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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 535, The Mystery of the Heavenly Eye

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Under the night sky stood a Towering Tree so huge that it obscured the moon; so tall that its canopy was hidden within the clouds.


Its figure looming within the mist and clouds exuded an indescribable sense of mystery.


However, what was most astonishing were the countless stars gradually dissipating and appearing amidst his thousands of branches, seemingly forming a curtain of stars. It was vast and mesmerizing.


This was Yu Zi Yu while cultivating, revealing his magnificence in silence.


Yu Zi Yu may have been immersed in cultivation, but he was also multitasking; half of his attention was on his recent gains.


The method of opening the Heavenly Eye and the Elemental Heart.


Opening the Heavenly Eye naturally required no further explanation.


Once it was opened, all things would be clear.


Yu Zi Yu had already obtained the most accurate method to open the Heavenly Eye. If he was talented enough, he only needed to practice day after day, continuously honing it.


At this moment, if someone were to pay attention to the trajectory of Spiritual Energy circulation within Yu Zi Yu’s body, they would surely notice that several pure strands of Spiritual Energy were constantly interweaving within his meridians, faintly outlining an ancient yet intricate pattern.


With continuous circulation, Yu Zi Yu also felt a slight tingling sensation in a certain part of his Tree Body.


If Yu Zi Yu was Human, then this tingling sensation would have been at his glabella.


However, as Yu Zi Yu’s original form was a Willow Tree, there was naturally no such thing as glabella.


Yet, now, the location where he felt the tingling was the connection between Yu Zi Yu’s body and soul, also known as the center of Qi Circulation.


If one day the Heavenly Eye were to be opened, an eye should manifest on this location.


As for what this eye would look like, and what kind of power would it hold, Yu Zi Yu had no idea.


After all, according to the memories of the inheritance Yu Zi Yu had obtained, the power of each Heavenly Eye was different.


Making everything appear slow, and greatly enhancing insight was just the most basic abilities of the Heavenly Eye.


For example, the Three-Eyes Clan member Yu Zi Yu had encountered could release a golden light at the second level of the Heavenly Eye.


In the inherited memories Yu Zi Yu had obtained, some members of the Three-Eyes Clan could even glimpse the future or influence the five senses at the second level of the Heavenly Eye.


The myriad abilities of the Heavenly Eye was one of its most fascinating aspects.


According to legend, a prodigy from the Three-Eyes Clan, when his Heavenly Eye reached the second level, he actually developed a terrifying ability that was no less powerful than a Top-Tier Grand Divine Ability. 


Such a Heavenly Eye was truly feared by Gods and Demons alike.


Of course, the Heavenly Eye on White Tiger’s brow was also pretty impressive. After all, that golden light could break through anything, which was quite terrifying.


“I hope my Heavenly Eye has the abilities I imagine it to have…” muttering to himself, a hint of anticipation appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face. After all, Yu Zi Yu was anything but ordinary. As someone with a previous life, his memories hold quite a lot of good things. And among these good things were various incredible eyes.


For example, blood-red eyes resembling windmills, or the eyes that allowed its user to see the cause and effect of life and death.


Although these eyes were only the imagination of individual Humans, they still provided some reference.


If Yu Zi Yu was lucky enough to awaken eyes with similar abilities, it would provide a direction for future development.


And this was one of the reasons why Yu Zi Yu was most looking forward to opening his Heavenly Eye.


However, judging from the current progress of cultivation, Yu Zi Yu estimated that it would take at least three to five years to open the Heavenly Eye.


*Haaaa!* Heaving a helpless sigh, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but focus his attention on the Evolution Points.


If possible, he might also need to use Evolution Points to open his Heavenly Eye.


Unfortunately, Yu Zi Yu didn’t have many Evolution Points. Even though he had just killed the Steel Progenitor, Yu Zi Yu had invested all his Evolution Points into his Innate Talent—Instant.


Now, the comprehension of the Innate Talent–Instant had reached 92%. If everything goes well, he believes that he would fully master this terrifying Innate Talent within the next month or two.


“A meal should be eaten one bite at a time. The opening of my Heavenly Eye is not something I can rush,” muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu tried to comfort himself.


This wasn’t to say that Yu Zi Yu could endure the long wait.


However, he discovered that the prolonged circulation of the Spiritual Energy along the trajectory of opening the Heavenly Eye, seemed to help in strengthening his spirit.


Each circulation made Yu Zi Yu feel his mind becoming a bit clearer, which also came as a pleasant surprise to Yu Zi Yu.


He believes that the method of opening the Heavenly Eye would also increase his psychic power to a certain extent.


Yu Zi Yu was overjoyed by this discovery. After all, at his level of cultivation, every increase in psychic power was not easy.


More importantly, Yu Zi Yu had a vague feeling that if he wanted to break through the Tier-5, he couldn’t do so without psychic power.


In other words, psychic power might be the key to his breakthrough to Tier-5.


In light of this, how could Yu Zi Yu not be pleased?


However, these were just Yu Zi Yu’s speculations, and ultimately needed time to check it.


Moreover, he still had another treasure he needed to study, the Steel-Attribute Elemental Heart.


The Steel-Attribute Elemental Heart was one of the Supreme Treasures of the Elemental Clan, something even more precious than the Heavenly Eye.


After all, Heavenly Eyes were relatively common compared to the rarity of the Natural Elementals.


According to the information he had, in the tens of thousands years long history of the Elemental Clan, only one Natural Elemental was born in the Elemental Clan every few centuries.


As the companion treasure of Natural Elemental, the rarity of the Elemental Heart could be imagined. Especially since this was a Steel-Attribute Elemental Heart. Even in the Elemental Clan, those of the Steel Clan were quite rare.


According to Golden Monkey, even in the previous era, the Steel Clan was quite mysterious.


However, every time such an Elemental was born, they would be labeled as prodigy, pushing their Clan forward and bringing glory among myriad races.


“In that case, the Steel Elemental should have secrets that I don’t know about,” muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes sparkled with intrigue.


After all, compared to Fire Elemental or even Lightning Elemental, the defense of Steel Elemental didn’t have much advantage.


However, even so, every time a Steel Elemental appeared, they would push their Clan forward.


In light of this, one could imagine that the Steel Elemental Clan must have some strange means to dominate other Elemental Clans.



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