Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 53, Sudden Upheaval at Spirit Stone Mine


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


As his attention returned to the status screen, Yu Zi Yu did not immediately check the Evolution Points. Instead, his gaze shifted to the Unique Abilities’ section.


Mutated Roots (Level 2) – These kilometer-long roots resemble Wood Dragons hidden deep within the earth. They had already reached the peak of Tier-1 Transcendent Realm in terms of both speed and strength. Furthermore, the scary part is that these roots are able to wrap their enemies by means of their rootlets, swiftly turning them into nutrients for their absorption, and at dozens of times faster speed at that


“After upgrade the roots again, the ability they have awakened is devouring!? “


After a moment of daze, Yu Zi Yu noticed that dozens of bundles, wrapped in rootlets, were hanging from the sub-roots deep within the earth.


Some of the bundles had already been reduced into a puddle of blood, and the carcasses within them had already disappeared, while the others were slowly shrinking.


“No, it can’t be called devouring. The ability to turn dead plants and animals into nutrients is something all plants possess. Right now, I’ve just steered this ability and strengthened it. “


After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu discarded the notion of ‘devouring.’ The term ‘devouring’ would ultimately be an inaccurate word. Or rather, this absorption could not really be called ‘devouring.’



*Phew…* Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath before taking another look at the current number of Evolution Points.


[Not bad, this is sufficient to upgrade the other sub-roots.]


Having decided, Yu Zi Yu, using the Evolution Points he had recently harvested, and his accumulated 500 Evolution Points to choose another round of upgrade.


*Boom, boom, boom…* The imposing aura from earlier had returned, and the ground started shaking non-stop.


One after another, ravines stretching toward the distance appeared. However, the strong Spiritual Energy fluctuations amid this terrifying change had been firmly suppressed by Yu Zi Yu.


In the area with a several kilometers radius, there were only swirling whirlwinds and billowing mist…


After a long time, as if he was panting, Yu Zi Yu’s branches drooped down powerlessly.


Going through the upgrade was easier said than done.


Upgrading all nine sub-roots at once was an enormous burden on Yu Zi Yu. Be that as it may, the reward was also equally satisfying.


Closing off his senses, and feeling the surging Spiritual Energy coursing through his body, Yu Zi Yu could clearly sense the terrifying fluctuations suppressed deep within him.


“Peak Spiritual Energy of 80,000ish or maybe 90,000ish…”


He was not entirely sure, but Yu Zi Yu understood he was almost there!


Tier-2 Transcendent Realm – a level regarded as the ‘Disaster Class’ by the Humans, he was now just one step away!



Meanwhile, in a distant mountain range, while Yu Zi Yu was immersed in his breakthrough…


*Woo…* Powerful gusts of wind were blowing, and massive darke clouds had covered the sky, blocking out most of the starlight, and plunging the mountain range into further darkness.


“Gao Yuan, you’re here. “ Yan Gao Yuan, who had hurried over from the No.1 Spiritual Energy Research Institute, was summoned into the tent before he could even catch his breath.


Nodding, Yan Gao Yuan looked at the aged man with white sideburns sitting nearby, and asked right away, “Sir, what’s the current situation? “


“The situation is very dire.“ The old man could not help but reveal a helpless expression upon hearing this outstanding junior’s question.


As the direct person in charge of the first Spirit Stone Mine discovered within the borders of China, Mr. Pang was under immense pressure at this moment.


However, when he raised his eyes, he saw the red glow in the night sky from the artillery fire. Mr. Pang then shifted his gaze pack to the nearby young man, and took the initiative to explain, “Because this is the first discovered Spirit Stone Mine, we did not pay attention to details during the initial mining. As a result the Spiritual Energy leaked out and attracted many Mutant Beasts. Until now, many Mutant Beasts are rushing over like they have gone crazy. “


“I see…” “


Yan Gao Yuan furrowed his brow, gazing at the raging battle in the horizon; a hint of seriousness appeared on his face. He had not expected the situation to deteriorate to such an extent.



Meanwhile, deep in the mountains several kilometers away from the command room.


Under the pitch-black night sky, the soldiers stared fixed on the overwhelming approaching darkness.


*Bang! Bang! Bang!…* Machine guns mounted on the elevated positions continuously spewed tongues of fire toward the mountainside.


In a flash, countless bullets rained down on the lower regions of the mountains.


Be that as it may, not a single person looked relaxed because at this moment, an even greater threat was approaching.


*Screech, Screech…* Sharp, piercing cries echoed through the darkness as Mutant Flying Beasts soared through the night sky, one after another.


“Anti-aircraft guns, open fire! “


A roar, like the high-pitched loudspeaker, resounded from the artillery battalion that had already deployed on the east side of the mountain range, and the artillerymen opened fire at a moment’s notice.


*Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!…*


Accompanied by deafening explosions, the night sky looked as if it was bursting with fireworks.


At the same time, mournful cries of the countless Mutant Flying Beasts echoed incessantly.


But at that moment, something unexpected happened.


*Squeak, Squeak, Squeak…* Suddenly sharp and piercing squeaks suddenly rang out from behind the artillery battalion. Before they could even turn around to take a look, a miserable scream reverberated throughout the entire battalion.


“Ah, my arm! “ 


Unable to bear the pain, a soldier let out a wail. And when he looked up, he saw a huge, black, red-eyed rat biting deep into his arm.


“Ling Gao!”


Shouting, a nearby soldier raised his automatic rifle right away, and began aiming.


However, before he could squeeze the trigger, the ground suddenly started quaking.


The next moment, in the disbelieving gaze of the soldier, countless huge black rats ran out from the ground.


The soldier, whose arm had been bitten off, did not even have the time to scream before he was drowned in a wave of black tide.


Even scarier was that the black tide was spreading at an alarming speed.


In a few moments, multiple screams resounded from the rear of the battalion.


“You’re looking to die!”


A furious roar could be heard from afar as Yan Gao Yuan’s entire body surged with Spiritual Energy, and he instantly arrived at the rear of the battalion, dragging a long black trail.


At the same time, behind him, one figure after another also came rushing like Tigers and Wolves in the blink of an eye.


It was the Special Superhuman Force (SSF). A terrifying unit that only accepted qualified students from Spiritual Energy Research Institutes.


Although it was only in its early stages of making, and had just over twenty members, it was the ace in the hole for this mining operation of Spirit Stone Mine.




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