Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 531, The Elemental Heart

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Is that his current strength!?” The distant Demonic Phoenix gasped in shock, its pupils instantly shrinking.


Yu Zi Yu’s power was truly out of this world. So much so that, one could sense the majesty of that fearsome power from afar.


What was even more terrifying was those silver-white streaks, they seemed endless.


At this moment, it wasn’t just the Demonic Phoenix, the pupils of other powerful Mutant Beasts and even Humans shrank at the sight of it as well.


However, before they could think anything further…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Almost half the planet shook as powerful shockwaves swept through the Earth’s crust.


At this moment, if one were to look towards the center of the battlefield, they would surely find that the metallic spikes shot out by the Steel Progenitor had melted at some point. They would also witness its entire body being continuously pounded and smashed by countless branches, constantly being blasted into the depths of the earth.


*Grrrr! Grrrr! Argh!* The roars sounded much like the desperate but futile struggle of a Mutant Beast on the brink of extinction.


Every silver-white streak was like a lightning bolt as thick as a water bucket.


What left the Steel Progenitor in even more despair was that despite the fearsome defense of the Steel Element, its defenses crumbled like a piece of paper in the face of the lightning, its natural nemesis.


*Grrrr, grrr….” Amidst increasingly mournful cries, the surface of the Steel Progenitor cracked apart, revealing a deep red underneath.


Before that deep red could hide inside its body once more, the dense streaking silver-white arcs, as if finding something, instantly surged into that deep red area.


“No, no…” Immediately, the Steel Progenitor’s most piercing screams shook the world.


Right then, the Steel Progenitor suddenly felt a tightness in its chest. This prompted it to look towards its chest, whereupon it discovered a hand woven from countless lightning bolts grabbing its Achilles’ heel–the Elemental Heart.


“Without it, you will truly die.” With a faint smile, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze became suddenly focused.


Immediately afterward, amidst loud crackling sounds, resembling the cries of thousands of birds, the lightning hand clutching the Elemental Heart tore through the Steel Progenitor.


“You…” Before the Steel Progenitor could say another word, its entire body suddenly started convulsing, as if having a seizure.


After a short while, in Yu Zi Yu’s calm gaze, its massive figure turned lifeless.


As for the Elemental Heart…


As Yu Zi Yu smiled, countless rootlets began to weave near the Steel Progenitor’s lifeless body, manifesting into a handsome figure in a flash.


Yu Zi Yu slowly raised his hand, as the heart-like red crystal, surging with powerful energy, fell into his hand.


“So, this is an Elemental Heart…” In a rare moment of excitement, Yu Zi Yu looked at the crystal, his gaze filled with a hint of fervor.


At this moment, if one were to look at Yu Zi Yu’s right arm holding the Elemental Heart, they would discover his right arm constantly turning black, giving off a metallic texture.


Assimilation—the most terrifying ability of the Elemental Heart .


For an ordinary strong individual, merely touching the Elemental Heart would turn them into a cold steel sculpture, with no possibility of recovery.


As for Yu Zi Yu…


At a closer look, one would surely notice rich Vitality surging into his right arm.


In terms of power and overbearingness, the Vitality was in no way inferior. It could bring a dead man back to life, regrow flesh from bones, and rejuvenate withered woods.


It could be said that the power of Vitality was the most terrifying power in Yu Zi Yu’s arsenal.


Compared to the Elements, Lightning, and Earth… it was far more domineering.


Now, only the Cosmic Energy that Yu Zi Yu had recently been exploring could rival it.



At this moment, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze promptly shifted on the red-hot crystal lying on the ground not far away.


It was the remains of the Steel Progenitor, also a priceless treasure.


[The one who should be most coveting such treasure should be…] Turning his gaze, Yu Zi Yu saw a leaping and bouncing chubby figure with a bamboo hat quickly approaching, traversing kilometers in an instant.


“Hehe… Master, I will gladly accept this.”


“You…” Helpless, Yu Zi Yu nodded his consent.


However, at the next moment, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu suddenly stated, “You’re to craft a suit of armor for me as well.”


“For you?” Somewhat puzzled, Brewmaster instinctively looked towards Yu Zi Yu’s towering form.


*Gulp* Swallowing his saliva, Brewmaster looked at the limited materials in his hand, a look of despair flashing on his face. [How am I going to make an armor out of only this?]


However, before Brewmaster’s thoughts could wander any further, Yu Zi Yu’s somewhat helpless voice rang in his ear, “What are you thinking?”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu glanced at his Humanoid Body, woven from rootlets, and added, “It’s to craft a suit of armor for this body of mine.”


“Uh…” After a momentary perplexion, Brewmaster looked at Yu Zi Yu’s Humanoid Body with suspicion.


[Well…It looks quite alive. Even when using Spiritual Energy to examine it, it still feels real. In some sense, it indeed makes sense to craft a suit of armor suitable for this body. But, why would Master need to make armor for this body?] With these thoughts swirling in his mind, a hint of doubt appeared on Brewmaster’s face.


Yu Zi Yu seemed to have sensed Brewmaster’s doubt, and gave an explanation, a rare event on his part, “While my True Body is powerful, it’s ultimately too massive and unsuitable to appear before people. In the future, I’ll rely more on this Humanoid Body, and if necessary, I’ll also use it to fight.”


Saying this, a faint smile played on Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


He was looking forward to the moment he would be using this Humanoid Body to display some of his strength.


[Especially after I’ve opened my Heavenly Eye. I’ll place it in between my brow. With it, the combat power of my Humanoid Body might truly undergo a qualitative change.]


Of course, these were just some random thoughts. At this moment, he was more interested in tidying up the battlefield and dealing with the aftermath.


After all, his emergence was no small matter; not only had it alarmed the Asian Continent, but also others.



Meanwhile, in a very mysterious canyon in Australia…


*Rooaar…* A Dragon Roar shook the world.


Hearing it, all the Mutant Beasts within a radius of several kilometers looked at the Black Wyvern emerging from the depths of the clouds with reverence.


However, the Giant Black Wyvern paid no heed to them, and instead flapped its wings and flew straight towards the depths of the canyon.


After a moment, at the deepest part of the canyon, the Black Wyvern looked at the emerald green sprout emerging from the ground, resembling a root adorned with starlight, and sneered disdainfully, “So, you finally popped up again, haven’t you?”


As if hearing his voice, Yu Zi Yu, located on a far-off continent, was a little startled.


[I had forgotten about this bloke.] Transferring his consciousness, a wisp of Yu Zi Yu’s spirit rushed towards that section of the root.



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