Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 530, Meteor Descends! Destroying Heaven and Earth

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“I have returned!” Simple as it may be, this sentence reverberated like thunder, because this sentence wasn’t just spoken to one person or one Mutant Beast; it was more like addressing the entire world.


It was like an announcement, telling the entire world that he had returned.


And the very moment Yu Zi Yu announced his return…


*Rooooar, rooooar, rooooar…” Roars erupted one after another as thousands of Mutant Beasts emerged from the dense mist.


And standing at the forefront of this horde of Mutant Beasts were figures towering like mountains, with some even taking Humanoid Forms.


They were King Kongs, the Kings of the Strongest Clan of Misty Mountains.


Each one of them was a terrifying Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendent, with some even reaching Tier-3.


Not far from them stood huge White Bears, standing three to four meters tall, roaring towards the sky.


They were from the Polar Bear Clan, the Second Strongest Clan of Misty Mountains.


In another direction, dozens of strange Mutant Beasts also appeared, completely different from these two terrifying Clans. One of them bore some resemblance to the Mutant Horse, but it had a pitch-black horn on its head.


He was Dream Beast. The first Mutant Beast to voluntarily follow Yu Zi Yu after he broke through to Tier-4.


Now, he was one of the 108 Generals under Yu Zi Yu’s command, the first General.


As for the other Mutant Beasts beside him, they were the other Generals under Yu Zi Yu’s command.


Currently, only 42 of the 108 positions had been filled, not because there were few Mutant Beasts and Humans willing to join Misty Mountains, but because very few met the requirements to become one of the 108 Generals.


As an emerging force in Misty Mountains, the 108 Generals had the responsibility of guarding the entire Misty Mountains. As such, the requirements for strength and character were strict.


Every member’s admission had to undergo rigorous selection. As a result, it was naturally difficult to fill all 108 positions.



At this moment, these Mutant Beasts that had emerged from the thick fog paid no attention to the horrified and dumbstruck gazes of other Mutant Beasts. Instead, they turned around and respectfully greeted, looking towards the Towering Tree shadow. 


“We pay our respects to the Divine Tree!”


Their unanimous greetings were like waves rising one after another, truly shaking this entire world.


“En.” Yu Zi Yu slightly nodded in response before his pupils constricted, glancing deeply at the figure with bloodshot eyes not far away.


It was as tall as a mountain, no, to be more accurate, it should be a mountain range standing upright.


It was red and hot, so hot that it was almost translucent. One could even vaguely see a flame burning in the chest of this strange creature.


It was the Elemental Heart, a treasure unique to Natural Elemental Lifeforms.


Even in the previous era, Elemental Lifeforms with Elemental Hearts were very rare, and each one was extremely precious within their Clans.


Just like the Three-Eyes Clan’s Heavenly Eye, the Elemental Heart was an Innate Supreme Treasure.


Yu Zi Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and saw what he wanted to see.


Elemental Heart — As the Supreme Treasure of the Elemental Clan, it is capable of assimilating other Elements into Steel Element, and even influencing the local terrain to turn it into a mountain range. Additionally, the Elemental Heart can also, to a certain extent, create Clan members.


After going through the description, Yu Zi Yu was a bit taken aback.


[It’s well-worthy of being the Supreme Treasure of the Elemental Clan. Its abilities are unquestionable. No wonder Golden Monkey stressed that it’s very precious and must be obtained.]


As a matter of fact, treasures like the Three-Eye Clan’s Heavenly Eye and the Elemental Clan’s Elemental Heart attracted the attention of many powerful beings even in the previous era.


However, as both the Three-Eyes Clan and the Elemental Clan formidable, it would prove challenging. Furthermore, they also had means of their own to seal such treasures. If forcibly seized, both the Heavenly Eye and the Elemental Heart would self-destruct.


However, that was not the most terrifying part.


What was truly terrifying was that the strongest experts within their Clans would respectively leave their marks on these Supreme Treasures. If anyone managed to plunder them, they would have to face the wrath of the entire Clan.


And given the strength of the Three-Eyes Clan and the Elemental Clan, if they joined forces, few would be able to escape from them, not even Heaven above or Hell below.


And the few strong experts, who could escape their pursuit, would not pay attention to such treasures.


In other words, treasures like the Heavenly Eye and the Elemental Heart rarely ever were sold in the previous era.


But things were completely different in this era. As the world had just been born, everything needed to be rebuilt, even the Three-Eyes Clan and the Elemental Clan were striving to restore the glory of the previous era.


For an existence like Yu Zi Yu, this was an opportunity.


With a living and breathing encyclopedia under him — Golden Monkey, Yu Zi Yu was familiar with almost all the terrifying Divine Abilities and Innate Supreme Treasures possessed by every Superior Clan. Therefore, if necessary, these so-called Superior Clans may become Yu Zi Yu’s prey.


From the very beginning, Yu Zi Yu had been waiting for moments like these, to hunt down the Innate Supreme Treasures of these Superior Clans.


Whether it was the Heavenly Eye or the Elemental Heart, they harbored Grand Divine Abilities and even greater secrets.


If one could comprehend them, not to mention Tier-5, even Tier-6 would be within reach.


This was Yu Zi Yu’s true goal.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu looked at the giant roaring not far away with gleaming eyes.


At this moment, the crystalline red giant, the Steel Progenitor, seemed to have noticed the killing intent in Yu Zi Yu’s gaze and chose to go all out.


Given its fearsome strength, it naturally noticed the killing intent flickering in Yu Zi Yu’s gaze.


In light of this, begging for mercy was out of the question. Only struggle and resistance, offered a glimmer of hope.


“Steel Domain!” As it roared, the ground around the Steel Progenitor started to turn into metal.


In an instant, against the backdrop of dark clouds, countless steel spikes shimmering with a dark metallic sheen rose from the ground, resembling the fangs of a wolf as they extended toward the horizon.


“Die!” Roaring, the Steel Progenitor clawed towards the sky with all its might.


*Booom!* Amidst deafening rumbles echoing through the world, countless Mutant Beasts witnessed the metallic ground, covering an area almost the size of a city, erupting with countless black spikes, reaching towards the sky.


And these spikes constantly twisted and entwined with each other, weaving an enormous spike that seemed to pierce through the sky, its tip further surging with fearsome Spiritual Energy.


“Incredible…” Despite Yu Zi Yu’s mutter of seeming amazement, his expression remained as calm as ever.


However, at this moment, if someone paid attention to Yu Zi Yu’s canopy, they would definitely see countless silver-white branches, like venomous Snakes lurking in the dark, ready to pounce at any moment.


What made these branches even more terrifying was the countless silver-white electric arcs streaking across them.


“Shoot it down.”


Immediately after, Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body fiercely shook, and in an instant, countless silver-white streaks shot towards the ground thousands of kilometers away, descending like shooting stars.

The silver-white branches streaking through the sky resembled the aurora in the Arctic.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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