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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 525, Human-Faced Beast and Human-Faced Spider

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


While Yu Zi Yu was making the clandestine arrangements, in the periphery of Misty Mountains, the surging mist, continuously crashing outward, finally came to a halt.


This was because, at this moment, the wildly expanding fog had reached a place it shouldn’t have.


The Hengduan Mountains, that was its name before the resurgence of Spiritual Energy.


Now, people refer to it as Steel World.


It was a strange and terrifying place.


According to legend, there were various rare metals here.


And these metals appeared in seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 


However, that wasn’t the important part.


The crucial fact was that these metals nurtured life. And this was the terrifying fact that not only shocked countless Mutant Beasts but also shook China.


While the idea of metals having life might be considered astonishing in this era, it wasn’t that exaggerating.


After all, Misty Mountains’ Mist Beasts were renowned.


However, the fact that metals could gain life would pose a significant problem to the foundation of China’s scientific development.


After all, the materials determined the limits of science. And now, those precious and strategic metals were coming to life. This left everyone confused.


For this reason, the Chinese Government spared no effort, expending a significant amount of manpower and even military force, to explore this area.


Then, after numerous explorations and research carried out sacrificing countless Humans, they finally reached a conclusion.


The metals with life were in the minority. The more accurate conclusion would be that it was this mountain range that nurtured Metal Monsters.


And these Metal Monsters, over the long years, managed to reach Tier-3, thereby attracting the attention of Humans.


All those Humans who died exploring and researching the Hengduan Mountains, all perished under the iron fist of this monster.


Since then, the Hengduan Mountains had been designated as a Forbidden Zone, also known as Steel World, because this was the world of metals.


The continuous mountain range shone with a chilling metallic sheen, gripping the onlookers heart with a chill.



And now, this terrifying place, designated as a Forbidden Zone by the Humans, had erected an invisible barrier, blocking the billowing mist.


At this moment, if one were to carefully observe the invisible barrier, they would definitely see countless blue electric arcs streaking across the barrier, resembling the unique Spiritual Field of a Tier-3 Transcendent.


“Is this… the Steel Thought?” White Tiger within the depths of the mist murmured, his eyes involuntarily flickering incessantly.


With Ling Er around, Misty Mountains naturally had some understanding of the information about various forces.


Steel World, this parti7cular Forbidden Zone, had been specifically highlighted with nothing else but one simple sentence, ‘Steel World may very well have an Elemental Lifeform.’


While others might be unfamiliar with the term ‘Elemental Lifeform,’ would Misty Mountains be lacking in knowledge about Elementals?


Qing Gang, bearing the name Earth…


Little White, bearing the name Extreme Cold…


They were Elemental Lifeforms that had shown what true terror meant more than once.


And now, a Natural Elemental Lifeform might be before them.


Thinking about this, a hint of curiosity couldn’t help but appear in the depths of White Tiger’s eyes.


He was very interested to know the difference between Natural and Artificial Elemental Lifeforms.


Regarding this point, he believed not just him, but even Qing Gang would be curious.


Smirking mischievously, White Tiger looked at the barrier not far away flickering with countless blue arcs, his eyes narrowing.


After a moment, he raised his right paw.


*Skrrrr…* Accompanied by an extremely grating ripping sound, the barrier actually ripped at a speed visible to the naked eyes.


And with the appearance of a crack in the barrier, the crashing white mist seemed to have found an entrance, and instantly surged into it with deafening roars.


“Let’s go, everyone.” With a hearty laugh, White Tiger spread his wings and with a thunderous flap of his wings, plunged into the crack, with much fanfare.


And right after him, numerous Mutant Tigers also rushed in eagerly along with the mist.


For a moment, Steel World, filled with a metallic texture, was engulfed by an endless expanse of surging white mist.


And just as White Tiger led the army into Steel World, far away…


“It seems like Misty Mountains is clashing with those invincible monsters in Steel World…” A strange-looking ugly monster remarked in a cold voice, curling up its lips with a hint of amusement.


And at this moment, if anyone were here, they would surely be unable to help but gasp in shock at the sight of this monster.


After all, it was a Human-Faced Beast.


It had a face resembling that of a Human, but with a ring of black hair around it, and its body resembled that of a Giant Black Lizard. However, it was covered in dense, silky black fur.


This was a terrifying Mutant Beast recorded by China — Human-Faced Beast.


Rumor had it that this creature was an advanced evolution of the ancient high-level Marmosets.


It had a face resembling a Human’s and as cunning as a Fox.


It was also one of the few Tier-3 Transcendents, a truly terrifying presence. However, it got a very bad notoriety; it was a true ominous beast, because this creature enjoyed eating brain marrow, not only that of Mutant Beasts’ but also Humans’.


Wherever it went, it left behind a trail of devastation. It was a truly heinous Mutant Beast.


“By the looks of it, they are,” another strange Mutant Beasts nearby responded.


And in terms of ugliness, this Mutant Beast was no less than Human-Faced Beast.


It was a massive Black Spider, measuring a whopping 20 meters in length. More surprisingly, its back had a face resembling Humans’.


What was even more terrifying was that these faces were quite vivid and showed realistic expressions.


Human-Faced Spider, a creature that existed before resurgence, were hailed as the most eerie Spiders.


But unexpectedly, such a rare creature had been popping out one after another after the resurgence of Spiritual Energy.


What was even more unbelievable was that the stronger this Human-Faced Spider was, the more lifelike the faces on its back become.


And now, this Human-Faced Spider, after reaching Tier-3, had the Human Face on its face materialized. Each expression was too lifelike. Every expression seemed real, as though a person had been imprinted on it.


It was certainly hair-raising for those who laid their eyes on it. Fortunately, there are no Humans here; otherwise, they would be scared to death.


Ashish: Human-Faced Spiders are real, some Spiders have unique patterns on their backs that resemble Humans’. And they are particularly eerie.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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