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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 528, Deathtrap! Rock and Ice

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The roar and growls echoed unabated as the battle raged on.


Looking up, the far-off Steel World had already turned into a true battlefield.


Fierce winds, as sharp as blades, howled, storming across the sky.


And on the ground, a monstrous black creature, resembling a mountain, beat its chest and roared to the sky.


However, compared to the battle between these two, another confrontation, far more brutal than this, was taking place in the distance.


*Roooaar…* Amidst deafening, resonant roars, shadows kept converging from all sides.


Shadow Tiger’s claw carried such terrifying corrosive force that every time it struck the Green Monster it made grating crackling sounds. Even the defense of the Green Monster couldn’t hold up.


*Grrrrr…* The Green Monster let out an incomprehensible resonant roar, staring at the nearby Shadow Tiger with an overwhelming bloodlust surging from it.


Unlike the terrifying defense of the Black Iron Monster, the body of the greenish Green Monster was as tough as bronze, possessing an indescribable ductility.


*Swish, swish…* Its huge arms moved like Giant Pythons, and every now and then, a long whip would shoot out from its body, instantly attacking Shadow Tiger.


*Hmph…* Nonetheless, Shadow Tiger remained unfazed and only gave a cold snort in response, before slowly opening its gaping maws.




The next moment, a mass of black energy , dark and icy, giving a sinistrous feeling, started gathering in its throat


The Dark Energy Ball possessed an extremely terrifying corrosive power and was the most fearsome move of Shadow Tiger after reaching Tier-3.


*Boom…* With a deafening roar, the basketball-sized black energy ball shot towards the Green Monster.


What made the black energy ball really terrifying was that the moment it collided with the Green Monster it suddenly exploded, instantly engulfing the Green Monster.


At the same time, a painful and heart-wrenching cry echoed through the sky.



On the other side, witnessing the glorious achievement of Shadow Tiger, White Tiger also let out a deep sigh of relief.


While he might not have had a way to deal with the Black Iron Monster before, he had found a means to restrain this Black Iron Monster.


With this thought in mind, White Tiger’s glabella faintly shimmered as the half-opened golden vertical pupil slowly opened.


Immediately afterward…


“Go to hell!” With a roar, a golden beam of light tore through the night sky and shot straight towards the Black Iron Monster.


The golden beam instantly pierced through the Black Iron Monster with a deafening explosion, revealing a bowl-sized hole, much to White Tiger’s delight.


“Incredible!” White Tiger exclaimed in a pleasantly surprised voice, secretly amazed at the terrifying power of the Heavenly Eye’


[Its power is truly impressive, well worthy of a treasure recognized by the Divine Tree. This is also when it has only reached the second level. If it’s cultivated to the fourth-level, it would develop into a Heavenly Dao Eye. At that point, it might truly be able to see through everything.]


Of course, White Tiger only quickly pondered over the possibility. The battle was not over yet, a heated one where he had to give his all to truly win.


However, what White Tiger and even Shadow Tiger didn’t know was that while the Black Iron Monster and the Green Monster were injured, in the depths of Steel World…


*Roooaar…*  Suddenly, a deafening, resonant roar, as if coming straight from ancient times, suddenly erupted from the depths of the ground.


At the same time, in the deepest part of the Earth, in an underground cavern filled with an enormous pool of red hot magma, with black fumes rising everywhere, an enormous, red hot figure, resembling a mountain range, slowly emerged from the magma.


“Here comes another group of fools who don’t know any better…” As a murmur echoed through the underground caverns, followed by an incredibly majestic aura filling the air.



“You’ve finally awakened, huh…” Smiling in his heart, Yu Zi Yu, who had been quietly watching the battle, also turned his gaze to the depths of Steel World.


This was where the real star of the show was.


As for the Black Iron Monster and the Green Monster, although they were troublesome, if targeted methods were used, White Tiger and Shadow Tiger could still grind them to death.


After all, they were single-handedly cultivated by Yu Zi Yu. Their combat power was unquestionable.


Unfortunately, they happened to run into tough opponents as soon as they made an entrance into the world.


Elemental Creatures like these were considered one of the most troublesome creatures in the myriad races.


As strong as White Tiger and Shadow Tiger were, they were still bitterly struggling against them.


However, it was just a bit of a hiccup, nothing more.



Meanwhile, outside Steel World, Mutant Beasts lurking in the shadows had their eyes widened in shock.


“Are you sure we should intervene?” Voicing its doubts, the ugly monster, Human-Faced Beast, shrank its neck.


As Tier-3 Transcendents, the clash of White Tiger and the indestructible monster of Steel World was too appalling, leveling the area for kilometers.


What was even more terrifying was that even the sky was not spared by the clashes and was filled with swirling storms, giving the impression of the advent of the end of the world.


“Uh…” Helpless, Human-Faced Spider, accompanying Human-Faced Beast, also narrowed its eyes.


Obviously, the aftermath of the battles involving powerful beings like White Tiger had startled them.


Compared to the powerful denizens of Misty Mountains and even Steel World, they, ordinary Tier-3 Transcendents, were indeed lacking a lot.


However, fortune favors the bold.


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, Human-Faced Spider looked at the Green Monster, whose entire body was being completely eroded by darkness, and stated in a serious voice, “We don’t need to do much, we just need to seize the carcass of that Green Monster. You see, just the corpses of powerful beings like that Green Monster can push us to another level. If we don’t seize this opportunity, we may never get another chance.”


After listening to Human-Faced Spider, even Human-Faced Beast showed a hint of hesitation.


After a moment, Human-Faced Beast heaved a sigh and finally spoke, “Do you realize that this might attract the attention of Misty Mountains?”


“Hmph…” Human-Faced Spider coldly snorted, showing no care. Rather, it only evoked a sneer from it, “So what if Misty Mountains take notice? Once we seize its carcass, we’ll flee to other continents. The world is so vast that we can do anything. What can they do to us?”


While speaking, the eight spider horns of Human-Faced Spider glowed with a dark light, and even the Human face on its back revealed a smirk.


However, just at that moment, a deep, muffled voice came from the depths of the earth, “Fleeing to other continents is indeed a good idea, but the premise is that you can survive tonight.”


As the words fell, the ground centered around Human-Faced Spider and Human-Faced Beast suddenly shook before everything within thousands of kilometers of them started to cave in with deafening rumbles.


“What!?” Crying in astonishment, the faces of Human-Faced Beast and Human-Faced Spider turned pale.


But before they could react further, two towering earth-yellow arms, blanketing the sky, shot out from the caved ground, shooting hundreds of meters, or probably thousands.


Looking at the enormous shadow covering the sky, Human-Faced Beast and Human-Faced Spider were both terrified out of their wits.


And at the same moment…


In another location, in the vicinity of powerful creatures like Rainbow Deer, the world seemed to plunge into an ice age, with everything rapidly freezing, enveloping the world in a desolate frosty white.


Faintly, a glimpse of a Silver-White Flood Dragon could be seen slithering through this frigid white world every now and then.



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