depths of the head temples, as if the gods had descended.


Those fellows who shouldn’t have existed in this era finally arrived through the method of ‘reincarnation’…



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